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Preparing The Remote Control; Connections - Kenwood HM-337-SG Instruction Manual

Compact hi-fi component system
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Table of Contents
Before applying power

Preparing the remote control

Insert batteries type R6/LR6 ("AA" size) into the
remote control.
When the standby indicator is lit, the power turns
ON when you press the POWER
remote control. When the power comes on, press
the button you want to operate.
The supplied batteries may have shorter lives than
ordinary batteries due to use during operation
When the remote-controllable distance gets shorter
than before, replace both batteries with new ones.
Placing the remote sensor in direct sunlight, or in
direct light from a high frequency fluorescent lamp
may cause a malfunction.
In such a case, change the location of the system
installation to prevent malfunction.
Be sure to adhere to the following, or proper
ventilation will be blocked causing damage
or fire hazard.
• Do not place any objects impairing heat ra-
diation onto the top of the unit.
• Leave some space around the unit (from the
largest outside dimension including projec-
tion) equal to or greater than, shown below.
Top panel : 50 cm
Back panel : 10 cm


Connecting the AM antenna
Set up the AM loop antenna, and then connect it.
Speakers connection
button on the
• Connect the right speaker to terminal marked
• Connect the left speaker to terminal marked
• Clip the stripped portion of the speaker wire
• Place the unit where the AC power cord can
• The power in this unit will not be completely
"R" , with the red wire to + and the black wire
to –.
"L " , with the red wire to + and the black wire
to –.
as shown.
For the FM antenna : Adjust the position of the FM
antenna for the best reception.
For optimal sound performance, it is recommended
to use the supplied speakers.
Do not connect more than one speaker to any one
pair of +/– speaker terminal.
be easily unplugged.
cut off from the AC wall outlet when the
power switch is turned OFF . To cut off the
power completely, unplug the AC power
cord from the AC wall outlet.


Table of Contents

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