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Sata Topologies; Internal; External - HP 411508-B21 - Smart Array E200/128 BBWC Controller RAID Introduction Manual

Serial ata technology, 2nd edition
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SATA topologies

The following internal and external topologies use a SATA controller only. However, the Serial ATA
STP enables SAS controllers to communicate with SATA devices through expanders and, therefore,
allows SATA drives to be deployed in a SAS domain. For information, refer to the technology brief
"Serial Attached SCSI technology" at


Figure 9 shows a topology that can be used for internal RAID systems incorporating SATA drives.
Each drive has a point-to-point connection to the controller. The controller can support a maximum of
six drives.
Figure 9. Topology for internal RAID array using six internal ports on a SATA RAID Controller


Port multipliers enable a single SATA HBA port to connect up to four times as many drives with no
performance degradation and, as a result, reduce cabling complexity (Figure 10).
Figure 10. Topology for external storage applications



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