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Asus VG27AH User Manual page 18

Vg27ah series user guide for english edition
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Table of Contents
Sharpness: Adjust the picture sharpness. The adjusting range
is from 0 to 100.
Trace Free: Speed up the response time. The adjusting range is
from 0 to 100.
Aspect Control: Adjust the aspect ratio to "4:3", "Full", or
"OverScan". (The "OverScan" ratio is only available for HDMI
ASCR: Turn on or off the ASCR (ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio)
function. (Only available at Scenery, Theater, Game, and Night
View Mode.)
3D Mode Selection: Select the type for 3D images.
3D Depth: Adjust the field depth for 3D images. The adjusting
range is from 1 to 10.
Position: Adjust the horizontal position (H-Position) and the
vertical position (V-Position) of the image. The adjusting range is
from 0 to 100. (Only available for VGA input.)
Focus: Reduce Horizontal-line noise and Vertical-line noise
of the image by adjusting (Phase) and (Clock) separately. The
adjusting range is from 0 to 100. (Only available for VGA input.)
Default: Turn "2D to 3D" function off.
2D to 3D: Turn "2D to 3D" function on for 2D input images
(you may also press the hotkey
3D Top-and-Bottom, 3D Side-by-Side (Half): Select the
type for incoming 3D images.
The menu "3D Mode Selection" is only available for input source of 2D type.
The menu "3D Top-and-Bottom" and "3D Side-by-Side (Half)" are only
available for HDMI source of 720p/1080i/1080p timing and no InfoFrame of
3D type.
Phase adjusts the phase of the pixel clock signal. With a wrong phase
adjustment, the screen shows horizontal disturbances.
Clock (pixel frequency) controls the number of pixels scanned by one
horizontal sweep. If the frequency is not correct, the screen shows vertical
stripes and the image is not proportional.
to access this function).
Chapter 3: OSD (On-Screen Display) Menu

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Table of Contents

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