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Canon 40D - EOS 40D DSLR Instruction Manual

Picture style file creating software macintosh.
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Picture Style File Creating Software
Picture Style Editor
Content of this Instruction Manual
PSE is used for Picture Style Editor.
In this manual, the windows used in the
examples are from Mac OS X 10.4.
indicates the selection procedure of the menu.
(Example: [Picture Style Editor] menu
Picture Style Editor].)
Square brackets are used to indicate items such
as menu names, button names and window
names that appear on the computer screen.
Text inside < > indicates a key on the keyboard.
indicates a reference page.
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: Marks information that should be read
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Ver. 1.0
Instruction Manual
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© CANON INC. 2007
Create Picture
Style Files


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Text inside < > indicates a key on the keyboard. the relevant page. indicates a reference page. Click to move to the relevant page. : Marks information that should be read before use. : Marks additional information you may find helpful. © CANON INC. 2007 CT1-7143PSEME-000...
  • Page 2: Read Carefully Before Using

    Agreement and you must 1. LICENSE: Canon grants you the non-exclusive right to use the SOFTWARE only on a single then promptly return the SOFTWARE. In addition, Canon may enforce its other legal rights.
  • Page 3: System Requirements

    Introduction Introduction Picture Style Editor (hereinafter, “PSE”) is software that allows you to edit System Requirements Picture Style to your unique image characteristics and save them as Create Picture original Picture Style files. Mac OS X 10.3 to 10.4 Style Files Computer Macintosh with one of the above OS installed What is a Picture Style file?
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Creating Original Picture Style Files Introduction This section explains how to edit a Picture Style and save it as an original Deleting an Adjusted Color........Picture Style file using the various functions of PSE. Color Display Mode and its Functions ......Create Picture Style Files Adjusting Brightness and Contrast (Gamma...
  • Page 5: Preparing Sample Images

    Preparing Sample Images Opening a Sample Image Introduction PSE uses a sample image to perform the various adjustments and save Open a sample image and perform various adjustments with that image it as an original Picture Style file. For this reason, a sample image (p.2) as a basis.
  • Page 6: Main Window

    Introduction Main Window You can select the display magnification and the display method, etc. of the sample image. Create Picture Style Files Reference Image rotation (90 degree units to the left or right) Before and after adjustment comparison display (Top/bottom split) (p.6) 100% (actual pixel size) Before and after...
  • Page 7: Enlarging A Specific Area

    Introduction Enlarging a Specific Area Adjusting While Comparing with the Original Image You can enlarge a specific area in the main window to 100%. You can display before and after versions of an adjusted image in the same window and perform adjustments while checking the adjustment Create Picture results.
  • Page 8: Navigator Window

    Introduction Setting the Warning Indicators Navigator Window You can set warning indicators for luminance values (Y) and color In the main window, the display position of an image when its display values (RGB) which are useful for preventing excessive settings being Create Picture magnification is changed and the image histogram are displayed.
  • Page 9: Tool Palette

    Pre-adjusting the Images Introduction Sample images used in the adjustment process (p.2) which do not have Tool Palette proper exposure or white balance can be adjusted using the You can adjust the image characteristics of the Picture Style file by using [Preliminary adjustment] window to correct their brightness and white Create Picture the various functions of the [Tool palette].
  • Page 10: Correcting The White Balance

    You can also register and use a Picture Style file effective for the scene a point that is to be the that you have downloaded from Canon’s web site. standard for white Enter the color temperature Select [Color temperature] from the white balance list Select a Picture Style.
  • Page 11: Using A Downloaded Picture Style File Effective For The Scene

    Introduction Using a Downloaded Picture Style File Setting Color Tone, Color Saturation, Contrast and Sharpness Effective for the Scene You can specify [Color tone], [Color saturation], [Contrast] and Create Picture Click the [ ] button. [Sharpness]. Style Files The [Open Picture Style file] window appears. Click the [Advanced] button.
  • Page 12: Making Minute Adjustments To Color

    Introduction Determine the range of effect for the color you want Making Minute Adjustments to Color to adjust. You can make minute adjustments to a color you have specified, using Create Picture Within the frame is the range of effect the hue, saturation and luminosity functions in order to get the color you Style Files want.
  • Page 13 Introduction Adjust the color. Repeat steps 1 to 4 to adjust multiple colors. You can select and adjust colors for up to a maximum of 100 spots. Create Picture Style Files Reference Drag to the left or right to adjust The color is adjusted to the range specified in step 2 and the color of the image changes.
  • Page 14: Specifying The Color Directly

    Introduction Specifying the Color Directly Displaying the Adjustment Color List and its Functions In addition to specifying the adjustment point by clicking the color on the In addition to displaying colors before and after adjustment, the Create Picture image (p.11), you can also specify the color directly on the color wheel adjustment color list (p.8) shows any overlapping of the range of effect...
  • Page 15: Characteristic)

    Introduction Color Display Mode and its Functions Adjusting Brightness and Contrast (Gamma Characteristic) You can select the color display mode which will be the basis for color You can adjust the brightness and contrast of a specific area using the Create Picture adjustment from three options (HSL, Lab or RGB) as well as check tone curve.
  • Page 16: Using A Picture Style File

    Saving the Adjustments as a Picture Style File Using a Picture Style File Introduction Adjustments specified in the [Tool palette] (p.9 to p.14) are saved on Saved Picture Style files can be registered in the camera and applied to your computer as an original Picture Style file (extension “.PF2”). shot images, or applied to RAW images using Digital Photo Professional (hereinafter, “DPP”) and Raw Image Task (hereinafter, “RIT”).
  • Page 17: Preferences

    Preferences Quitting PSE Introduction You can perform color management settings such as specifying the In the main window, select the [Picture Style Editor] work color space for the RAW image displayed in the main window, or menu [Quit Picture Style Editor]. setting the profile for the monitor.
  • Page 18 Reference Introduction This reference section has been provided to enhance your experience using PSE. Create Picture It contains various troubleshooting solutions and how to delete PSE from Style Files your computer. Troubleshooting............Reference Deleting the Software (Uninstalling) ......About This Instruction Manual ........ Trademark Acknowledgments ........
  • Page 19: Troubleshooting

    Reference Display the folder in which the software is saved. Administrator settings, refer to the User’s Manual for the Macintosh Open the [Canon Utilities] folder. computer you are using or for Mac OS X. PSE does not work PSE does not operate correctly on a computer if its system requirements does not meet.
  • Page 20: About This Instruction Manual

    It is prohibited to reproduce, in whole or part, the contents of this Instruction Manual without permission. Create Picture Canon may change without notice the software specifications and Style Files contents of this Instruction Manual. The software screens and displays printed in this Instruction Manual may differ slightly from the actual software.

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