D-Link DSN-510 Datasheet
D-Link DSN-510 Datasheet

D-Link DSN-510 Datasheet

Dsn-5000 s eries iscsi san array, storage® ha capable 4x1gbe, 8x1gbe or 1x10gbe iscsi san array with 12 sas/sata1 bays (expandable to 84 bays)
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Affordable Data Center
Class Storage
• High Availability (HA) Capable
• Handles Over 80,000 I/Os per Second
• Battery Protected Cache Memory:
DSN-5110-10: 1GB per controller
DSN-5210-10: 2GB per controller
DSN-5410-10: 2GB per controller
• System Memory: 512MB
• 12 Hot-Swap SAS/SATA
Hard Drive
• Supports 24TB Capacity with 2TB
Hard Drives
• Supports up to 1024 volumes and
host connections
• RAID Support: 0, 1, 1+0, and 5
• Mix and Match disk drives within a
single array
• Different Capacities,
Manufacturers, Technologies
and Speeds
• Volume Virtualization technology
• Supports multiple RAID types and
volumes segments on single drive
• Optimizes capacity utilization and
maximizes performance
• Supports Online Capacity
Expansion, Volume
Reconfiguration and Migration
on the fly
• Drive Roaming supported in Power
• Additional DSN-5000-10 Expansion
Arrays Provide:
DSN-5110-10: 96TB Total Capacity
DSN-5210-10: 168TB Total Capacity
DSN-5410-10: 168TB Total Capacity
• 430 Watt Dual Redundant
Hot-Swappable Power Supplies
• Industry Standard 2U 19-inch Chassis
High Performance iSCSI Interface
• DSN-5110-10: Four 1GbE Ports per
• DSN-5210-10: Eight 1GbE Ports per
• DSN-5410-10: One 10GbE Port per
b u s i n e s s
xStack Storage® HA capable 4x1GbE, 8x1GbE or 1x10GbE iSCSI
SAN Array with 12 SAS/SATA
D-Link's DSN-5000 series (DSN-5110-10, DSN-5210-10
and DSN-5410-10) iSCSI SAN array is a highly available,
data center-class network storage solution in a 2U
rackmount form factor, ideal for small to medium
enterprises. The heart of the DSN-5000 series is
a powerful 10Gbit iSCSI System-on-a-Chip (SoC)
capable of handling over 80,000 I/Os per second.
The DSN-5000 series supports 24TB of raw capacity
using 2TB drives and overall scalability to 168TB
(DSN-5210-10 and DSN-5410-10). The DSN-5000 series
can be easily implemented as a supplemental backup
platform for quick restores, as secondary online storage,
or as bandwidth-demanding primary storage for security
surveillance and A/V applications.
A Choice of Host Interfaces – 1GbE or 10GbE
The DSN-5110-10 and DSN-5210-10 both support
Multi-path I/O (MPIO), Multiple Connections per Session
(MCS), and Link Aggregation Groups (LAG) for unmatched
network flexibility, performance and resiliency, allowing
their 1GbE data ports to be grouped together for up to
425MB/s or 850MB/s bandwidth, respectively.
The DSN-5410-10 utilizes a built-in, fully integrated
10GbE interface as a high performance alternative
to 8Gbps Fibre Channel, for up to 1160MB/s bandwidth.
High Availability (HA)
The DSN-5110-10, DSN-5210-10 and DSN-5410-10
primary arrays, based on a single controller, each
provide an ideal platform for nearline storage
requirements such as disk-to-disk backup, data
archiving and video surveillance.
With the addition of a secondary controller (DSN-510
for the DSN-5110-10, DSN-520 for the DSN-5210-10
and DSN-540 for the DSN-5410-10) the DSN-5000
series can provide the failover and redundancy
D SN- 5000 S e r i e s
Bays (expandable to 84 bays)
capabilities required for mission critical scenarios
such as Virtual Machine (VM) shares, database
applications, Online Transactional Processing (OLTP),
email applications, storage consolidation and your
other primary storage needs.
Expansion Options
The DSN-5110-10, DSN-5210-10 and DSN-5410-10
primary arrays each support 12 internal SAS/SATA
hard drives and with the addition of up to three
DSN-5000-10 expansion arrays for the DSN-5110-10,
and up to six DSN-5000-10 expansion arrays for the
DSN-5210-10 and DSN-5410-10, can scale to a total
of 96TB and 168TB raw storage capacity respectively.
For high availability operation, a secondary I/O board,
DSN-500, is installed in the DSN-5000-10 expansion array.
iSCSI for IP Networks
Storage Area Networks (SANs) have traditionally been
reserved for complex Fibre Channel networks. The
recent introduction of iSCSI has extended the powerful
centralized storage capabilities of SAN technology to IP
networks. By utilizing existing Ethernet technology, the
costs associated with Fibre Channel switching, separate
host bus adapters, expensive storage subsystems and
administration is significantly reduced. iSCSI SANs
leverage the Ethernet infrastructure and standards that
are already familiar to most IT personnel.
System-on-a-Chip (SoC) Implementation
By utilizing a SoC design, the DSN-5000 series combines
both networking and storage functions into a single
specialized Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC).
This SoC combines 10Gbps iSCSI, TCP & IP offload,
12 embedded processors and storage virtualization
firmware onto a single chip. The tight integration of
these functions eliminates interoperability, timing
and support issues found in competitive products
i SC SI SAN Ar ray


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Summary of Contents for D-Link DSN-510

  • Page 1 This SoC combines 10Gbps iSCSI, TCP & IP offload, • DSN-5410-10: One 10GbE Port per 12 embedded processors and storage virtualization With the addition of a secondary controller (DSN-510 controller firmware onto a single chip. The tight integration of for the DSN-5110-10, DSN-520 for the DSN-5210-10...
  • Page 2 RAID support depending on the status of the battery’s charge. supported for 84 drives total D-Link’s xStack iSCSI SAN arrays support RAID levels 0, (DSN-5210-10 and DSN-541) 1, 1+0 and 5 configurations (striped sets, mirrored sets, The DSN-5000 series supports jumbo frames and...
  • Page 3: Technical Specifications

    D SN- 5000 S e r i e s i SC SI SAN Ar ray Technical Specifications DSN-5110-10 • Four 1GbE Copper per controller DSN-5210-10 • Eight 1GbE Copper per controller DSN-5410-10 • One 10GbE per controller (XFP adapter sold separately) Features Drive Bays •...
  • Page 4: Storage Management

    D SN- 5000 S e r i e s i SC SI SAN Ar ray Access Control of Management • Yes iSCSI/TCP/IP Full HW Offload • Yes Jumbo Frames Support • Yes LAG Support (Link Aggregation) • DSN-5110-10: Up to Four LAGs (Static LAG) •...
  • Page 5: International Approvals

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