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Transmitting Song Data From The Digital Piano To A Computer; Backing Up Data And Initializing The Settings - Yamaha 140 Owner's Manual

Owner's manual
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Transmitting Song Data from the
Digital Piano to a Computer
Musicsoft Downloader enables you to transfer the user song in this instrument to a
computer. For more information on transferring song data from this instrument to a
computer, please refer to "Transferring Data Between the Computer and Instrument
(for unprotected data)" in the Help file that came with Musicsoft Downloader.
● Data you can transfer from this instrument to a computer
• User song
• Back up data
• Song data (once it has been loaded from the computer)
Backing up Data and Initializing the
Backing up data to flash memory
The following items will be stored in flash memory on this instrument. This data will
be kept after you turn off the power to the instrument.
Backup data
Metronome volume
Metronome time signature
Touch sensitivity
Recorded performance data (user song)
Song data once loaded from a computer
Initializing the settings
When you initialize the settings, all data, excluding the songs loaded from a computer,
will be initialized and reset to the factory default settings.
While holding down the C7 (the highest) key, turn on the power to the instrument.
The data (excluding the data for the songs loaded from a computer) will be
Do not turn off the power to this instrument while it is initializing the data in its internal
memory (that is, while the [REC] and [PLAY] button indicators are flashing).
Please note that initializing the settings will delete your recorded song (user song).
Transmitting Song Data between the Computer and the Digital Piano
The highest key
Backup data for metronome vol-
ume and time signature, touch
sensitivity, tuning, and user
song is included in the file
named "08YDP.BUP" and
stored in this instrument. You
can transfer the backup data
between the instrument and a
If this instrument somehow
becomes disabled or malfunc-
tions, turn off the power to the
instrument, then perform the ini-
tialization procedure.
Owner's Manual



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