LG C395 User Manual

Owners manual - english.
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All screen shots in this guide are simulated.
Actual displays and the color of the phone may vary.
Some of the contents in this manual may differ from your phone
depending on the software of the phone or your service provider.
P/NO: MFL67476402 (1.0)


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  • Page 1: User Guide

    All screen shots in this guide are simulated. Actual displays and the color of the phone may vary. Some of the contents in this manual may differ from your phone depending on the software of the phone or your service provider. www.lg.com P/NO: MFL67476402 (1.0)

  • Page 2: What This Warranty Covers

    6. The customer shall bear the cost of shipping the product to the Customer Service 7. Damage resulting from use of non-LG Department of LG. LG shall bear the cost of approved accessories. shipping the product back to the consumer 8.

  • Page 3: How To Get Warranty Service

    LG Electronics MobileComm U.S.A., Inc. you back-up any such data or information prior 201 James Record Road Huntsville, AL 35824 to sending the unit to LG to avoid the permanent DO NOT RETURN YOUR PRODUCT TO THE loss of such information.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Your Phone ..........8 Service Dial Numbers ........28 My Contact Info ..........28 Phone Components ........... 8 Rear View ............10 In-Call Menu .......... 29 QWERTY Keys ..........11 During a Call ............ 29 Making a Second Call ........29 Getting Started ........

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Mobile Web ..........50 Annunciator Bar ..........37 Menu Tree ..........38 AppCenter ..........52 Home ..............52 Messaging ..........39 Search ............... 52 New Message ..........39 Categories ............52 Inbox ..............42 Account ............. 52 Conversation View ..........42 Standard View ............

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Voice Recorder ............ 66 Time & Cost ............77 Voice Command ..........67 Sound ..............77 Calendar .............. 69 Ringtone .............. 77 Notepad .............. 70 Message Tone............. 78 World Clock ............70 Alert Tone ............78 Tasks..............70 Dial Readout ............

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Start Up Guide ............ 88 Memory ............... 88 Software Update ..........89 Phone Information ..........89 Q&A ............90 Accessories..........91 For Your Safety ........92 Safety Guidelines ........97 Glossary ..........116 Index ............118...

  • Page 8: Your Phone, Phone Components

    Your Phone Phone Components...

  • Page 9

    Your Phone 1. Earpiece: Lets you hear the caller and 7. Clear/Back Key : Allows you automated prompts. to return to the previous screen. Press and hold to activate the Voice Command 2. Home screen: Displays phone status function. icons, menu items, web items, web 8.

  • Page 10: Rear View

    Your Phone Rear View Back cover Battery SIM card slot Camera lens Camera Key microSD™ memory card slot...

  • Page 11: Qwerty Keys

    Your Phone QWERTY Keys Press to enter “@”. New Message Instant Note Key Press to create an instant note. Mobile Email Delete Key Deletes digits and AT&T Social letters. Net Key Enter Key Mobile Web Key Navigation Keys Alt Key Press to enter alternate characters, such as 1 for Space Key...

  • Page 12: Getting Started, Installing The Sim Card And Battery

    Getting Started Installing the SIM Card and 2. Remove the battery Battery Use the fingertip cutout at the bottom of the battery compartment to lift the battery 1. Remove the back cover and remove it. Hold the phone on your hand firmly. With the other hand, lift the back cover using the fingertip cutout located on the bottom of the cover and remove it.

  • Page 13

    Getting Started 3. Install the SIM card 4. Install the battery Slide the SIM card into the SIM card slot. Insert the top of the battery first into the Make sure that the gold contact area on top edge of the battery compartment. the card is facing downward.

  • Page 14: Charging Your Phone, Installing A Memory Card

    You can expand the available memory space You should insert the battery before on your phone by using a microSD™ card. The charging. LG Xpression™ will support up to a 32 GB microSD™ card. Note Memory cards must be purchased separately.

  • Page 15

    Getting Started 1. Remove the back cover and locate the microSD™ memory card slot. 2. Insert a microSD™ card with the gold contact area facing downwards. 3. Replace the back cover. Note If your memory card has existing content it will automatically be filed in the correct folder.

  • Page 16

    Getting Started On-Screen Icons The table below describes various display indicators or icons that appear on the phone’s display screen. ICON/ ICON/ DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION INDICATOR INDICATOR Bluetooth is active Network signal strength (number of bars will vary) The browser is active No network signal Vibration mode Battery empty...

  • Page 17: General Functions, Making A Call

    General Functions Making a Call Making International Calls 1. When entering a phone number, press 1. Make sure your phone is powered on. on the QWERTY keyboard and the 2. Touch and enter a phone number using international access character ‘+’ will the dial pad or open the slide and enter a appear.

  • Page 18: Answering A Call, Adjusting The Volume

    General Functions Answering a Call Adjusting the Volume When you receive a call, the phone rings and During a call, if you want to adjust the the phone icon appears on the screen. If the earpiece volume, use the Volume Keys of caller can be identified, the caller’s phone the phone.

  • Page 19: Setting Profiles

    General Functions Setting Profiles Vibrating Mode (Quick) Vibrating Mode can be activated by touching Press either of the Volume Keys. You can and holding from the dial pad. You can adjust the ringtone volume from the Ringtone also set Vibrating Mode by pressing and menu and you can also set your ringtone holding down the Volume Down Key as well.

  • Page 20: Entering Text, Changing The Text Input Mode

    General Functions Entering Text Symbol Mode The Symbol Mode enables you to enter You can enter alphanumeric characters by various symbols or special characters. using the phone’s touch pad. For example, To enter a symbol, touch , then storing names in the Address Book, writing a Then select the desired symbol.

  • Page 21: Using The Abc Mode

    General Functions 1. When you are in the T9 predictive text 2. Enter the whole word before editing or input mode, begin entering a word by deleting any letters. pressing the touch screen keys. 3. Complete each word with a space by Touch one key per letter.

  • Page 22

    General Functions Using the 123 (Numbers) Mode Note Refer to the table below for more information The 123 Mode enables you to enter numbers on the characters available using the keys. in a text message (a telephone number, for example) more quickly. Touch the keys Touch to input an Upper Case letter.

  • Page 23: Qwerty Keyboard

    General Functions QWERTY Keyboard In the text entry field, press and select a symbol from the touch screen. Text input using the QWERTY Complete each word with a space by pressing Keyboard . To delete a character, press When you are entering text, the QWERTY Using the Korean Mode keyboard will default to ABC mode.

  • Page 24

    General Functions When you use Qwerty Keypad Open the slide and touch Options Choose Text Entry Settings and Show Key Guide. You can see the Korean key guide on the monitor. To input numbers, touch Press and you can see the Korean key guide as below.

  • Page 25: Address Book, New Contact

    Address Book contacts beginning with ‘At’ in their names. From the standby screen, touch and touch to access your Address Book. ► : Search a contact. ► : Allows you to quickly jump to a AT&T Address Book Native contact of a specific letter. Sync (AAB) New Contact AT&T Address Book Native Sync (AAB) is a...

  • Page 26: Caller Groups, Speed Dial

    Address Book Caller Groups 2. Touch to set a Picture ID for a contact by using a saved picture from Pictures or The Groups option allows you to manage taking a new picture of the contact person. group information. You can also configure a Choose from No picture, Pictures or ring tone for a group so that the group ring Take New Picture.

  • Page 27: Management

    Address Book 1. From the standby screen, touch 2. Touch a contact. 3. Touch > Set Speed Dial. 4. Touch the Speed Dial location from 2 through 9. ► Your Voicemail is already set to speed dial 1. This is a default setting and can not be changed.

  • Page 28: Service Dial Numbers, My Contact Info

    Address Book My Contact Info From this menu, you are also able to delete entries in the SIM card and the Handset. This displays your own contact information. 1. From the standby screen, touch You can edit and create the contact touch Options information.

  • Page 29: In-call Menu, During A Call, Making A Second Call, Swapping Between Two Calls

    In-Call Menu Answering an Incoming Call Your phone provides a number of control functions that you can use during a call. To To answer an incoming call when the handset access these functions during a call, touch is ringing, simply press the Send Key Options or touch .

  • Page 30: Muting The Microphone, Using The Speakerphone, Conference Calls

    In-Call Menu Conference Calls Muting the Microphone You can mute the microphone during a call by The conference service provides you with the touching . The handset can be unmuted ability to have a simultaneous conversation by touching again. When the handset is with more than one caller.

  • Page 31: Making A Second Call, Setting Up A Conference Call, Activate The Conference Call On Hold

    In-Call Menu Making a Second Call Adding Calls to the Conference Call You can make a second call while currently on a call simply by pressing , entering the To add a call to an existing conference call, second number and pressing the touching Options and select Merge When the second call is connected, the first...

  • Page 32: Your Standby Screen, Touchscreen Tips

    ► To select an item, touch the icon material covering it. accurately. Your LG Xpression™ can be set to vibrate slightly when it recognizes you’ve touched an option. ► To scroll through lists, touch the last item visible and slide your finger up the screen.

  • Page 33: The Quick Keys

    Your Standby Screen The Quick Keys The Quick Keys on your standby screen provide easy, one-touch access to your most used functions. Touch to bring up the touch dial pad, to make a call. Input the number as you would using a normal key pad and touch or press the Send Key Touch to open your contacts and...

  • Page 34: Home Screen, Widget

    ► You can play songs, add memos, check the calendar, play a slide show, set an alarm, LG Xpression™ provides three types of Home set your current and second city or add Screens. To swap between the Home Screens, calendar events directly from the standby just swipe quickly over the display from left to screen using the Widget Home Screen.

  • Page 35: Contacts

    Your Standby Screen Contacts ► Touch to register your favorite contacts. You can add up to 30 contacts on Allows you to easily contact your friends and the screen. family by displaying your favorite contacts on the standby screen. ► First, touch from the standby screen.

  • Page 36: Shortcut

    Your Standby Screen ► Shortcut To access your Contacts, simply touch on their corresponding icon. Touch Add your favorite menu on the standby to call, to send a screen. message and to check messages ► Touch from the standby received from that person. And touch screen.

  • Page 37: Annunciator Bar

    Your Standby Screen Annunciator Bar With your phone's Annunciator bar, you can quickly connect to the Music Player, Bluetooth service and more. Touch the top side of the standby screen. ► You can use the Music Player or turn on Bluetooth.

  • Page 38: Menu Tree

    Menu Tree Touch in the standby screen to open the Main Menu. From here you can access the following menus: Phone, Multimedia, My Stuff and Settings Phone Multimedia Dialing AT&T Code Scanner Address Book Mobile Web Recent Calls Shop Music Messaging AppCenter Mobile Email...

  • Page 39: Messaging, New Message

    Messaging Inserting Multimedia Files This section includes functions related to SMS (Short Message Service), MMS Inserting Multimedia files in outgoing (Multimedia Message Service), Voicemail as messages is easy. While editing a message, well as the network’s service messages. press and select an option from below: ►...

  • Page 40: Using Options

    Messaging ► Record New Audio: You can record a • Text Entry Settings new audio clip by touching - Language: Allows you to set the text • Recording mode: MMS mode will limit entry language to English, French, the recording length so that it can be Spanish, or Korean.

  • Page 41: Message Folders

    Sending a Message Message folders After completing a message, select Send To The folder structure on your LG Xpression™ to select recipients. was designed to be fast and easy to use. • Enter the recipient(s). With Options ►...

  • Page 42: Inbox, Conversation View, Standard View

    Messaging ► Note ► Delete All Read Messages: You can delete all read messages. If you see the message “Message box full. Delete old messages.”, then you should delete ► Message Settings: Allows you to set some messages from your Inbox. messaging settings.

  • Page 43: Drafts, Outbox

    Messaging Outbox ► Extract Data: You can make a voice call or send a message. You can save the number The Outbox is a place where you can find As New contact or Updating Existing. your sent messages. To see the Outbox folder, ►...

  • Page 44: Voicemail, Message Settings, Message Alert

    Messaging Voicemail ► Message Settings: Allows you to set messaging settings. If provided by your network, callers can leave ► Delete All: Delete all messages. you messages if they call and you don’t answer. The following options are available when you select a message in Outbox and touch To access from the standby screen, touch Options...

  • Page 45: Signature, Text Message, Multimedia Message

    Messaging Save To ► Email Gateway: The details for the Email Gateway are pre-loaded onto your handset Choose a default save location between and should not be changed. Phone and SIM Card. ► Insert Signature: Insert signature you Signature created. This feature allows you to create your Multimedia Message signature.

  • Page 46: Voicemail Number, Service Message, Mobile Email

    Messaging Voicemail Number ► Read and Accept the Terms of Use ► Log In This menu allows you to set the voicemail center number if this feature is supported by 1. Touch the email address field and type AT&T. Please check with AT&T for details of in your existing email address.

  • Page 47

    AT&T GPS ► A Search feature that allows you to find From the standby screen, touch , then businesses or points of interest near your touch to access AT&T GPS. current location, an airport, a waypoint, The AT&T Navigator application on your or any other entered address.

  • Page 48

    AT&T GPS ► The ability to personalize your application Notes preferences by selecting U.S. customary For best GPS performance or metric distance units, the language for • In order to improve GPS antenna sensitivity, audible guidance, and so on. do not cover the GPS antenna area of the device.

  • Page 49: Ypmobile

    YPmobile From the standby screen, touch , then touch to access YellowPages.com. Unleash the power of YellowPages.com local search on your mobile phone. Find a business, get maps and directions, and save your favorites: our mobile app gives you what you need, whenever and wherever you need it.

  • Page 50: Mobile Web

    Mobile Web Menus for the Browser This application connects you to the Internet. By default, the account connects you to You can surf the Internet using either the AT&T’s homepage. phone keys or the Browser menu. Mobile Web is one of the services provided by Using the Navigation Keys AT&T and it gives you access to all the cool things you can do with your wireless phone.

  • Page 51

    Mobile Web ► Landscape View: Allows you to view broad web pages easily. ► View Full Screen: View current page in full screen. ► Back: Allows you to go back to the previous page. ► Forward: Allows you to revisit the page you viewed prior to going back.

  • Page 52: Appcenter, Home, Search, Categories, Account

    AppCenter To launch AppCenter while in the standby screen, touch , and then touch Home Displays the AppCenter home page. Search Allows you to search for applications, games, music, and much more. Categories Allows you to easily browse for media through categories.

  • Page 53: Music Player, Playing Music

    Music Player Music Player Note Copyrights of music files may be protected by To launch Music Player while in the standby copyright and intellectual property laws. Please screen, touch , and select ensure that you adhere to the applicable Terms Music Player.

  • Page 54: Adding Music To Your Handset

    Music Player ► Touch the song you wish to play. ► Touch to pause the selected song. Repeat Minimize While playing, touch to adjust the volume. Touch to skip to Shuffle Favorite the next song or previous song. ► Touch to Minimize the music player and access other phone functions while music is playing.

  • Page 55

    Music Player ► Purchasing and downloading From your PC using other music subscription services, such as Napster or Music directly to your Device Rhapsody. 1. From the standby screen, touch and then Note 2. Select Shop Music. In order to effectively store all your music files on your SD card, it’s important to ensure that 3.

  • Page 56: Transferring Music Using Your Pc

    * microSD™ card and USB data cable sold “Connected.” and the computer screen separately; go to att.com/wireless for then shows the LG Xpression™ device. If details. the detection does not occur, skip to the Changing USB Connection Setting Note section on page 58.

  • Page 57: Windows Media Player

    Music Player Transferring Music using 5. Choose the destination location for the media files. The LG Xpression™ Music Windows Media Player Sync Player appears in a drop-down list on 1. Open Windows Media Player on your ® the right side of the screen.

  • Page 58: Storage Device

    Music Player Drag and Drop Music Using 8. Disconnect the device from the USB cable. LG Xpression™ As A Mass 9. Access the Music Player on the phone. Storage Device Note 1. Make sure the microSD™ card is inserted If the target computer does not detect the properly into the headset.

  • Page 59: Additional Music Services

    Music Player Additional Music Services Deleting Music Files The following are the three options available There may be other AT&T music applications to delete music from your phone: preloaded or available for your phone that allow you to: 1. Delete a file using Mass Storage, but not using the Music Sync function.

  • Page 60: Multimedia, App Manager, Camera, Take Photo

    Multimedia App Manager Camera Allows you to download and use useful and From the standby screen, touch , and entertaining applications. then to access the Camera function. To access the App Manager from the standby Take Photo screen, touch , and then Using the camera built into your phone, you can take pictures of people or events while on Games &...

  • Page 61

    Multimedia Getting to know the viewfinder Zoom: Allows you to zoom in and out. Back: Touch here to exit camera mode or return to the previous screen. Camera mode: Indicates that camera mode is selected. Image Size: Displays the current image size.

  • Page 62: Settings Menu

    Multimedia Settings Menu Note In Take Photo mode, you can adjust the zoom ► White Balance: Allows you to set the scale by moving the slider. The maximum zoom white balance to Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, levels depend on the resolution as follows. Illuminate, or Indoors.

  • Page 63: Record Video

    Multimedia Record Video When recording video, you have many of the same Settings options as with taking a photo. Getting to know the viewfinder Zoom: Allows you to zoom in and out. Back: Touch here to return to the standby screen. Video mode: Indicates that camcorder mode is selected.

  • Page 64: Album

    Multimedia Settings Menu Album ► White Balance: Allows you to set the You can view the Album containing your white balance to Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Pictures and Videos. To view the available Illuminate, or Indoors. options, touch . ► Color Effects: Set the Color Effects to Off Back: Goes back to previous menu.

  • Page 65: My Stuff, Audio, Pictures, Video

    My Stuff AT&T Social Net Pictures Allows you to stay connected to friends, From the standby screen, touch , and family, and coworkers via Facebook, MySpace, then to access the Pictures menu. and Twitter. It also keeps you up-to-date on ►...

  • Page 66: Tools, Voice Recorder

    My Stuff Tools • Storage: You can assign the default storage to the phone memory or memory From the standby screen, touch , and card. then to access the Tools menu. ► Touch to start recording. Voice Recorder Touch to pause recording. To continue recording, touch .

  • Page 67: Voice Command

    My Stuff Voice Command 2. Listen Voicemail: This command is activated when the user says the words Voice Command is the function whereby “Listen Voicemail”. The user will then be your phone’s voice recognition engine automatically connected to voicemail. identifies the voice of the user and carries 3.

  • Page 68

    My Stuff • Commands available to user • Best Match - Yes: Dials the phone call. - 1 Match: The most likely match will be displayed to find a number from the - No: Moves to the next unread message. Address Book.

  • Page 69: Calendar

    My Stuff Calendar • Speakerphone Mode - Automatic On: When this option is When you enter this menu, a calendar will selected, sound is heard through the be displayed. The red square cursor is used speakerphone and is loud enough so you to display the selected day.

  • Page 70: Notepad, World Clock, Tasks

    My Stuff ► Go to Date: Allows you to jump to a 3. Scroll up and down to select the desired specific date. city. ► ► Selective Delete: Allows you to delete To make it easier, touch and a map will Old Schedules or All Schedules selectively.

  • Page 71: Stopwatch

    My Stuff ► The following options are available by New Time touching Options in the main Tasks 1. From the standby screen, touch menu: and touch the Stopwatch tab ► New Task: Allows you to create a new at the bottom of the screen. task.

  • Page 72: Calculator, Tip Calculator, Unit Converter, Clock

    My Stuff Calculator To access Unit Converter 1. From the standby screen, touch The calculator function allows you to calculate and select Unit Converter. simple mathematical equations. Clock To access the Calculator 1. From the standby screen, touch The alarm clock function allows you to set and select Calculator.

  • Page 73: File Manager

    My Stuff File Manager ► Alarm Tone: Select the desired alarm tone to use for the set alarm. From the standby screen, touch tab, ► Alarm Volume: Allows you to adjust the and then to access the File Manager. alarm volume. This allows you to view all types of contents ►...

  • Page 74: Other Files

    My Stuff ► ► Delete All: You can delete all files and Move: You can move selected files to the folders. Phone Memory or Memory Card. ► ► Rename: You can edit the name of the Copy: You can copy selected files to the selected file.

  • Page 75: Settings, Call, Call Forwarding, Send My Number, Auto Redial

    Settings Call Send My Number This network service allows you to set your From the standby screen, touch , and phone number to be displayed (On) or hidden then to access the Call settings menu. (Off) from the person you are calling. You Call Forwarding can select Set by Network if you prefer to have different settings for different service...

  • Page 76: Answer Mode, Minute Minder, Call Waiting, Call Reject

    Settings Answer Mode Call Reject This menu allows you to turn On or Off Call This allows you to determine how to answer the phone. Reject for all numbers or the numbers in the Call Reject List. ► Any Key: You can answer an incoming call ►...

  • Page 77: Send Dtmf Tones, Hearing Aid, Sound, Ringtone

    Settings Sound Send DTMF Tones Allows you to manage DTMF tones. Select From the standby screen, touch , and from then to access the Sound settings menu. Ringtone Allows you to turn TTY on and off. Choose ► Sounds: Shows and plays ring tones. from TTY Full, TTY Talk, TTY Hear, and TTY You can select your preferred Ringtone by Off.

  • Page 78: Message Tone, Alert Tone, Dial Readout, Keypad Tone, Multimedia, Call

    Settings Message Tone Dial Readout ► Sounds: Shows and plays message tones. Select from You can select your preferred Message Keypad Tone tone by touching the message tone listed. This menu option allows you to select a tone ► Volume: Allows you to adjust your new that the phone sounds when a key is pressed.

  • Page 79: Display, Wallpapers, Fonts, Brightness, Backlight Timer, Phone, Languages, Date & Time

    Settings Display Phone From the standby screen, touch From the standby screen, touch , and and then to access the Display settings then to access the Phone settings menu. menu. Date & Time Wallpapers ► Auto Update: Allows you to configure This menu allows you to set a picture or color the time and date to automatically update as your background.

  • Page 80: Auto Screen Lock, Set Flight Mode

    Settings Auto Screen Lock Set Flight Mode This allows you to set the amount of time This allows you to use only the phone’s before your screen locks automatically. features that do not require the use of the wireless network when you are in an airplane or in places where the wireless network is prohibited.

  • Page 81: Touch, Security

    Settings Touch ► PIN Code Request: When the PIN code request feature is set to , you must You can customize the Touch settings and enter your PIN each time you switch the change Touchscreen Feedback. When you set phone on. Consequently, any person who Sound as Touchscreen Feedback type, you can does not have your PIN cannot use your choose your desired sound type and adjust...

  • Page 82: Reset Settings

    Settings ► Change Codes: The Change codes • Phone feature allows you to change your current - Deletes all downloaded or user Images, password to a new one. You must enter Videos and Sounds from the phone the current password before you can memory.

  • Page 83: Bluetooth

    Settings Bluetooth Hands-free profile From the standby screen, touch , and This icon appears when the hands-free then to access the Bluetooth function profile is used between the hands-free settings menu. device. This allows you to call using a Bluetooth connection.

  • Page 84

    Settings ► When using each device, see the manual that My Bluetooth Info: This menu allows you comes with the device. to configure the profile for Bluetooth. - My Device Name: Allows you to Note change the handset’s name so other We recommend that your phone and the Bluetooth devices trying to pair with you Bluetooth...

  • Page 85: Connection, Internet Profiles

    Settings USB Connection Mode You can transfer files from a compatible PC to the memory in your phone using the Mass Storage. When you connect the phone to a PC using the USB cable, this will be displayed as a removable disk through Windows Explorer. The USB Connection Mode determines how your Phone will communicate with other USB devices when they are connected with...

  • Page 86: Application

    Settings Application The following options will be available when you touch Options From the standby screen, touch ► Delete: Allows you to delete the account. and then to access the Applications menu. ► Reset All: Allows you to delete all accounts you have created.

  • Page 87

    Settings Appearance Clear Login Info. You can choose the settings of the browser Allows you to clear your registered user ID’s appearance (Text size, Encoding, Show Image, and passwords. JavaScript). Rendering mode Cache You can set the Rendering mode to Standard The web pages you have accessed are stored or Text Only.

  • Page 88: More, Start Up Guide, Memory

    When you need to save files from Camera, quickly learn some of the functions of your Internet Download, Bluetooth and Voice LG Xpression™. Recorder, set Phone Memory or Memory card. You can set each case separately or choose Memory...

  • Page 89: Software Update, Phone Information

    Settings Software Update The AT&T server notifies devices using a WAP push message when new software exists. Also the user can check for the software update using the menu “Check for Update”. If the new software does not exist the user can not use this feature in 24 hours.

  • Page 90

    Q&A Please check to see if any problems you have encountered with the phone are described in this section before taking the phone in for a service or calling a service engineer. How do I view the list of outgoing calls, Why does the phone heat up? The phone may get warm when there is a incoming calls and missed calls?

  • Page 91: Accessories

    US 120 Volt 60Hz outlets. USB Cable Battery Note • Always use genuine LG accessories. Failure to do this may invalidate your warranty. • Accessories may be different in different regions; please check with our regional service company or agent for further enquiries.

  • Page 92: For Your Safety

    For Your Safety WARNING: This product contains chemicals Always store your phone away from heat. Never store your phone in settings that known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or reproductive harm. may expose it to temperatures less than 32 °F Wash hands after handling.

  • Page 93: Safety Information, Fcc Rf Exposure Information

    For Your Safety Safety Information ► Do not tap the screen with a sharp object; otherwise, it may damage the phone. Read these simple guidelines. Breaking the ► Do not expose the phone to liquid or rules may be dangerous or illegal. Further moisture.

  • Page 94: Fcc Part 15 Class B Compliance

    For Your Safety human exposure to radio frequency (RF) the back of the phone. Third-party belt-clips, electromagnetic energy emitted by FCC holsters, and similar accessories containing regulated transmitters. Those guidelines metallic components should not be used. are consistent with the safety standard Body-worn accessories that cannot maintain previously set by both U.S.

  • Page 95: Cautions For Battery

    For Your Safety radiate radio frequency energy and, if not immerse or expose to water or other installed and used in accordance with the liquids, expose to fire, explosion or other instructions, may cause harmful interference hazard. to radio communications. However, there is no ►...

  • Page 96: Avoid Damage To Your Hearing

    For Your Safety ► ► For those host devices that utilize a USB If you are listening to music while out and port as a charging source, the host device’s about, please ensure that the volume is at user manual shall include a statement a reasonable level so that you are aware that the phone shall only be connected to of your surroundings.

  • Page 97: Safety Guidelines

    Safety Guidelines TIA Safety Information Those standards were based on comprehensive and periodic evaluations of the Provided herein is the complete TIA Safety relevant scientific literature. For example, over Information for Wireless Handheld phones. 120 scientists, engineers, and physicians from Inclusion of the text covering Pacemakers, universities, government health agencies, Hearing Aids, and Other Medical Devices...

  • Page 98: Tips On Efficient Operation, Electronic Devices, Hearing Aids

    Safety Guidelines Tips on Efficient Operation Pacemakers For your phone to operate most efficiently: The Health Industry Manufacturers Association recommends that a minimum ► Do not touch the antenna unnecessarily separation of six (6’) inches be maintained when the phone is in use. Contact with the between a handheld wireless phone and a antenna affects call quality and may cause pacemaker to avoid potential interference...

  • Page 99: Other Medical Devices, Posted Facilities, Health Care Facilities, Blasting Areas, Potentially Explosive Atmosphere

    Safety Guidelines Other Medical Devices Posted Facilities If you use any other personal medical device, Turn your phone OFF in any facility where consult the manufacturer of your device to posted notices so require. determine if they are adequately shielded Aircraft from external RF energy.

  • Page 100: For Vehicles Equipped With An Air Bag

    Safety Guidelines Safety Information Areas with a potentially explosive atmosphere are often, but not always, marked clearly. Please read and observe the following Potential areas may include: fueling areas information for safe and proper use of your (such as gasoline stations); below deck on phone and to prevent damage.

  • Page 101: Charger And Adapter Safety, Battery Information And Care

    ► Use only LG-approved chargers specific to ► Promptly dispose of used batteries in your phone model since they are designed accordance with local regulations.

  • Page 102: General Notice

    Safety Guidelines ► ► Actual battery life will depend on network Do not short-circuit the battery. Metallic configuration, product settings, usage articles such as a coin, paperclip or pen in patterns, battery and environmental your pocket or bag may short-circuit the + conditions.

  • Page 103: Fda Consumer Update

    If the phone does not The available scientific evidence does work, take it to an LG Authorized Service not show that any health problems are Centre. associated with using wireless phones.

  • Page 104

    Safety Guidelines in determining the reasons for inconsistent user that is not necessary for device results. function; and ► Cooperate in providing users of 2. What is the FDA’s role concerning the wireless phones with the best possible safety of wireless phones? information on possible effects of Under the law, the FDA does not review wireless phone use on human health.

  • Page 105

    Safety Guidelines The FDA shares regulatory responsibilities short distance between the phone and for wireless phones with the Federal the user’s head. These RF exposures are Communications Commission (FCC). All limited by FCC safety guidelines that were phones that are sold in the United States developed with the advice of the FDA and must comply with FCC safety guidelines other federal health and safety agencies.

  • Page 106

    Safety Guidelines accelerate the development of cancer in 5. What research is needed to decide whether RF exposure from wireless laboratory animals. However, many of phones poses a health risk? the studies that showed increased tumor development used animals that had been A combination of laboratory studies genetically engineered or treated with and epidemiological studies of people...

  • Page 107

    Safety Guidelines 6. What is the FDA doing to find out more research is conducted through contracts about the possible health effects of with independent investigators. The initial wireless phone RF? research will include both laboratory studies and studies of wireless phone The FDA is working with the U.S.

  • Page 108: Wireless Phones

    Safety Guidelines into consideration the body’s ability to test methodology for measuring the remove heat from the tissues that absorb rate at which RF is deposited in the energy from the wireless phone and is heads of wireless phone users. The test set well below levels known to have method uses a tissuesimulating model effects.

  • Page 109

    Safety Guidelines wireless phone will reduce RF exposure. If the user and the RF source will reduce you must conduct extended conversations RF exposure. Some groups sponsored by by wireless phone every day, you could other national governments have advised place more distance between your body that children be discouraged from using and the source of the RF, since the...

  • Page 110

    Safety Guidelines (AAMI). The final draft, a joint effort by 12. Where can I find additional information? the FDA, medical device manufacturers, and many other groups, was completed For additional information, please refer to the in late 2000. This standard will allow following resources: manufacturers to ensure that cardiac FDA web page on wireless phones...

  • Page 111: Driver Safety Tips

    Safety Guidelines 10 Driver Safety Tips 2. When available, use a hands-free device. A number of hands-free wireless phone Your wireless phone gives you the accessories are readily available today. powerful ability to communicate by voice Whether you choose an installed mounted almost anywhere, anytime.

  • Page 112

    Safety Guidelines 5. Do not take notes or look up phone 7. Do not engage in stressful or emotional numbers while driving. If you are reading conversations that may be distracting. an Address Book or business card, or Stressful or emotional conversations and writing a “to-do”...

  • Page 113: Consumer Information On Sar, Specific Absorption Rate

    Safety Guidelines Consumer Information on SAR 9. Use your wireless phone to help others in emergencies. Your wireless phone provides (Specific Absorption Rate) you a perfect opportunity to be a “Good This Model Phone Meets the Government’s Samaritan” in your community. If you see Requirements for Exposure to Radio Waves.

  • Page 114

    1.6 watts/kg (W/kg) averaged over one by the FCC for each model. The highest gram of tissue. The standard incorporates SAR value for LG Xpression™ phone when a substantial margin of safety to give tested for use at the ear is 1.21 W/kg and...

  • Page 115: Hearing Aid Compatibility

    Safety Guidelines Hearing Aid Compatibility M-Ratings: Phones rated M3 or M4 meet FCC requirements and are likely to generate less (HAC) with Mobile Phones interference to hearing devices than phones When some mobile phones are used near that are not labeled. M4 is the better/higher some hearing devices (hearing aids and of the two ratings.

  • Page 116: Glossary

    Glossary To help you understand the main technical terms and abbreviations used in this booklet and to take full advantage of the features on your mobile phone, here are a few definitions. Call Reject GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) The ability to restrict incoming calls.

  • Page 117: Sim Card, Conference Calls, Security Code

    Glossary Line Identification Services SIM card (Caller ID) Card containing a chip with all the information required to operate the phone (network Service allowing subscribers to view or block and memory information, as well as the the telephone numbers of callers. subscriber’s personal data).

  • Page 118: Index

    Index Additional Music Services ........59 Date & Time ..............79 Address Book ............25 Display ..............79 Annunciator Bar ............37 Drafts ................43 Answering a Call ............18 During a Call .............29 Answer Mode ............76 Audio .................65 Auto Redial ...............75 Entering Text .............20 Auto Screen Lock ............80 GPRS ...............116 Backlight Timer ............79 Bluetooth ..............83...

  • Page 119: Table Of Contents

    Index Mobile Email .............46 Software Update ............89 Music Player .............53 Speed Dial..............26 My Contact Info ............28 Stopwatch ..............71 Notepad ..............70 Take Photo ..............60 Tasks................70 Tip Calculator ............72 TTY ................77 Outbox ...............43 Unit Converter ............72 Phone Components .............8 Playing Music ............53 Video .................65 Voicemail..............44 QWERTY Keys ............11...

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