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Changing The Receiver Volume; Switching The Key Lock On/Off - GE 21828 User Manual

Digital cordless telephone with dual mode caller id
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Browse: Press
LOG memory.
Call Back: Press
key to call back.
Delete: Press or hold "C" key two seconds to delete one or all
the entries. Selection is made using
Save: Press
key to enter the subscribers in the phone book.
Enter the name and press "INT/OK" key.
Note: 1. The CALL LOG symbol and display indicator only
disappear after browsing through all the entries.
2. It is only possible to enter subscribers in the phone book
who are not already entered.
Muting the Microphone
key to switch the microphone on or off during a call.
Holding Calls / Forwarding Calls
If the telephone is connected to a PABX system, it is possible to put
calls on hold and call other extension lines or to forward calls.
Press "R" key to put the call on hold and dial the extension
number (e.g. 23).
Press "R" key once more to take the call back again or press
key to forward the call.
Note: If several handsets are registered on the base station and
a call should be put on hold or forwarded, press "INT/OK"
key instead of "R".
Note: The above information can vary according to the PABX
system used. Therefore, refer to the relevant information of the
PABX network.
After have received an external call, it is possible to include a second
handset in the conversation (three way conference).
Press "INT/OK" key and enter the number of the corresponding
handset (e.g. 2) which will join the teleconference.
The external caller is kept on hold. As soon as the other handset
takes the call, press and hold "#" key 2 seconds to activate the
By pressing
key, any of the handsets quit from the
teleconference and the other handset continues with the external

Changing the Receiver Volume

key to change the receiver volume during a
Paging the Handset
If a handset has been misplaced, it is possible to call all the handsets.
Short press "page" key on the base station.
Entering a Dialing Pause (P)
If the telephone is connected to a PABX system, it may be necessary
to insert a dialing pause. To do this, press
relevant digit in the pre-dial buffer, e.g. 0, for an outside line (0P....).
A "P" appears in the display indicating a pause. The pause can also be
entered when programming numbers in the phone book.

Switching the Key Lock On/Off

Incoming calls can still be received when key locked.
Press and hold "#" key for 2 seconds to activate or deactivate
the key lock.
Phone Book
The telephone can store up to 30 entries in the phone book with name
and call number. When the function is supported by the telephone
provider service and the caller, the handset displays the name of the
caller (when stored in the phone book).
key to browse through the CALL
key after entering the



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