NEC X401S Installation Manual
NEC X401S Installation Manual

NEC X401S Installation Manual

40" led-backlit super-slim professional-grade display
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X401S Installation Guide
40" LCD Display

Product Description

Aspect Ratio:
Power Consumption:
This document is intended to be used as a reference guide to supply useful information for a design or installation. It is not
intended to be a step-by step procedure for installation.
Any ceilings or walls must be strong enough to support the monitor and the installation must be in accordance with any local
building codes. All mounts should make secure contact to wood studs.
4:3 sources can be displayed on the 16:9 screen in either normal aspect ratio with bars on the left or right, or stretched horizontally
to fill the screen using the menus (see "Aspect Modes" in menus and user manual).
Distances are in inches, for millimeters multiply by 25.4.

Tilt Angle and Rotation

Monitor may be angled and rotated from normal landscape and portrait orientation to both face up and face down positioning. When
orientated in face up or face down position, operating temperature for the unit changes. Rotate only clockwise for portrait orientation.
Operating Temperatures:
Landscape: 5-40° Celsius; 41-104° Fahrenheit
LCD Display
1920 x 1080
Class B
110W (typ)
375.34 BTU/hour
5-40° Celsius; 41-104° Fahrenheit
NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc.
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Screen Surface:
Dimensions without stand: 36.4"(W) x 21.2"(H) x 1.7"(D)
Dimensions with stand:
Weight without stand:
Weight with stand:
Built-In Speaker
Face Up: 5-35° Celsius; 41-95° Fahrenheit
Face Down: 5-35° Celsius; 41-95° Fahrenheit
Rev 1.0
36.4W) x 22.6"(H) x 9.4" (D)
32.8 lbs / 14.9 kg
35.9 lbs / 16.3 kg
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents