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Kenwood HM-233 Instruction Manual

Micro hi-fi component system
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B60-5125-08 00 CH (T) 0105
Thank you for purchasing this KENWOOD product.
To obtain the best performance from this product, please
read this manual carefully. It will guide you in operating your
KENWOOD product.
HM-233 Micro HI-FI Component System consisting of RD-M23
(main unit) and LS-M23 (speaker system).



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  Summary of Contents for Kenwood HM-233

  • Page 1 Thank you for purchasing this KENWOOD product. To obtain the best performance from this product, please read this manual carefully. It will guide you in operating your KENWOOD product. HM-233 Micro HI-FI Component System consisting of RD-M23 (main unit) and LS-M23 (speaker system).
  • Page 2: Important Safeguards

    Important Safeguards Please read all of the safety and operating instructions before operating this appliance. Adhere to all warnings on the appliance and in the instruction manual. Follow all the safety and operating instructions. These safety and operating instructions should be retained for future reference.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Special Notes WARNINGS When the ON/STANDBY button is set at STANDBY position, mains voltage is still present inside the unit. When the ON/STANDBY button is set at STANDBY posi- tion, the unit may be brought into operation by the timer mode or remote control. This unit contains no user serviceable parts.
  • Page 4: Precautions

    fire or other type of accident causing damage. KENWOOD will not be held responsible for any damage resulting from use of this unit with a voltage other than that which is specified.
  • Page 5: Accessories

    Care of compact discs Compact discs are fairly resistant to damage, however mistracking can occur due to an accumulation of dirt on the disc surface. Follow the guidelines below for maximum enjoyment from your CD collection and player. Do not write on either side of the disc, particularly the non-label side from which signals are read.
  • Page 6: Controls And Indicators

    Controls and Indicators Front panel 1. CD Compartment ........13 2.
  • Page 7: Rear Panel

    The rating label is located on the bottom of the unit. Rear panel 1. Headphone Socket ........24 2.
  • Page 8 Controls and Indicators (continued) Remote control 1. Remote Control Transmitter ....... . .12 2.
  • Page 9: Speaker System

    Speaker system 1. Tweeter 2. Woofer 3. Speaker Wire Placing the speaker system There is no distinction between the right and the left speakers. Left speaker Right speaker Note: The speaker grille is not removable.
  • Page 10: System Connections

    System Connections FM aerial AM loop aerial Right speaker Left speaker VCR, DVD, etc. Wall socket (AC 230 V, 50 Hz) not supplied MD recorder not supplied...
  • Page 11: Speaker Connection

    Aerial connection Supplied FM aerial: Connect the FM aerial wire to the FM 75 OHMS socket and position the FM aerial wire in the di- rection where the strongest signal can be re- ceived. Supplied AM loop aerial: Connect the AM loop aerial wire to the AM and GND terminals.
  • Page 12: Remote Control

    Remote Control Battery installation 1 Remove the battery cover. 2 Insert the batteries according to the direction indicated in the bat- tery compartment. When inserting or removing the batteries, push them towards the nals. 3 Replace the cover. Precautions for battery use: Replace all old batteries with new ones at the same time.
  • Page 13: General Control

    General Control To turn the power on Press the ON/STANDBY button to turn the power on. To set the unit to stand-by mode: Press the ON/STANDBY button again. To change the display brightness (2 levels) You can switch the display brightness by pressing the DIMMER button on the remote control.
  • Page 14: Sound Control

    Sound Control Adjusting the volume Press the VOLUME button to increase the volume and the VOLUME decreasing. 28 29 MAX Adjusting the bass Main unit operation: 1 Press the BASS/TREBLE button until "BASS" appears on the display. 2 Within 5 seconds, press the VOLUME ( or ) button to adjust the bass. Remote control operation: Press the BASS ( or ) button to adjust the bass.
  • Page 15: Setting The Clock

    Setting the Clock This may be operated only with the remote control. In this example, the clock is set for the 24-hour (0:00) display. Press the CLOCK button and within 3 seconds, press the MEMO- RY button. Within 1 minute, press the PRESET ( or ) button to select 24- hour or 12-hour display and then press the MEMORY button.
  • Page 16: Listening To A Cd

    Total number of tracks Press the / ( ) button to start playback from track 1. When the last track on the disc has finished playing, the CD player will stop au- tomatically. To interrupt playback: Main unit operation: Press the button.
  • Page 17: To Locate The Beginning Of A Track

    To remove the CD: Whilst in the stop mode, press the OPEN/CLOSE button. Press the CD eject button and remove the CD. CD Eject Button Notes: After removing the CD, make sure to press the OPEN/CLOSE button and close the CD compartment. When the unit enters the stand-by mode, the opened CD compartment cover will be closed automatically.
  • Page 18: Repeat Or Random Play

    Perform steps 1 - 5 in the "Programmed Play" section and then select the repeat playback. Notes: In random play, the CD player will select and play tracks automatically. (You cannot select the order of the tracks.) If you press the button during random play, you can move to the track selected next by the random operation.
  • Page 19: Programmed Play

    Programmed Play By specifying tracks from 1 to 99, you can choose up to 20 selections for playback in the order you like. Whilst in the stop mode, press the MEMORY/SET (MEMORY) but- ton to enter the programming save mode. Within 30 seconds, press the button to select the desired track.
  • Page 20: Listening To The Radio

    Listening to the Radio Press the ON/STANDBY button to turn the power on. Press the FUNCTION button until "FM" or "AM" appears on the dis- play. When operating with the remote control, press the TUNER button, and then the BAND button to select "FM" or "AM". Press the TUNING ( or ) button to tune in to the desired station.
  • Page 21: Listening To The Memorised Station

    Listening to the memorised station Memorising a station You can store 30 AM and FM stations in memory and recall them at the push of a but- ton. (Preset tuning) Perform the steps 1 - 3 in "Listening to the Radio" on page 20. Press the MEMORY/SET (MEMORY) button to enter the preset tun- ing saving mode.
  • Page 22: Timer And Sleep Operation

    Timer and Sleep Operation This may be operated only with the remote control. Timer playback: The unit turns on and plays the desired source (CD, tuner) at the preset time. Sleep operation: The radio and compact disc can all be turned off automatically. Timer playback Before setting timer: 1 Press the CLOCK button to check that the clock is on time.
  • Page 23: Timer And Sleep Operation

    Within 1 minute, press the PRESET ( or ) button to specify the minutes to start, then press the MEMORY button. The timer playback starting time, function, and volume will be displayed, and then the unit will enter the stand-by mode automatically. "...
  • Page 24: Enhancing Your System

    Enhancing Your System The connection lead is not included. Purchase a commercially available lead as shown below. White Headphones Listening to the playback sounds from VCR, DVD, etc. VCR, DVD, etc. Use a connection lead to connect the VCR, DVD, etc. to the VIDEO/ AUX IN sockets.
  • Page 25: Troubleshooting Chart

    Many potential "problems" can be resolved by the owner without calling a service technician. If something is wrong with this product, check the following before calling your author- ised KENWOOD dealer or service centre. General Symptom The clock is not on time.
  • Page 26: Maintenance

    Troubleshooting Chart (continued) If trouble occurs When this product is subjected to strong external interference (mechanical shock, excessive static electricity, abnormal supply voltage due to lightning, etc.) or if it is operated incorrectly, it may malfunction. If such a problem occurs, do the following: 1 Set the unit to the stand-by mode and turn the power on again.
  • Page 27: Specifications

    Specifications As part of our policy of continuous improvement, KENWOOD reserves the right to make design and specification changes for product improvement without prior notice. The performance specification figures indicated are nominal values of production units. There may be some deviations from these values in individual units.
  • Page 28: For Your Records

    For your records Record the serial number, found on the bottom of the unit, in the spaces designated on the warranty card, and in the space provided below. Refer to the model and serial numbers whenever you call upon your dealer for information or service on this product. Model Serial Number...