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HP Designjet 130 Calibration Manual page 2

Visual monitor calibration adobe gamma
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Even though, it is recommended that you calibrate using an external objective measuring device
(colorimeter for emissive color measurements), we can show you a way to calibrate your monitor
using your own eyesight if you don't have an external measuring device.
In Windows, Adobe Gamma enables you to get a good color casts from your monitor and to obtain
a reasonable solution for your work environment. This program comes as part of Adobe Photoshop
from version 5.0 onwards.
Follow next instructions:
1. Launch Adobe Gamma, Control Panel > Adobe Gamma, and follow the steps:
Step 1: select Step By Step Wizard.
Step 2: in the Description text box, type a name for the profile or click Load and select the stored
monitor profile that appears to match your monitor closest from the list.
Step 3: now adjust the monitor's contrast control to maximum, and set the brightness control to
make the center box as dark as possible (but not black) while keeping the frame a bright white.
Step 4: enter the phosphor setting best suited to your particular monitor, the current monitor
profile is selected by default.
Step 5: The next menu allows you to set the mid-tone values. Make sure the view single gamma
only box is unchecked. Red, green and blue squares are provided, and a slider under each
square should be adjusted until the centre box fades into the patterned frames. Then, the monitor
gamma should be entered in the panel, either Macintosh default (1.8) or Windows default (2.2).
Step 6: make sure your white point matches that of your monitor, 6500K - D65 (Windows
default), 9300K - D93 (Mac default). Selecting measure will display three grey squares on
screen. Clicking on the left square will add blue to the centre square, while the right will add
yellow. When the center square is as neutral as possible, store the measured white point.
Step 7: before you save the settings, you can use the Before and After buttons to see how the
changes you made affect the monitor's display.
After you create the ICC profile, Adobe Gamma saves it in the following folder and automatically set
it as the monitor profile:
Windows 98: Windows/System/Color folder.
Windows XP: Windows/System32/Spool/Drivers/Color folder.
Windows 2000: Winnt/System32/Spool/Drivers/Color folder.



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