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NEC MultiSync X461UNV Manual

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External Control

1. Application
This document defines the communications method for control of the NEC LCD monitor, MultiSync X461UN
when using an external controller

2. Connectors and wiring

2.1 RS-232C Remote control
Connector: 9-pin D-Sub
Cable: Cross (reversed) cable or null modem cable
(Please refer "Controlling the LCD monitor via RS-232C Remote control" on User's manual.)
2.2 LAN control
Connector: RJ-45 10/100 BASE-T
Cable: Category 5 or higher LAN cable
(Please refer "Controlling the LCD monitor via LAN control" on User's manual.)

3. Communication Parameter

3.1 RS-232C Remote control
(1) Communication system
(2) Interface
(3) Baud rate
(4) Data length
(5) Parity
(6) Stop bit
(7) Communication code
3.2 LAN control
(1) Communication system
(2) Interface
(3) Communication layer
(4) IP address
(5) Port No.

3.3 Communication timing

The controller should wait for a packet interval before next command is sent.
The packet interval needs to be longer than 600msec for the LCD monitor.
1 bit
TCP/IP (Internet protocol suite)
Ethernet (CSMA/CD)
Transport layer (TCP)
* Using the payload of TCP segment.
* If you need to change,
Please refer "Network settings" on User's manual.
7142 (Fixed)
NEC LCD Monitor



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