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Energy Saving Tips - Frigidaire FFBC46F5LS Use & Care Manual

Beverage cooler
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Step 7:Remove the bolt on the bottom of the door by screwdriver (see chart
Step 8:Remove the screw and the block ,then set them on the left side.(see
chart 3)
Step 9:Change the hinge axis
and fix the top hinge on the door,to make the door level,see chart 8.
Step 14:Check the sealing of the door,then refit the parts
Fig. 7
Step 10:Use knife to remove the parts ,see chart 5.
Placement of Wine Cooler
The wine cooler should be placed in dry and ventilated room. The location of
the wine cooler should not be irradiated by direct sunshine. The wine cooler
should be far away from heating sources, such as: cooking stove or heating
radiator. If the wine cooler has to be placed near heating source, please adopt
proper heating insulation board for insulation or keep the wine cooler at least
the following minimum distances away from the heating sources:
For electric stove: 3
For oil or coal stove: 30
Replacement of Door Hinge
The door hinges of this wine cooler can be interchanged between the left and
right sides.
Installation of Handle
1. Set the handle on the fixation shaft.
Chart 2
Fig. 6
Chart 3
from the right hole to left hole(see chart 4)
Chart 4
- 8 -
Chart 8
- 10 -


Install the beverage cooler in
the coolest part of a dry and
ventilated room, out of direct
sunlight and away from heating
ducts or registers. Do not place
the beverage cooler next to heat-
producing appliances such as a
range, oven or dishwasher.
Level the beverage cooler so the door close tightly.
Do not over crowd the beverage cooler or block
cold air vents. Doing so causes the beverage cooler
to run longer and use more energy. Shelves should
not be lined with aluminum foil, wax paper or paper
toweling. Liners interfere with cold air circulation,
making the beverage cooler less efficient.
Wipe containers dry before placing them in the
beverage cooler. This cuts down on moisture build-up
inside the unit.
Organize the beverage cooler to reduce door
openings. Remove as many items as needed at one
time and close the door as soon as possible.



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