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D-Link DSN-5110-10 Quick Start Manual

Primary array
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DSN-5xx0-10 Primary Array

Quick Start Guide

The DSN-5xx0 Primary Array Quick Start Guide provides the
information needed to get your DSN-5xx0-10 primary array
out of the box and operational with a connection to a host
computer. Follow the simple instructions in this guide, and in
no time at all you will be part of the iSCSI revolution.
Important Safety Information:
Before you install the DSN-5xx0-10 primary array, please read
all documentation provided on the Product CD.
The DSN-5xx0-10 primary array is available in either single or
dual controller configurations. The dual-controller systems
offer automatic failover capability for High Availability in the
event of a controller failure. Each controller can have either
four (DSN-5110-10 and DSN-510) or eight (DSN-5210-10 and
DSN-520) 1-GbE data ports or one (DSN-5410-10) 10-GbE data
port in each controller for iSCSI communication. Each
controller comes with 512 MB of system memory and 1 GB
(DSN-5110-10 and DSN-510) or 2 GB (DSN-5210, DSN-520, DSN-
5410-10, DSN-540) of buffer memory. The DSN-5xx0-10
primary array can support a total of 4 GB of buffer memory.
For systems with two controllers, both controllers must have
the same number and type of data ports, the same amount of
Buffer Memory, and the same version of software.
DSN-5xx0 (5110-10, 5210-10, 5410-10) - 5/2010
Unpack the Package Contents
Before unpacking, inspect the container for damage. If damage
exists, file a claim with the carrier. Remove the items from the
container and compare them to the packing list:
One DSN-5xx0-10 primary array (includes backplane, up to 12
drive carriers with drive blanks, two power supplies, 48 drive
carrier screws holding drive blanks, and one canister filler plate)
One controller with memory and battery in canisters, inserted
into the rear of the DSN-5xx0-10 primary array.
One rack-mount kit in a box (includes rails, mounting hardware,
and instructions)
Six power cords, one RS-232 diagnostic cable, one DSN-5000
Series Product CD.
One set of packing materials and cartons
If contents are missing or damaged please contact your supplier.
Save all packing materials in case you have to return the unit.
What Else You Need
To complete the primary array installation, you need:
A computer that will act as the iSCSI initiator (see step 7).
Please refer to the D-Link Interoperability matrix at: for tested operating systems, Network
Interface Cards (NICs), Host Bus Adapters (HBAs), and network
A static IP address and Category 6 or 5E (for 1-GbE) or fiber
optical (for 10-GbE) network cable for each DSN-5xx0 primary
array data port that will connect to your SAN.
XFP modules for optical connection (10-GbE systems only)
Ethernet switch (1-GbE for DSN-5110-10 & DSN-5210-10, or 10-
GbE for DSN-5410-10) required for dual-controller systems
Independent AC power supply within 6 feet of the primary array
Disk drives: refer to the DSN-5000 Series Hardware Reference
Guide for disk drive installation
Note: The DSN-5xx0-10 primary array can support SAS or SATA
hard disk drives from a variety of manufacturers (48 for the DSN-
5110-10 and 84 for the DSN-5210-10 & 5410-10). It is possible
(but not recommended) to mix SAS and SATA drives in the same
array. Also, if you anticipate using dual controllers for HA
operation, SAS drives are required.
Optional: In addition, a separate computer may be used as the
Management console (see Step 8)
Optional, but recommended: Uninterruptible power supply
Copyright © 2010 D-Link, Inc. - All Rights Reserved
Rack-Mount Instructions
The DSN-5xx0-10 primary array can be mounted in a standard
19-inch rack using the rack-mount kit provided with the DSN-
5xx0 primary array.
Note: The rack cabinet must provide sufficient airflow to the
front and rear of the DSN-5xx0-10 primary array for correct
cooling. Ventilation must be sufficient to exhaust heat from the
rear of the equipment in the rack. Plan the rack installation
with the heaviest item on the bottom of rack.
Ensure that power is not being applied to the DSN-5xx0
primary array by removing the power cords before attaching
the mounting hardware provided to the left and right sides
of the rack supporting the DSN-5xx0-10 primary array.
With the help of another person, slide the DSN-5xx0-10
primary array into place (without drives installed) and
secure with the mounting hardware.
Install the DSN-5xx0-10 Primary Array
The DSN-5xx0-10 primary array is a full iSCSI storage subsystem,
with up to 12 SATA or SAS disks, and additional storage available
through add-on expansion arrays. Enclosure and drive carrier LEDs
illuminate on the front of the unit, while interface ports, buttons,
and LEDs for port speed, port activity, and status are at the rear.
Front View
Drive Carrier LEDs
Drive Carrier
Note: Be sure that empty drive carriers are replaced by drive
blanks in all drive slots that are not occupied by a drive.
Rear View
(DSN-5210-10 shown)
Redundant Controller
or Filler Plate in Slot #1
Four or Eight 1-GbE
iSCSI Data Ports
One Management Port
Primary Controller in Slot #0
Enclosure LEDs
Rear Panel Status
LEDs and Switches
Two Expansion Ports
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