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Transmitting Song Data Between The Computer And The Digital Piano; Loading Song Data From A Computer To The Digital Piano - Yamaha 140 Owner's Manual

Owner's manual
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Transmitting Song Data between the Computer and the Digital Piano

Transmitting Song Data between the
Computer and the Digital Piano
In addition to the demo songs and the 50 piano preset songs stored in this instrument,
you can play data for other song by loading it from a connected computer.
To be able to use this function, you must first download Musicsoft Downloader from
Yamaha website at the following URL, and install it on your computer.
● System requirement for Musicsoft Downloader
• OS
• Memory
• Available hard
disk capacity
• Display
• Others
Loading Song Data from a Computer
to the Digital Piano
You can load piano song data from a computer to this instrument. Also, after you
record your performance on this instrument and save the recording to a computer, you
can load the recording back to the instrument.
This instrument can read MIDI data in SMF Format 0. However, if such data includes
any information for functions that are not supported by this instrument, the instru-
ment will not play the data correctly.
For more information on loading song data from a computer to this instrument, please
refer to "Transferring Data Between the Computer and Instrument (for unprotected
data)" in the Help file that came with Musicsoft Downloader.
● Requirements for song data that can be loaded from a computer to this
• Number of songs
• Maximum data size
• Data format
You can play the loaded songs (page 18) and loaded user song (page 27).
Do not turn off the power to this instrument or unplug the instrument during data
transmission. Otherwise, the data being transmitted will not be saved. Furthermore,
flash memory operation may become unstable, causing the entire memory to be
erased when you turn the power to the instrument on or off.
Owner's Manual
Windows 2000/XP Home Edition/XP Professional/Vista
* For XP and Vista, the 32-bit version is supported, but not
the 64-bit version.
Intel® Pentium® or Celeron® chip of 500MHz or higher
256MB or higher
128MB or higher (512MB or higher recommended)
800 × 600 High Color (16-bit)
Microsoft® Internet Explorer® version 5.5 or higher
: Up to 10 songs plus one user song
: 337KB plus 100KB(user)
: SMF Format 0
You can download free Music-
soft Downloader from the
Yamaha website.
Do not manually change the file
name by using a computer;
doing so will render the file
unable for loading on the instru-
SMF (Standard MIDI File)
This file features a popular
sequence format (for record-
ing performance data). This
file is sometimes called a
"MIDI file." The file exten-
sion is MID.
You can play the SMF format
song using music software
or a sequencer that sup-
ports SMF. This instrument
also supports SMF.
While Musicsoft Downloader is
operating, the [REC] and
[PLAY] button indicators on the
piano light up.
Before you use this instrument,
close the Musicsoft Downloader
window and quit the application.



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