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Operating Instructions Care And Cleaning; Optional Accessories - GE HDA3500NCC - Dishwasher w/ 5 Wash Cycles Owner's Manual

Adw1000/ ghda300/ gsd2000/ gsd3000/ gsd4000/ gsm2000/ hda1000/ hda2000/ hda3000 series
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To clean the control panel use a tightfg dampened cloth, then dry thorough%j. To clean the exterior, use a good appliance
polish. Never use sharp objects, scouring pads or harsh cleaners on any part of the dishwasher.
Protect Against Freezing
If Four dishwasher is left in an unheated place
during the winter, ask a service technician to:
Cut off electrical power to the dishwasheE
Removefuses or trip circuit breakeE
17 Turn off the water supplg and disconnect the
water in et ine from the water va ve.
Drain water from the inlet line and water
ve. Use a pan to catch the wateE
Reconnect the water inlet line to the
water valve.
Remove the plastic sump cover in the tub
-'* bottom and use a sponge to soak up water
in the rubber boot.
Air gap
_[4_ ii_i4!_r_:_ _ j k
Check the air gap ang time gout
dishwasherisn't draining well.
Does Vour Dishwasher Have an Air Gap?
An air gap protects Four dishwasher against
water backing up into it if a drain clogs.
The air gap is not a part of the dishwasher
It is not covered bg Four warrants. Not all
plumbing codes require air gaps, so Sou mag
not have one.
Theair gap iseasgtoclean.
_; Turn offthe dishwasher and lift off the
chrome cover
Unscrew the plastic cap and clean with
a toothpick.
Stainless S teel Panels
The stainless steel panels can be cleaned
with StainlessSteelMagic or a similar
product using a clean, soft cloth.
You can order StainlessSteelMagic
#WXlOX15 through GE Parts bg calling
Optional accessories
You can change the appearance of gour
dishwasher bg adding a custom panel trim kit.
1/4" Woad panel trim kit--This accessorg
contains trim and instructions for gou to supplg
and install a ]/4" thick decorative wood door:
::J_:: GPF25B(Black)GPF325B/GPF425B
::Ji:: GPF2SW(White)GPF32SW/GPF425W
_} GPF25C(Bisque)GPF32SC/GPF425C
3/4" Trimless wood panel kit--This accessorg
contains parts and instructions for gou to supplg
and install a B/4" thick decorative wood door:
_: GPF375/GPF475
NOTE: T he GPFIO0dishwasher door spring kit
must also be ordered and installed when the
door panel weighs four lbs. or more. This kit is
included with the 3/4" trim kits.
Non-wood countertop bracket kit--This is for
installations which have non-wood countertops
and includes side-mounting brackets and
instructions for securing the dishawasher:
::Ji:: GPF65
Consult Four GE Appliance dealer to get the correct
kit for Four model.
These accessories ore available at extra cost
from G£ Call 800.626.2002 to order, or see Four
authorized GEAppliance dealer Visa, MosterCord or
Discover cords are accepted. SpecifF accessorF
number when ordering.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents