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Frigidaire FFEC3225MW Use & Care Manual page 15

Use and care manual


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Brown streaks and
specks on ceramic
glass cooktop
Areas of
discoloration on
ceramic glass
cooktop surface.
Drip bowls are
pitting or rusting.
Drip bowls turning
color or distorted
out of shape.
Boilovers have cooked onto surface. Use razor blade scraper to remove soil. See Ceramic-
Glass Cooktop section in this Owner's Guide.
Cleaning materials not recommended for ceramic-glass cooktop have been used. Use
recommended cleaners and cleaning method. See Ceramic-Glass Cooktop section in this
Owner's Guide.
Mineral deposits from water and food. Wet surface with water and sprinkle on a cooktop
cleaning creme. Scrub with a clean damp paper towel until the stain disappears. Wipe
remaining paste away, then apply a small amount of cooktop cleaning creme and polish with
a clean paper towel. Use cookware with clean, dry bottoms. See Ceramic-Glass Cooktop
section in this Owner's Guide.
Foods with acids, such as tomatoes, if allowed to stand in/on bowls will cause corrosion.
Remove and wash drip bowls as soon as possible after a spillover.
Normal environment. Houses along sea coast are exposed to salt air. Protect bowls as much
as possible from direct exposure to salt air.
Bottom surface of cookware extends beyond surface elements and touches cooktop surface.
This can cause high enough temperatures to discolor the drip bowls. DO NOT use cookware
of this type. Pan sizes should be matched to the size of the element. Replacement drip bowls
may be purchased from your dealer.
Surface elements not seated properly in terminal. Turn control to OFF. Be sure surface
element is COOL. Lift out surface element properly, following instructions under General
Incorrect control is on. Be sure the correct control for the element to be used.
(Solutions to Common Problems)


Table of Contents

Table of Contents