Charging The Battery - Asus R300 Quick Start Manual

Asus pnd r300 qsg in english version
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Charging the Battery

You can charge the device from a car charger kit. Plug any of these cables to the mini-USB
port on the right side of the device.
To check how much battery power remains:
1. From the main menu, tap Settings.
2. The Sub-menu Settings appears. Tap
3. Tap the battery icon, the battery screen appears and displays a battery showing the
battery power that remains.
Car charger kit
- When the Main Power Switch is set to Off, the device
can not be charged.
- Charge the battery before using the device.
- While charging, the power LED lights up in red. When
the battery is fully charged, the power LED turns to yellow.
- Charging may take several hours.
- You can use the device while charging. However, the
device takes much less time to be fully charged in sleep
to display more options.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents