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user manual

EZ5000 series
EZ5100 series
It is important to read this user manual prior to using your new product for the first time.


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   Summary of Contents for RCA EZ5000R

  • Page 1: User Manual

    user manual EZ5000 series EZ5100 series It is important to read this user manual prior to using your new product for the first time.

  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    Important safety instructions IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE READ AND SAVE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE Some of the following information may not apply to your particular product; however, as with any electronic product, precautions should be observed during handling and use. • Read these instructions.

  • Page 3: Important Battery Information

    Important battery information Warning: Your product contains a battery and charging system which is designed to work in temperatures that do not exceed 50°C (122°F). Leaving this product in a closed automobile or the trunk of an automobile where temperatures may exceed 50°C may result in permanent battery damage, fire, or explosion. Please remove your product from the automobile when you exit, do not place your product in the trunk of your automobile, and do not leave your product in any location where temperatures may exceed 50°C.

  • Page 4: Fcc Information

    111 Congressional Blvd., Suite 350 Carmel, IN 46032 1-317-810-4880 ( No technical /product support is available via this number. This phone number is for regulatory matters only.) Visit for technical support EZ5100R EZ5000 EZ5000R EZ5100RDR EZ5000RD EZ5000RDR EZ5000BL EZ5000BLR EZ5100BLR...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Important safety instructions IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ....................1 Important battery information ......................2 Precautions for the unit ........................2 FCC Information .................. 3 Contents ....................4 End user license agreement End user license agreement ......................6 Getting started 1. Content of the box ........................... 8 2.

  • Page 6

    Connecting to external devices Viewing videos on TV .......................... 24 Managing videos on your computer Computer system requirements ...................... 25 About RCA Memory Manager ......................26 Viewing videos on PC .......................... 26 Additional information Tips and troubleshooting ........................27 Product registration ..........................28 For your records ............................

  • Page 7: End User License Agreement

    Program's proprietary notices. (b) You may transfer the Program and license to another party only as a part of the RCA branded Portable Digital Audio/Video Device (“A/V Device”), and only if the other party agrees to accept the terms and conditions of this EULA.

  • Page 8

    without notice from AUDIOVOX. (d) Upon termination of this EULA and your associated license, you shall cease all use of the Program and destroy or permanently erase the Program and all full or partial copies thereof. 4. WARRANTY DISCLAIMER THE PROGRAM IS PROVIDED “AS IS” WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, TITLE OR NON-INFRINGEMENT.

  • Page 9: Getting Started

    Getting started Dear RCA customer, Thank you for purchasing the RCA Small Wonder Camcorder. This product will let you record videos with high definition quality. You can also manage your recordings on your computer with the RCA Memory Manager included with this product.

  • Page 10: Charging The Battery

    3. Charging the battery • Please charge the battery for at least 3 hours before first use. • Charging is faster when the camcorder is switched off. • The battery can also be charged by connecting to a PC with a USB cable. Refer to page 25 for more information.

  • Page 11: Inserting Sd Memory Card

    4. Inserting SD memory card • A SD memory card (not included) is recommended for recording as the camcorder internal memory will only permit minutes of recording time. Lift up the cover Push the card in until a click is heard •...

  • Page 12: Turning On The Camcorder

    6. Turning on the camcorder • Open the LCD screen and press the power switch until the camcorder turns on. Press and hold • "Ready" shows on the LCD screen when the camcorder is ready for recording. Recording quality Video light icon LCD brightness Memory card indicator Battery indicator (recharge...

  • Page 13: General Controls

    General controls General controls Take photo Zoom lever - zoom during record and preview Lens Recording indicator Microphone Video light Audio speaker Lift up the cover SD card slot (Lift up the cover to show the card slot) Lift up the cover Battery compartment (Lift up the cover to show the battery compartment)

  • Page 14

    – Adjust volume during playback – Switch on /off the video light – Adjust the brightness of the LCD screen – Skip to previous or next recording; fast rewind or forward Record – Press to select item in menu Play/pause Setup menu Delete recordings...

  • Page 15: Adjusting The Length Of The Hand Strap

    Adjusting the length of the hand strap 1. Separate the Velcro. 2. Release the strap from the Velcro hook side. 3. Pull the strap to the right to shorten the length of the hand strap or to the left to extend the length of the hand strap.

  • Page 16: Operation Modes

    Operation modes There are two basic modes for operating the camcorder: Preview and Playback. The camcorder will always enter into Preview mode after switched on. Refer to the diagram below for switching between modes and read relevant sections in the user manual for detailed operations. Switch on Press PHOTO...

  • Page 17: Recording Quality

    Recording videos Recording quality • Slide the Video Quality selector to select the recording quality. The selected setting (HD, Sports or WebQ) appears on the display screen during recording. Quality settings Settings Recommended for: Resolutions (pixel) and Approx. recording Frame Rate (FPS) durations on a 32GB memory card* HD (High...

  • Page 18: Recording Videos

    Recording videos 1. In Preview mode, press the red RECORD button to begin recording. Video recording indicator Elapsed time • While recording, the red recording light on the camcorder front turns on. 2. Press PLAY/PAUSE to pause a recording. • A pause indicator II replaces the red at the top left corner of the screen.

  • Page 19

    5. Press to adjust the brightness of the LCD screen. You can select among 8 levels of brightness. The brightness icon will be displayed accordingly. 6. Press the red RECORD button to stop recording.

  • Page 20: Taking Photos

    Taking photos To take photos 1. In Preview mode, press PHOTO to take photos. • The resolution of the photos is 12.0 mega pixel which is interpolated from 5 mega pixel sensor for EZ5100. The resolution of the photos is 8.0 mega pixel which is interpolated from 5 mega pixel sensor for EZ5000.

  • Page 21: Playback Mode

    Playback mode Playing back recordings 1. Press PLAY/PAUSE to enter Playback mode and start playback of the most recent recording (video/ photo). Playback indicator Current file number/Total number of files Elapsed playback time 2. Press during playback to adjust volume (video only). 3.

  • Page 22

    5. Press to adjust the brightness of the LCD screen. You can select among 8 levels of brightness. The brightness icon will be displayed accordingly. 6. To select another video, press to cue the previous or next video. Type of file Current file number/Total number of files (Video/Photo) Duration of...

  • Page 23: Deleting

    Deleting Deleting recordings To delete the last recording: 1. Press DELETE and press to select One. 2. Press the center of button to confirm delete. To delete all recordings: 1. Press DELETE and press to select All. 2. Press the center of button.

  • Page 24: Menu Settings

    Menu settings Using the camcorder menu 1. Press to show the camcorder menu on the screen. 2. Press to highlight a menu option. LIGHTING AUTO PHOTO QUALITY TV OUTOUT NTSC (US) Press Menu to Save and Exit 3. Press to enter the highlighted menu option. 4.

  • Page 25: Connecting To External Devices

    Connecting to external devices Viewing videos on TV 1. Plug in the AV cable (provided) – Insert the single connector end into the camcorder (AV jack) and connect the double connector ends to the corresponding video (yellow) and audio left (white) and audio right (red) input jacks on the TV.

  • Page 26: Managing Videos On Your Computer

    • The RCA Detective application is installed with Memory Manager 3 and will automatically run the Memory Manager 3 application when your camcorder is connected to the PC. Mac: The first time you connect the camcorder to the Mac, the Small Wonder will mount as a volume labeled SMALLWONDER on the desktop.

  • Page 27: About Rca Memory Manager

    Save videos to your computer • Edit videos by simply drag-and-drop For more detailed instructions on using RCA Memory Manager, please refer to the help section in the software. Viewing videos on PC To ensure that videos can be managed and played on your PC: •...

  • Page 28: Additional Information

    Additional information Tips and troubleshooting Cannot turn on the camcorder. • Make sure the battery is not empty. Refer to the user manual to properly charge the camcorder before use. SD card cannot be detected by camcorder. • Make sure the SD card is inserted properly. Remove and insert the card from the card slot again when the camcorder is powered off.

  • Page 29: Product Registration

    User manual • Frequently asked questions (FAQ) • Customer service and technical support information Technical specifications Product: • Digital Camera Recorder Brand: • Model: • EZ5000, EZ5000RD, EZ5000BL, EZ5000PL, EZ5000R, EZ5000RDR, EZ5000BLR, EZ5000PLR, EZ5100, EZ5100RD, EZ5100BL, EZ5100PL, EZ5100R, EZ5100RDR, EZ5100BLR, EZ5100PLR...

  • Page 30

    Battery: • Replaceable 3.7V Lithium battery Power adapter: • Rated input: 100 – 120 V AC, 60 Hz, 0.3 A • Rated output: 5V DC, 1A Size and frame rate of video recordings: • HD mode (EZ5000 series): 1280 x 720 @ 30fps (H.264 video compression, MOV file format) •...

  • Page 31: Warranty Information

    Limited warranty 12 Month Limited Warranty Applies to RCA Audio/Video Products AUDIOVOX ELECTRONICS CORP. (the Company) warrants to the original retail purchaser of this product that should this product or any part thereof, under normal use and conditions, be proven defective in...

  • Page 32

    with the product. However DO NOT return any removable batteries, even if batteries were included with the original purchase. We recommend using the original carton and packing materials. • Include evidence of purchase date such as the bill of sale. Also print your name and address and a description of the defect.

  • Page 33

    Illustrations contained within this publication are for representation only and subject to change. The descriptions and characteristics given in this document are given as a general indication and not as a guarantee. In order to provide the highest quality product possible, we reserve the right to make any improvement or modification without prior notice.

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