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  • Page 1: User Guide

    D I G I T A L E F F E C T S PROCESSOR User Guide...

  • Page 2: Unpacking And Inspection

    édicté par le ministère des Communications du Canada. Lexicon Inc. 3 Oak Park Bedford, MA 01730 USA Telephone 781-280-0300 Copyright 1994, Lexicon Inc. Fax 781-280-0490 All Rights Reserved. Lexicon Part 070-09526 Rev 1 Printed in the U.S.A.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Introduction ................1 Loading an Effect ..............10 Front Panel Overview ............... 2 Editing an Effect ..............11 Setting Audio Levels ............... 3 Performing an Edit Compare ..........12 Rear Panel Connections ............4 Storing an Effect ..............13 Footswitch Connections ............

  • Page 4: Introduction

    Thank you for your purchase of Alex, Some of the exciting features of Alex are: • Edit compare of a preset and your modifi- cations Lexicon's Digital Effects Processor. • 16 presets, each with 3 adjustable param- eters Alex gives you world class reverberation •...

  • Page 5: Front Panel Overview

    Front Panel Overview OUTPUT REGISTER/PRESET VALUE Controls the proportion of processed Controls Alex's output level. Button selects preset or register mode. Adjusts selected parameter. (wet) to unprocessed (dry) signals sent LED lights when register mode is selected, to the outputs. turns off in preset mode.

  • Page 6: Setting Audio Levels

    Setting Audio Levels 1. Turn Alex INPUTand OUTPUT controls 4. While sending audio to Alex, gradually 6. Gradually increase the setting of the all the way down (fully counter-clock- turn up the INPUT control until the Input OUTPUT control until the audio level wise).

  • Page 7: Rear Panel Connections

    Rear Panel Connections OUPUT Single-ended (unbalanced) stereo outputs provide -2dBu nominal output level. Use the right output POWER connector for mono output. Use Lexicon MSA power pack, or 9VAC 1 amp equivalent. FOOTSWITCH POWER OUTPUTS INPUTS ALEX TIP - BYPASS LEXICON, INC.

  • Page 8: Footswitch Connections

    Footswitch Connections A footswitch connected via the rear-panel When shipped, Alex is configured to use 3. Press STORE/CLEAR to enter the change. The footswitch jack allows you to perform register display will show "+", and then the number you push on/push off type switches. You can STEP and BYPASS functions.

  • Page 9: Presets And Parameters, The Presets

    Presets and Parameters Alex front panel operation is simple and Inverse (7) is similar to a gated reverb, Flange (14) is a stereo flange with control of straightforward. Effect selection, editing, except that the initial portion of the reverb resonance and the depth and speed of the store, and clear functions are easily accom- envelope builds up before the sharp rever- flange.

  • Page 10: About The Parameters

    About the Parameters In Chorus (13), Echo (15) and Delays Each of the 16 presets in Alex consists Note that the setting of the MIX control is (16), DECAY controls recirculation. In the of a unique combination of as many as 32 very important with several of the presets.

  • Page 11: Parameter Settings

    Parameter Settings The actual parameter values available at each of the 16 settings of the VALUE knob are shown on the following charts. Parameter Settings Presets Parameters 1 Large Hall DECAY (rm size=60M) .60 sec .70 sec .80 sec .90 sec 1.0 sec 1.2 sec 1.3 sec 1.5 sec 1.7 sec 2.1 sec 2.4 sec 2.9 sec 3.6 sec 4.9 sec 6.1 sec...

  • Page 12

    9 Gold Plate DECAY (rm size=34M) .34 sec .40 sec .45 sec .51 sec .57 sec .68 sec .74 sec .85 sec .96 sec 1.19 sec 1.36 sec 1.64 sec 2.08 sec 2.78 sec 3.46 sec 5.04 sec 10 Vocal Plate DECAY (rm size=26M) .26 sec .30 sec .35 sec .39 sec .43 sec...

  • Page 13: Loading An Effect

    Loading an Effect In either mode, turn the REGISTER/PRE- When you change between register and The REGISTER/PRESET button deter- SET knob to select and load an effect. The preset modes, you will always recall the last mines whether the knob will load registers or display will update to show the number of the preset or register loaded, in whatever state presets.

  • Page 14: Editing An Effect

    Editing an Effect The VALUE knob is always active, and will For each preset, three parameters have The decimal point on the display will light adjust whichever parameter is indicated by been made available for front panel control when a parameter is adjusted to indicate that the display LEDs.

  • Page 15: Performing An Edit Compare

    When you are satisfied with the effect, Performing an Edit Compare 1. Select a preset and store a copy of it in perform a store operation to any register you any register. If you do not perform a store operation, want using the procedure described on the changes made to effects will be lost as soon 2.

  • Page 16: Storing An Effect

    Storing an Effect Alex presets cannot be erased or over- 4. Store operations are executed on re- To store the currently running effect: lease of the STORE button. If you want written by parameter changes; the original 1. Press STORE. to store to a different register, or to a version will always be restored when loaded.

  • Page 17: Using Footswitches, Bypass, Stepping Through The Registers, Clearing Registers

    Using Footswitches you into register mode, loading whatever A dual footswitch can be connected to cally switched to register mode — select- register is indicated by the position of the Alex's rear-panel footswitch jack. Refer to ing whatever register is indicated by the REGISTER/PRESET knob;...

  • Page 18: Skipping Registers And Creating Chains

    Skipping Registers and Registers 4, 9, 10 and 14 have been cleared... Creating Chains 9 10 11 12 13 15 16 Alex’s clear function allows you to use a footswitch to skip effects you do not want in With the REGISTER/PRESET knob set to Register 1, the footswitch will step through the remaining registers, then loop back to Register 1.

  • Page 19: Specifications

    Specifications Audio Inputs (2) Frequency response Power Requirements Level -30dBu minimum Wet 20Hz-15kHz, +1dB to -3dB 9VAC, 1A wall transformer provided Impedance stereo/50 k unbalanced Dry 20Hz-20kHz, +0.5dB Dimensions mono/25 k unbalanced THD+N 19"W x 1.75"H x 4"D (483 x 45 x 102mm) Audio Outputs (2) Wet <0.05% @ 1kHz Weight...

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