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Yamaha 520K Assembly Manual

Assembly manual
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This pamphlet describes the standard procedure for DTX540K/DTX520K assembly.
After assembling the parts and connecting the cords as shown below, you will be ready to turn on the drum trigger module.
Example of standard DTX540K assembly
(Cymbal Pad)
(Tom Pad)
(Hi-hat Pad)
DTX500 Drum
Trigger Module
(Snare Pad)
(Kick Pad)
(Hi-hat Controller)
Before using, please read this assembly manual, and use this product in a safe and proper manner.
* Please keep this manual in a safe place for future reference.
* Make sure to read the Assembly Manual of the Rack System and the Owner's Manual of the Pad.
If this symbol is ignored and the equipment is used improperly, fatal
injury to persons or serious damage could occur.
• Do not let small children assemble or set up this product by themselves, or they may be injured.
Always assemble this product with adult supervision.
• Be careful with the edges of the Cymbal Holders and the Tom Holders. The sharp holder ends
may result in injury.
• Be careful with the edges of the spurs attached to the Kick Pad and foot pedal. The sharp ends
may result in injury.
• If this product is used with a Rack System or Cymbal Stand, make sure all bolts are tightened
firmly. Also, when adjusting the height or angle, do not suddenly loosen the bolts. Loose bolts may
result in the rack overturning or parts dropping, causing injury.
• Always set the product on a flat and solid surface. Placement on a sloping, unstable surface or on
steps may result in the product being unstable and subject to overturning.
• When setting up the product, please pay close attention to the handling and setting of cables.
Carelessly placed cables may cause the user and others to trip and fall.
• Do not alter the product. Doing so may result in injury or damage/deterioration to the product.
• Do not sit or step on the rack. The rack may overturn or be damaged, resulting in injury.
* Specifications and descriptions in this owner's manual are for information purposes only. Yamaha Corp. reserves the right to change or modify products or specifications at
any time without prior notice. Since specifications, equipment or options may not be the same in every locale, please check with your Yamaha dealer.
Assembly Manual
• For assembly, you will require four individual packages – an RS500
Rack System, a DTP520C Pad Set, a DTP700P Pad Set*, and a
(Cymbal Pad)
DTX500 Drum Trigger Module. (*: The DTX520K uses a DTP520P
Pad Set instead.)
• This pamphlet describes how to attach the pads and drum trigger
module to the RS500 Rack System. Before carrying out the proce-
dures described below, ensure that you have correctly assembled
the rack system as described in its assembly manual.
• Although this pamphlet uses illustrations of the DTX540K, the
assembly procedures described also apply to the DTX520K.
(Tom Pad)
Before starting assembly, lay a drum mat (sold separately) on the floor.
Alternatively, before setting up the HH65 Hi-hat Controller and KP65
Kick Pad, you can place the packages' cardboard boxes on the floor to
protect it from damage.
(Rack System)
If this symbol is ignored and the equipment is used improperly,
there is a danger or injury to persons handling the equipment, and
material damage could occur.
• Watch your fingers when adjusting clamps. They may become pinched, resulting in injury.
• Be careful around pipe ends, inside the pipe and screw ends. Metal shavings, etc. may injure your
• Do not put your hands or feet under the foot pedal or foot switch. They may be pinched, resulting
in injury.
• Do not attach acoustic drums to the electronic drum rack. Clamps may be damaged and drums
may drop, causing injury.
• Make sure you hold onto the plug, not the cable, when connecting or disconnecting the cable. Also,
never place any heavy or sharp objects on the cable. Applying excessive force to the cable may
result in damage to the cable, such as the wires being severed, etc.
• Do not step on or place heavy objects on the product. It may result in damage.
• Do not use or keep the product in places with extremely high temperature (places in direct sunlight,
close to a heater, in a closed car, etc.) or high humidity (bathroom, outside on a rainy day, etc.).
Doing so may result in deformation, discoloration, damage or deterioration.
• When cleaning the product, do not use benzine, thinner or alcohol as it may result in discoloration or
deformation. Please wipe with a soft cloth or a damp cloth that has been wrung out thoroughly. If the
product is soiled or sticky, use a neutral detergent on a cloth then wipe with a damp cloth that has
been wrung out thoroughly to remove any remaining detergent. Also pay close attention so as not to
let the water and detergent come into contact with the cushions used in the product; doing so may
result in deterioration.
Assemble the RS500 Rack System.
Digital Musical Instruments Division
Digital Musical Instruments Division
For details, refer to the assembly manual that came with the rack system.
©2011 Yamaha Corporation
WW60810 103PO***.*01B0
Check the contents of each package.
Package 1: DTP520C
 PCY135
 PCY100
Cymbal Pad (x1)
Cymbal Pad (x2)
 Hi-hat holder (x1)
 Stoppers for the
PCY100 and PCY135
 Tuning key (x1)
 9-channel snake cable (x1)
 PCY100, PCY135, and PCY155 Owner's Manual (x1)
 HH65 Owner's Manual (x1)
 Assembly Manual (this pamphlet)
Mount the pads and the drum trigger module on the rack system.
As described below, mount the pads and the trigger module on the rack system, and then position the kick pad and the hi-hat controller.
Mounting the hi-hat holder
Remove the drum trigger module clamp a from the left of the rack, together with
the left leg b.
Drum trigger
module clamp
Left leg
Package 2: DTP700P (for DTX540K)
 XP80
 HH65
Hi-hat Controller (x1)
Snare Pad (x1)
 Felts for the
PCY135 (x1)
Package 2: DTP520P (for DTX520K)
 XP80
Snare Pad (x1)
 Felts for the
PCY100 (x2)
 Cable band (x10)
Package 3: DTX500
 DTX500 Drum Trigger
Module (x1)
Assemble the holder clamp for the hi-hat holder ensuring that it is oriented as
shown in the figure, and then reassemble the left leg b and the drum trigger mod-
ule clamp a.
Drum trigger
module clamp
 XP70
 Clamp bolts (x4)
 KP65
Tom Pad (x3)
Kick Pad (x1)
 XP70 and XP80 Owner's Manual (x1)
 KP65 Owner's Manual (x1)
 TP65
 Clamp bolts (x4)
 KP65
Tom Pad (x3)
Kick Pad (x1)
 XP70 and XP80 Owner's Manual (x1)
 KP65 Owner's Manual (x1)
 TP65, TP65S, TP100, and TP120SD
Owner's Manual (x1)
 AC power adaptor*
 Module stand (x1)
 Module stand
fastening screws (x2)
 DTX500 Owner's Manual (x1)
* May not be included depending on your particular area.
Please check with your Yamaha dealer.
Hi-hat holder
Holder clamp
Left leg
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  • Page 1 * Specifications and descriptions in this owner’s manual are for information purposes only. Yamaha Corp. reserves the right to change or modify products or specifications at Continued on other side...
  • Page 2 Mounting snare and tom pads Assembling the kick pad  Mounting the tom pad If a drum mat (sold separately) is not available, lay a sheet of cardboard on the Mount the snare pad on the rack’s clamp rod. As DTX540K: XP70 floor to protect it from scratching.

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