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Recording Your Performance - Yamaha 140 Owner's Manual

Owner's manual
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Recording your Performance

Recording your Performance
Your digital piano's recording function enables you to record your performance of one song.
The recorded performance is called the "user song."
Follow the steps below to record and play back your performance.
Audio recording and data recording
Cassette tape recordings use a different data format than this instrument. Cassette
tapes record audio signals. On the other hand, this instrument records information
about the notes and voices being played and about the timing and tempo of those
notes. It does not record audio signals. When you play back a recorded performance
on this instrument, its internal tone generator reproduces the sound according to
the recorded information.
Be careful not to erase the recorded data:
After you record a performance on this instrument, the [PLAY] button indicator lights
up. When this indicator remains on, recording another performance will erase the
recorded data.
Select a voice and other settings for the recording.
While holding down the
160) or C1–F1 (YDP-140) keys to select the desired voice(s). (See page 19.)
If you desire, you can select other settings, such as the reverb setting.
Use the
tening level. You can also use the
ume level during playback.
Engage Record mode.
Press the
starts to flash.)
Press the
Start recording.
Recording starts as soon as you play the keyboard.
Alternatively, press the
flashes at the current tempo.
Stop recording.
Press the
Do not turn off the power to this instrument while it is recording the data in its internal
memory (that is, while the [REC] and [PLAY] button indicators are flashing). Otherwise,
all recorded data, including the data being recorded, will be lost.
Owner's Manual
control to adjust the volume to a comfortable lis-
button indicator flashes. (It may take a moment before the indicator
button again if you wish to cancel Record mode.
button to start recording.
button indicator lights up steadily, and the
button, press one of the C1–A1 (YDP-
control to adjust the vol-
button indicator
The user song is saved as a
Standard MIDI file (SMF).
(page 32)
To transfer and play the user
song on another device, you
must have Musicsoft Down-
loader (page 32) installed on
your computer.
You cannot engage Record mode
while a demo song is playing.
Recording capacity
"Recording capacity" is the
maximum amount of perfor-
mance data that you can
record. This instrument's
recording capacity is 100 KB
(approximately 11,000 notes).
Changing the settings for the
recorded user song
If you wish to change the voice
of the user song, before press-
ing the [REC] button, select a
different voice. Then, press the
[REC] button to engage Record
mode. Without playing the key-
board, press the [REC] button
again to apply the change to the
song. If you wish to change the
tempo, do so after you engage
Record mode.
You can save the recorded user
song to a computer. You can
also load the user song data
from a computer and play it back
on this instrument. (See
page 32.)



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