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Built-in oven HBN331.0B
[en] Instruction manual


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  • Page 1

    Built-in oven HBN331.0B [en] Instruction manual...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Detaching and refitting the rails ............ 10 Additional information on products, accessories, replacement Detaching and attaching the oven door........10 parts and services can be found at and Removing and refitting the door panels ........11 in the online shop : Important safety information Read these instructions carefully.

  • Page 4: Causes Of Damage

    combustible items in the cooking appliance is faulty, unplug the mains plug compartment. Never open the appliance or switch off the fuse in the fuse box. door if there is smoke inside. Switch off Contact the after-sales service. the appliance and unplug it from the The cable insulation on electrical Risk o f electric sho ck! ■...

  • Page 5: Your New Oven

    Your new oven Here you will learn about your new oven. The control panel and the individual operating controls are explained. You will find information on the cooking compartment and the accessories. Control panel Here you can see an overview of the control panel. The design depends on the respective appliance model.

  • Page 6: Cooking Compartment

    Cooking compartment Cooling fan The cooling fan switches on and off as required. The hot air The oven light is located in the cooking compartment. A cooling escapes above the door. fan protects the oven from overheating. So that the cooking compartment cools down more quickly Oven light after operation, the cooling fan continues to run for a certain period afterwards.

  • Page 7: Before Using The Oven For The First Time

    If you have small children, extra supervision is required during Oven door - Additional safety precautions oven operation. During long cooking times, the oven door may become very hot. In addition, there is a safety device which prevents direct contact with the oven door. This optional accessory (440651) is available from the after-sales service.

  • Page 8: The Oven Should Switch On And Off Automatically

    Use the + or - button to set the cooking time. Press the clock button. + button / default value = 30 minutes Cooking time symbol flashes. - button / default value = 10 minutes Use the + or - button to set the cooking time. Press the Clock button repeatedly until the End time...

  • Page 9: Childproof Lock

    The timer starts after a few seconds. The symbol lights up in Cancelling the setting the display. You will see the time counting down. Press the Timer button. Press the - button until zero is shown on the display. When the time has elapsed The timer and cooking time count down at the same time A signal sounds.

  • Page 10: Detaching And Refitting The Rails

    Do not clean in the dishwasher. Never use Incorrect assembly! Aluminium oven cleaner. To avoid scratches, never touch baking tray Never move the frame before the two hooks are fully the metal surfaces with a knife or similar (option) anchored in the upper holes. The enamel could be damaged sharp object.

  • Page 11: Removing And Refitting The Door Panels

    Removing and refitting the door panels Detaching the door Open the oven door fully. The glass panels can be removed from the oven door to allow more thorough cleaning. Fold up the two locking levers on the left and right (figure A). Close the oven door as far as the limit stop.

  • Page 12: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Replacing the bulb in the oven ceiling light Malfunctions often have simple explanations. Refer to the table before calling the after-sales service as you may be able to If the bulb in the oven light fails, it must be replaced. Heat- remedy the fault yourself.

  • Page 13: Energy And Environment Tips

    Energy and environment tips Measures to be noted during transport Here you can find tips on how to save energy when baking and roasting and how to dispose of your appliance properly. Secure all mobile parts in and on the appliance using an adhesive tape that can be removed without leaving any traces.

  • Page 14: Baking Tips

    Food Dish Shelf Type of Temperature Time position heating in °C in minutes Victoria sandwich Wire rack + 2 x Ø 20 cm tins 20-30 Light fruit cake Wire rack + high Ø 20 cm tin 80-90 Rich fruit cake Wire rack + Ø...

  • Page 15: Meat, Poultry, Fish

    The bread or cake (e.g. cheesecake) Use slightly less fluid next time and bake for slightly longer at a lower temperature. For looks good, but is soggy on the inside cakes with a moist topping, bake the base first. Sprinkle it with almonds or bread crumbs (sticky, streaked with water).

  • Page 16: Tips For Roasting And Grilling

    Grilling Food Dish Shelf posi- Type of Grill setting Time tion heating in minutes Meat steaks Wire rack + universal pan 2 or 3 15-20 Sausages Wire rack + universal pan 15-20 Fish Wire rack + universal pan 25-30 Toast Wire rack + universal pan Tips for roasting and grilling The table does not contain information...

  • Page 17: Drying

    Drying Line the universal pan and the wire rack with greaseproof or parchment paper. With 3D hot air, you can dry foods brilliantly. Turn very juicy fruit or vegetables several times. Use unblemished fruit and vegetables only and wash them Remove fruit and vegetables from the paper as soon as they thoroughly.

  • Page 18: Test Dishes

    Test dishes These tables have been produced for test institutes to facilitate Piped cookies (such as Spritz cookies in sugar syrup): the inspection and testing of the various appliances. Dishes that are put in the oven at the same time do not have to be ready at the same time.

  • Page 20

    Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH Carl-Wery-Straße 34 81739 München Germany *9000724604* 050392 9000724604...

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    This evening got so frustrated trying to alter clock on recently purchased Bosch oven, which I am astonished did not adjust to British summertime automatica​lly. My middle son who lives with me & is an electricia​n, he just turned off at mains & reset. Why is everything so complicate​d now. Sadly my dad is dead but he could mend anything as he was in the RAF for 4 years of his life fighting for this country, he was on radar & he said many things look smart but rubbish inside. I think I will copy others and go back to good old original goods