Dell 1545 - Inspiron - Pentium 2 GHz Setup Manual
Dell 1545 - Inspiron - Pentium 2 GHz Setup Manual

Dell 1545 - Inspiron - Pentium 2 GHz Setup Manual

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  • Page 3 INSPIRON ™ SETUP GUIDE Model PP41L...
  • Page 4 Reproduction of these materials in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Dell Inc. is strictly forbidden. Trademarks used in this text: Dell , the DELL logo, Inspiron , YOURS IS HERE, and DellConnect are trademarks of Dell Inc.;...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Front Side Features ....18 Dell Diagnostics ..... . 38 Computer Base and Keyboard Restoring Your Operating System .
  • Page 6 Before You Call......52 Contacting Dell......53 Finding More Information and Resources .
  • Page 7: Setting Up Your Inspiron Laptop

    Inspiron 1545 laptop and connecting or allow dust to accumulate in the air peripherals. vents. Do not store your Dell™ computer in a low-airflow environment, such as Before Setting Up Your Computer a closed briefcase, while it is running.
  • Page 8: Connect The Ac Adapter

    Setting Up Your Inspiron Laptop Connect the AC Adapter CAUTION: The AC adapter works with electrical outlets worldwide. However, Connect the AC adapter to the computer and power connectors and power strips vary then plug it into a wall outlet or surge protector. among countries.
  • Page 9: Connect The Network Cable (Optional)

    Setting Up Your Inspiron Laptop Connect the Network Cable If you plan to use a wired network connection, connect the network cable. (Optional)
  • Page 10: Press The Power Button

    Setting Up Your Inspiron Laptop Press the Power Button...
  • Page 11: Enable Or Disable Wireless

    Setting Up Your Inspiron Laptop Enable or Disable Wireless To turn on wireless, with the computer turned on, press the wireless key on the keyboard. A confirmation of your selection appears on the screen. The wireless key allows you to quickly turn all of your wireless radios (Bluetooth and WiFi) off, such as when you are asked to disable all wireless radios on an airplane flight.
  • Page 12: Windows Vista ® Setup

    Setting Up Your Inspiron Laptop Windows Vista Setup Connect to the Internet (Optional) ® Your computer is preconfigured with Windows NOTE: Internet Service Providers (ISPs) Vista operating system. To set up Windows and ISP offerings vary by country. Vista for the first time, follow the instructions To connect to the Internet, you need an external on the screen.
  • Page 13 Setting Up Your Inspiron Laptop Setting Up a Wireless Connection Before you can use your wireless Internet connection, you must connect the computer to your wireless router. To set up your connection to a wireless router: Save and close any open files, and exit any open programs.
  • Page 14 Setting Up Your Inspiron Laptop If you do not have an ISP icon on your desktop Depending on how you want to connect, or if you want to set up an Internet connection click either Broadband (PPPoE) or Dial-up: with a different ISP, perform the steps in the –...
  • Page 15 Setting Up Your Inspiron Laptop...
  • Page 16: Using Your Inspiron Laptop

    Using Your Inspiron Laptop Your Inspiron 1545 laptop has indicators and buttons that provide information and enable you to perform common tasks. The connectors on your computer provide the option of attaching additional devices. Right Side Features...
  • Page 17 Using Your Inspiron Laptop 3 Eject button – Press the eject button to ExpressCard slot – Supports one open the optical drive. 34 mm wide ExpressCard for enabling additional hardware capabilities. USB 2.0 connector – Connects to NOTE: Your computer ships with USB devices, such as a mouse, keyboard, a plastic blank installed in the printer, external drive, or MP3 player.
  • Page 18: Left Side Features

    Using Your Inspiron Laptop Left Side Features...
  • Page 19 Using Your Inspiron Laptop 1 Security cable slot – Used to attach a Network connector – Connects your commercially available antitheft device to computer to a network or a broadband the computer. device if you are using a wired network. NOTE: Before you buy an antitheft 6 Hard drive –...
  • Page 20: Front Side Features

    Using Your Inspiron Laptop Front Side Features...
  • Page 21 Using Your Inspiron Laptop On battery: Power/battery status light – • Solid white – the computer is on with Indicates the power state and battery more than 10% battery charge status. • Breathing white – the computer is On AC adapter: in standby state with more than 10% •...
  • Page 22 Using Your Inspiron Laptop • Memory Stick Audio in/Microphone connector – • Memory Stick PRO Connects to a microphone or input signal • xD-Picture Card (type - M and type - H) for use with audio programs. NOTE: Your computer ships with a plastic blank installed in the media card SD/MMC - MS/Pro - xD slot.
  • Page 23 Using Your Inspiron Laptop...
  • Page 24: Computer Base And Keyboard

    Using Your Inspiron Laptop Computer Base and Keyboard Features...
  • Page 25 Press any multimedia key directly. 3 Keyboard – For more information on For function key, press <Fn> + the required keyboard, see the Dell Technology Guide. function key. The media controls are also located on Function Key First – Press any function the keyboard.
  • Page 26: Media Controls

    Using Your Inspiron Laptop Media Controls To use the media controls, press the required key. Mute the sound Play or pause Turn down the volume Play the next track or chapter Turn up the volume Eject the disc Play the previous track or chapter...
  • Page 27: Display Features

    Combines with the left digital array microphone to provide high quality sound for video conferencing and voice recording. 5 Display – Your display can vary based on selections you made when purchasing your computer. For more information about displays, see the Dell Technology Guide.
  • Page 28: Solving Problems

    Turn off the computer and turn it over. This computer should only use a battery Slide the battery release latch until it clicks purchased from Dell. Do not use batteries into place. from other computers. Slide the battery out.
  • Page 29: Software Features

    Dell Technology Guide on your hard cameras and cellular phones. Optional software drive or on the Dell Support website at applications enable you to organize and create music and video files that can be recorded to...
  • Page 30 High performance guidelines, see “Using Support Tools” on provides the highest level of system page 35 or “Contacting Dell” on page 53. performance on your computer by adapting CAUTION: Only trained service personnel processor speed to your activity and by should remove the computer cover.
  • Page 31: Network Problems

    Solving Problems Network Problems can manage the Wireless LAN using Dell Wireless WLAN Card Utility from your Wireless Connections taskbar. You can also use Windows Wireless Network Connections , accessed from the If the wireless network connection is lost —...
  • Page 32: Power Problems

    Solving Problems Power Problems • Orange — A good connection exists between a 100-Mbps network and the computer. If the power light is off — The computer is • Off — The computer is not detecting a either turned off or is not receiving power. physical connection to the network.
  • Page 33 — The display may and replacing memory modules, see the Service not be responding. Press the power button until Manual on the Dell Support website at support. the computer turns off and then turn it back on.
  • Page 34: Memory Problems

    If necessary, install • Reseat the memory modules (see the additional memory (See the Service Manual Service Manual on the Dell Support website on the Dell Support website at at to ensure that your computer is successfully communicating with the memory.
  • Page 35: Lockups And Software Problems

    Solving Problems Lockups and Software Problems If the computer stops responding or a solid blue screen appears — If the computer does not start up — Ensure NOTICE: You might lose data if you are that the power cable is firmly connected to the unable to perform an operating system computer and to the electrical outlet.
  • Page 36 Solving Problems In the welcome screen, click Next. – Ensure that your computer meets the minimum hardware requirements needed Follow the instructions on the screen. to run the software. See the software If you have other software problems — documentation for information. •...
  • Page 37: Using Support Tools

    Center and available support tools, click the Warranty Information, System Information, Services tab at Upgrades & Accessories) The top of the Dell Support Center home page Click the icon in the taskbar to run the displays your computer’s model number along application.
  • Page 38: System Messages

    CPU fan failure — CPU fan has failed. Replace documentation for either the operating the CPU fan. See the Service Manual on the Dell system or the program that was running Support website at
  • Page 39 S.M.A.R.T error, possible hard disk drive failure. a boot device. This feature can be enabled or disabled in the BIOS setup (see “Contacting Dell” on page 53 • Enter system setup and ensure that the boot for assistance).
  • Page 40: Hardware Troubleshooter

    Review your computer’s configuration information, and ensure that the device that you want to test displays in the system setup program and is active. See the Dell Technology Guide. Start the Dell Diagnostics from your hard drive or from the Drivers and Utilities disc.
  • Page 41 Using Support Tools Starting Dell Diagnostics From Your Hard Drive Press any key to start the Dell Diagnostics from the diagnostics utility partition on your The Dell Diagnostics is located on a hidden hard drive. diagnostic utility partition on your hard drive.
  • Page 42 <Enter>. Type 1 to start the CD menu and press <Enter> to proceed. Select Run the 32 Bit Dell Diagnostics from the numbered list. If multiple versions are listed, select the version appropriate for your computer.
  • Page 43: Restoring Your Operating System

    • Dell Factory Image Restore returns your hard drive to the operating state it was in when you purchased the computer. This procedure permanently deletes all data on the hard drive and removes any programs installed after you received the computer.
  • Page 44: System Restore

    In the event that System Restore did not resolve NOTE: The procedures in this document the issue, you may undo the last system restore. were written for the Windows default view, so they may not apply if you set your Dell ™ computer to the Windows Classic view.
  • Page 45 Restoring Your Operating System Undoing the Last System Restore NOTE: Before you undo the last system restore, save and close all open files and exit any open programs. Do not alter, open, or delete any files or programs until the system restoration is complete.
  • Page 46: Dell Factory Image Restore

    Use Dell Factory Image Restore only as the Select Repair Your Computer. last method to restore your operating system. The System Recovery Options window appears.
  • Page 47: Operating System Reinstallation

    If you are considering reinstalling the Windows NOTE: Depending upon your configuration, operating system to correct a problem with a you may need to select Dell Factory Tools, newly installed driver, first try using Windows then Dell Factory Image Restore.
  • Page 48 ® ® your computer, or whether you requested desktop; then, shut down your computer the disc, the Dell Drivers and Utilities disc and try again. and Operating System disc may not ship NOTE: The next steps change the boot with your computer.
  • Page 49: Getting Help

    NOTE: Some of the following services procedures. See “Online Services” on are not always available in all locations page 48 for a more extensive list of Dell outside the continental U.S. Call your local Support online. Dell representative for information on If the preceding steps have not resolved the availability.
  • Page 50: Technical Support And Customer

    Getting Help Technical Support and Customer Online Services Service You can learn about Dell products and services on the following websites: Dell’s support service is available to answer • your questions about Dell hardware. Our support staff uses computer-based diagnostics •...
  • Page 51: Automated Order-Status Service

    Getting Help Automated Order-Status Service Dell Support e-mail addresses • To check on the status of any Dell products that • you have ordered, you can go to • (Latin America and, or you can call the automated order-status service.
  • Page 52: Product Information

    Returning Items for Repair Under Warranty or for Credit If you need information about additional products available from Dell, or if you would like Prepare all items being returned, whether for to place an order, visit the Dell website at repair or credit, as follows:
  • Page 53 You are also responsible for insuring any product returned, and you assume the risk of loss during shipment to Dell. Collect On Delivery (C.O.D.) packages are not accepted. NOTE: Returns that are missing any of the preceding requirements will be refused at...
  • Page 54: Before You Call

    Checklist. If possible, turn on your computer • Return Material Authorization Number before you call Dell for assistance and call from (if provided by Dell support technician): a telephone at or near the computer. You may be asked to type some commands at the keyboard, •...
  • Page 55: Contacting Dell

    Getting Help a printer, print each file. Otherwise, record the To contact Dell for sales, technical support, or contents of each file before calling Dell. customer service issues: • Error message, beep code, or diagnostic Visit code: Verify your country or region in the Choose •...
  • Page 56: Resources

    Dell Technology Guide installed on your maintaining peripherals, Internet, Bluetooth hard drive or on the Dell Support website at ® networking, and e-mail. upgrade your computer with new or additional the Service Manual on the Dell Support website memory, or a new hard drive.
  • Page 57 End User License Agreement. find your Service tag/Express Service Code— the back or bottom of your computer. You must use the service tag to identify your computer on or to contact technical support. find drivers and downloads. the Dell Support website at ™...
  • Page 58: Specifications

    Specifications System model Processor Dell Inspiron 1545 Types Intel Celeron ™ ™ ® ® Intel Celeron Dual-Core This section provides basic information that you Intel Core 2 Duo ™ may need when setting up, updating drivers for, Intel Pentium Dual-Core ®...
  • Page 59 3GB, 4GB, 6 GB, and NOTE: For instructions on upgrading your memory, see the Service Manual on the Dell Support website at NOTE: To take advantage of the dual channel bandwidth capability, you must populate both memory slots with cards...
  • Page 60 Specifications Computer information Video Video type integrated on system board System Chipset Mobile Intel Express Cantiga GM45 (UMA), LCD interface Low Voltage Differential PM45 (Discrete) Signaling (LVDS) Data bus width 64 bits Discrete: DRAM bus width dual channel (2) Video controller ATI Mobility Radeon HD 64-bit buses 4330...
  • Page 61 Specifications Camera (optional) Audio Pixel 1.3 megapixel Internal speaker 1 Watt per channel into amplifier 4 ohms Video resolution 640 x 480 at 30 fps Volume controls program menus, media (maximum) control buttons Diagonal viewing 66° angle Connectors Network adapter RJ45 connector Audio three 4-pin USB...
  • Page 62 Specifications Display Display Type (active- 15.6-inch HD CCFL with Luminance 200 min. 220 typ. cd/m² matrix TFT) TrueLife (CCFL/WLED 5 point avg) 15.6-inch HD WLED with 230 min. 250 typ. cd/m² TrueLife (WLED 5 point avg) (HD+ WLED with TrueLife) 15.6-inch HD+ WLED with TrueLife Viewing Angles:...
  • Page 63 Touch pad Size: Controls brightness can be controlled through Width 74 mm (2.9 inches) keyboard shortcuts (see sensor-active area the Dell Technology Guide for more information) Height 42 mm (1.65 inches) rectangle Keyboard Battery Number of keys 87 (U.S. and Canada);...
  • Page 64 Types 65 W, 90 W conditions and can be significantly reduced under Input voltage 100–240 VAC certain power-intensive conditions. Input current (maximum): See the Dell Technology 65 W 1.6 A Guide for more information. 90 W 1.5 A...
  • Page 65 Specifications AC adapter AC adapter Input frequency 50–60 Hz 90 W: Output power 65 W or 90 W Height 16 mm (0.6 inches) Output current: Width 70 mm (2.8 inches) 65 W 3.34 A (continuous) Length 147 mm (5.8 inches) 90 W 4.62 A (continuous) Weight (with cables)
  • Page 66 Specifications Physical Computer environment Height 25.9 mm to 37.5 mm Relative humidity (maximum): (1.02 inches to 1.47 Operating 10% to 90% inches) (noncondensing) Width 373 mm (14.7 inches) Storage 5% to 90% Depth 244 mm (9.6 inches) (noncondensing) Weight (with 6-cell battery): Maximum vibration (using a random-vibration spectrum that simulates user environment): Configurable to less...
  • Page 67: Index

    28 damage, avoiding 5 calling Dell 52 data, backing up 28 CDs, playing and creating 27 DellConnect 48 chipset 58 Dell Factory Image Restore 41 computer capabilities 27 Dell Support Center 35 computer, setting up 5 Dell support website 55...
  • Page 68 Index Dell Technology Guide Hardware Troubleshooter 38 for further information 54 help drivers and downloads 55 getting assistance and support 47 DVDs, playing and creating 27 Internet connection 10 email addresses for technical support 49 Internet Service Provider 10 energy...
  • Page 69 Index order status 49 setup, before you begin 5 shipping products for return or repair 50 power problems, solving 30 software features 27 power strips, using 6 software problems 33 problems, solving 26 solving problems 26 processor 56 support email addresses 49 products System Messages 36 information and purchasing 50...
  • Page 70 Index warranty returns 50 Windows, reinstalling 41 Windows Vista ® Program Compatibility Wizard 33 reinstalling 46 setup 10 wired network network cable, connecting 7 wireless network connection 29...
  • Page 72 Printed in the U.S.A. | 0F123HA01...

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