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GE HDA3500NCC - Dishwasher w/ 5 Wash Cycles Owner's Manual

GE HDA3500NCC - Dishwasher w/ 5 Wash Cycles Owner's Manual

Adw1000/ ghda300/ gsd2000/ gsd3000/ gsd4000/ gsm2000/ hda1000/ hda2000/ hda3000 series

Safety Instructions
Care and Cleaning ..............
Control Panels ...................
Dial Cgcles ......................
Racks ..............
8, 9
Consumer Support
Support .....
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ADW! 000 Series
GHDA300 Series
GSD!O00 Series
GSD2000 Series
GSD3000 Series
GSD4000 Series
HDA2 000 Series
HDA2000 Series
HDA5000 Series
Write the model and serial
Model #
Serial #
You can find them on a label on the
tub wall just inside the dooE
04-07 JR
Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for GE HDA3500NCC - Dishwasher w/ 5 Wash Cycles

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents Safety Instructions ..Operating Instructions ADW! 000 Series Care and Cleaning ....GHDA300 Series Control Panels ....GSD!O00 Series Control Settings ....GSD2000 Series Dial Cgcles ...... GSD3000 Series Flashing Displag Lights ... Loading the GSD4000 Series Dishwasher Racks ....GSM2000 Series Loading Place Settings ..
  • Page 2 IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING -- SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS WARNING! For your safety, the information in this manual must be followed to minimize the risk of fire, explosion, electric shock, and to prevent property damage, personal in]ur 9, or death, _tls WARNING! WATER HEATER S AFETY _,,J'_ "_...
  • Page 3 WARNING! RISK OF CHILD ENTRAPMENT PROPERDISPOSAL OF THE DISHWASHER Junked or abandoned dishwashers are dangerous...even if they will sit for "_justa few days." If you are getting rid of your old dishwasher, please follow the instructions below to help prevent accidents. Before You Throw Away Your Old Dishwasher: •...
  • Page 4: Control Settings

    About the dishwasher control panel Control Settings Cycles An indicator light above the selected pad will be ON to indicate which CYCLEhas been selected, on some models. POTS& PANS/ For heavily soiled dishes or cookware with dried-on or baked-on soils. Everyday dishes may be included. HEAVY WASH This cycle will not remove burned-on foods.
  • Page 5 Control Settings Cycle Chart Model Cycle Water Usage (gal.) Cycle Time (min,) GSDllO0 Hot Start Option 1 Heavy Wash Normal Wash Rinse Only Plate Warmer HDAll00 Hot PreWash Option 1 ADWl100 Normal Wash Drying GSD1300 Hot Start Option 1 GSD2100 Heavy Wash GSD2101...
  • Page 6: Control Panels

    About the dishwasher control panel You can locate gour model number on the left tub wall just inside the door. Throughout this manual, features and appearance may vary from your model. Please match the control panel for your unit to a similar control panel below.
  • Page 7: Dial Cgcles

    Operation of models with cycle dial Rinse Only i.mtStart For rinsing partial loads that will be washed late_ Do not use detergent. Make sure HEATED DRYis not selected. Slowly turn the Dial to RINSE ONLX Off 0 :_ Li_h_ W_s_q Be sure the door is unlatched.
  • Page 8: Flashing Displag Lights

    Operation of electronic models (model GSD4000 Only) Using the Dishwasher Door door must be closed and locked into place to select a LOAD SELECTION or an OPTION. If the door is opened during a cgcle and left open,the dishwasherwill beep once every 30 secondsuntil the door is cosed and arched into p ace.
  • Page 9 Using the dishwasher Checkthe Water Temperature The entering water must be at least 120°Fand run continuouslu into the glass until the temperature not more than 150°F,for effective cleaning and to stops rising. prevent dish damage. Check the water temperature Adjust the maximum/minimum temperature of the with a candy or meat thermometeE Turn on the water heater if necessaru to deliver water at the...
  • Page 10: Loading The Dishwasher Racks

    Loading the dishwasher racks For best dishwashing results, follow these loading guidelines. Features and appearance of racks and silverware baskets mog vorg from gout model. Upper Rack Securelarger dishwasher-safeplastics over The upper rack is for glasses,cups and two fingers when possible. saucers.
  • Page 11: Loading Place Settings

    Loading place settings.., Follow these guidelines for loading 10 place settings. Features and appearance of racks and silverware baskets may vary from your model. Upper Ruck--lO place settings Upper Rack--lO place settings Lower Rack--lO place settings Upper Rack--12 place settings Upper Rack--12 place settings Lower Rack--12 place settings...
  • Page 12: Operating Instructions Care And Cleaning

    Caringforthedishwasher To clean the control panel use a tightfg dampened cloth, then dry thorough%j. To clean the exterior, use a good appliance polish. Never use sharp objects, scouring pads or harsh cleaners on any part of the dishwasher. Protect Against Freezing If Four dishwasher is left in an unheated place Drain water from the inlet line and water during the winter, ask a service technician to:...
  • Page 13: Troubleshooting Tips

    Before you call for service.., geeom Troubleshooting Tips Save time and manes! Review the charts on the following pages, or visit You mob not need to call for service. Problem Possible Causes What To Da Dishwasher won't run Fuse is blown, or the •...
  • Page 14 Before you call for service... Problem Possible Causes What To Do Dishes don't dry Low inlet water • Hake sure inlet water temperature is at least 120°E temperature • Select HEATEDDRY. • Use HOTSTART and ADDEDHEAToptions. • Select a higher cycle, such as POTS& PANSor HEAVYWASH. Rinse agent dispenser •...
  • Page 15 GE Dishwasher Warrants All warranty service provided by our Factory Service Centers, Staple your receipt here. or an authorized Customer Care c_technician. To schedule Proof of the original pumhase service, on-line, 24 hours a day, visit us at, or call date is needed to obtain service...
  • Page 16: Consumer Support

    Consumer Support Have a question or need assistance with gour appliance? Tr U the GE Appliances Website 24 hours a da U, I GEAppliances Website an U da U of the gead For greater convenience and faster service, gou can now download Owner's Manuals, order parts or even schedule service on-line.

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