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Canon SELPHY CP600 Printer Software Manual

For windows.
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Printer Software Guide

(For Canon CP Printer Solution Disk Version 4)


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Printer Software Guide

    Printer Software Guide (For Canon CP Printer Solution Disk Version 4) Windows...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety Precautions ..................3 Read This First ..................4 About the Manuals ................4 Printing Flow Diagram ...............5 Printing .......................6 Starting ZoomBrowser EX and PhotoRecord ........7 Printing with Standard Sheets or Full Size Label Sheets ....10 Printing on 8-Label Sheets ..............14 Merging Images to Print a Panorama ..........15 Printing Part of an Image (Trimming) ..........17 Adjusting Color and Brightness (Image Quality Adjustment) ..19 Appendices ....................20...
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    • While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this guide is accurate and complete, no liability can be accepted for any errors or omissions. Canon reserves the right to change the specifications of the hardware and software described herein at any time without prior notice.
  • Page 4: Read This First

    Please read before using the printer. Describes how to print using the software provided on the supplied CD-ROM (Canon CP Printer Solution Disk). This user guide Screen shots from Windows XP are used for illustration, but the procedure is the same with Windows 98 Second Edition (SE)/Windows Me/Windows 2000.
  • Page 5: Printing Flow Diagram

    Printing Flow Diagram Follow the steps outlined below to prepare the printer and install the necessary software on your computer to enable printing. Prepare the printer. Insert the paper cassette and ink cassette into the printer. See the Printer User Guide. Install the software and printer driver on your computer.
  • Page 6: Printing

    This section describes how to use the printing software, PhotoRecord, to print the images displayed in ZoomBrowser EX. ZoomBrowser EX and PhotoRecord are applications included on the Canon CP Printer Solution Disk. These applications simplify the printing process. Before printing, verify that the printer is on, and that the printer is properly connected to your computer with a USB cable.
  • Page 7: Starting Zoombrowser Ex And Photorecord

    Double-click the [ZoomBrowser EX] icon on the desktop to start the program. If the [ZoomBrowser EX] icon does not appear on the desktop, click the [Start] menu and select [Programs] or [All Programs], followed by [Canon Utilities], [ZoomBrowser EX] and [ZoomBrowser EX]. Click [Print].
  • Page 8 Click [Layout Print]. When [1. Select Images] appears, select an image. The selected image is highlighted in blue.
  • Page 9 Click [2. Select Captions for Printing], and then place a check mark beside the information you want to print with the image. For example, if you place a check mark beside [Date and Time], the date and time the picture was taken is also printed. Click [3.
  • Page 10: Printing With Standard Sheets Or Full Size Label Sheets

    Printing with Standard Sheets or Full Size Label Sheets This example prints a single image, fit to a whole postcard size sheet, with no borders. Click [2. Select Printer & Album Type] and then select your printer model name from [Printer]. Next, select [Album Type] to check the print image.
  • Page 11 Click [3. Select Paper], and select the paper size and print orientation. • Clicking [Decorate Album] allows you to change image design features such as the border or background. To change the design, click the border or background you want to change. •...
  • Page 12 Click [4. Print], check print settings such as the number of copies, and then click [Print]. If you stop printing while printing is in progress, paper is ejected to the paper handling slot and a printing error may occur. This is not a malfunction, but a mechanism for protecting the print head.
  • Page 13 When printing is finished, click the on the upper right of the window to close PhotoRecord. To save the album, click [Yes]. If you don’t want to save it, click [No]. The ZoomBrowser EX screen returns after the album is saved. •...
  • Page 14: Printing On 8-label Sheets

    Printing on 8-Label Sheets In [2. Select Printer & Album Type], select “8-Sticker Label” from [Album Type]. Select an image. To make copies of an image, right-click over the screen and select [Make Copies]. Then, input the number of copies you want to make and click [OK] to create the specified number of image copies.
  • Page 15: Merging Images To Print A Panorama

    This operation is performed using the PhotoStitch software. When you use images captured with a Canon digital camera in Stitch Assist mode, PhotoStitch determines the order and direction of the composition automatically, facilitating the composition process.
  • Page 16 Merge the images following the instructions in the guidance panel at the top of the PhotoStitch window. Instructions Save your panoramic image, and then click the to close PhotoStitch. Print the panoramic image. To print the merged images, see step 2 in Starting ZoomBrowser EX and PhotoRecord (➡...
  • Page 17: Printing Part Of An Image (trimming)

    Printing Part of an Image (Trimming) You can select and then print a portion of an image. This is useful when you only want to print part of an image, or if the part you are most interested in is not at the center of the image.
  • Page 18 Select the area you want to print. Trimming area (The area for printing) [Clip] button • In [2. Select Printer & Album Type], when [8-Sticker Label] is selected for [Album Type], or the [Automatic Clipping] check box is selected The trimming area is set automatically, and the area aspect ratio cannot be modified or the trimming frame removed.
  • Page 19: Adjusting Color And Brightness (image Quality Adjustment)

    Adjusting Color and Brightness (Image Quality Adjustment) After selecting the printer in [2. Select Printer & Album Type], click [Properties]. Click the [Image Adjustment] tab and adjust the color and brightness for printing. For more details, click [?] or [Help] to display [Help]. Adjust the color of print results.
  • Page 20: Appendices

    Appendices About the Print Area and Pixels Print Area The shaded area ( ) in the following diagrams indicates the maximum printable area. Note that because the print area is larger than the actual paper size, a border is trimmed from the image when it is printed. (shown in millimeters) Postcard size sheet 148.0...
  • Page 21 L size sheet 119.0 Credit card size sheet (Standard sheets, full-size label sheets and 8-label sheets are available) 86.0 With 8-label sheets, the images are laid out to fit the page. The borders around each label are trimmed when printing, so verify the preview image(s) on the screen before printing.
  • Page 22: Number Of Pixels

    Wide size sheet 200.0 Number of Pixels Total number of Effective number of Paper Type pixels (dots)* pixels (dots) × × Postcard size sheet 1232 1823 approx. 1180 1748 × × L size sheet 1100 1471 approx. 1050 1406 Credit card size sheet (Standard sheets, full-size ×...
  • Page 23: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting This section describes how to troubleshoot problems. If the problem still exists after trying these solutions, restart your computer. If the problem still persists, uninstall the printer driver and then install it again. The printer cannot be selected. Cause : The printer driver is not installed.
  • Page 24 Printing stops while it is in progress. Cause : Power to the printer goes off while printing is in progress. Correction : Turn the printer on. Cause : The USB cable is not connected correctly. Correction : Check the USB cable to make sure it is connected correctly. Cause : A USB hub is being used for the connection.
  • Page 25 The color of an image seen on the screen is different from that seen in prints. Cause : Printers and computer displays use different color reproduction methods, and lighting conditions and display settings affect the appearance of colors on your computer’s display. Correction : You can adjust color using [Image Adjustment] (➡...
  • Page 26: Error Messages

    • If the error does not go away after you have tried the recommended solutions, consult your nearest Canon Customer Support Help Desk. • Use the information in this section in conjunction with the Printer User Guide.
  • Page 27 Ink cassette is empty and must be replaced. Press [Resume] to resume, or [Cancel] to stop. Cause : There is no more ink in the ink cassette. Correction : Replace the ink cassette with a new one. In the following cases, the number of prints specified for the installed Color Ink/Paper Set may not be obtained: •...
  • Page 28 Wrong type of paper. Replace with the right type. Press [Resume] to resume, or [Cancel] to stop. Cause : The paper is not suitable for the print settings. Correction : Replace the paper with the correct size. The paper cassette differs from the setup. Please check the paper cassette.
  • Page 29 ■ Errors where printing is canceled If any of the following messages appear, printing is canceled. After using the recommended solution to clear the error, you need to start the print job over again. Paper jammed in printer. Clear the jam as follows, then try printing again. 1.
  • Page 30 Correction : Remove paper from the paper cassette, and then make sure to load the correct amount of paper in the paper cassette. For messages caused by errors related to the operating environment of your computer, follow the messages on the screen. CDP-E © 2005 CANON INC.

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