Haier 21FV6H Owner's Manual

Colour tv receiver
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Please read this manual carefully
before operating the unit, and keep
it for future reference.
The Owner's Manual for the Follow Models:
21F9D, 21T9D, 21FA1, 21TA1, 21T9D(D),
21T9D(S),21T9D(B) , 21FA11,21FA11-AM,
15F6B, HT-3768, HT-3728, 21FA1N,
21FA12, 21SF1N,21TA18-T,21FA12-AM,
21FA18-T 21FV6H



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  • Page 1 OWNER'S MANUAL The Owner's Manual for the Follow Models: Please read this manual carefully 21F9D, 21T9D, 21FA1, 21TA1, 21T9D(D), before operating the unit, and keep 21T9D(S),21T9D(B) , 21FA11,21FA11-AM, it for future reference. 15F6B, HT-3768, HT-3728, 21FA1N, 21FA12, 21SF1N,21TA18-T,21FA12-AM, 21FA18-T 21FV6H...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Before Operation War nin g and C aut ion s....................... 2 Ins tal lat ion ..........................3 Ant enn a con nec tio n ......................3 Pre par ati on fo r the r emo te co ntr ol ..................3 Pos iti on of k eys a nd pl ug- ins ....................
  • Page 3: Warning And Cautions

    Warning and Cautions 4. To prevent the TV set from firing 1. When you clean the TV set, please pull out the power plug from AC outlet. and electric shock, don't expose the Don't clean the cabinet and the TV set to rain or moisture. screen with benzene, petrol and other chemicals.
  • Page 4: Installation

    Installation Antenna connection Generally speaking, to enjoy a clearer picture, we recommend that you use a CATV system or an outdoor antenna .In different places, the suitable antenna type and position are different. twin-lead cable Antenna adapter Mixer additional purchase Antenna input 75 coaxial cable 75 standard...
  • Page 5: Position Of Keys And Plug-Ins

    Volume down/up Channel down/up Menu Power indicator HT-3728 Signal receiver Power switch Volume down/up Menu VIDEO L/R audio Power Channel down/up indicator TV/AV switch 21FV6H TV/AV switch Menu VIDEO Power switch Power indicator L/R audio Signal receiver Volume down/up Channel down/up...
  • Page 6: Bac K Pan El

    Position of Keys and Plug-ins...
  • Page 7: Using The Remote Control

    Using the Remote Control...
  • Page 8: Power On And Power Off

    Power On and Power Off Below are methods on how to power on/off the TV set with the switches on the TV and on the remote control. Power on/off Connect/disconnect to the power 1. Connect the power supply wire, then press power switch button, the power indicator will light, in several seconds the picture will appear on the screen.
  • Page 9: Viewing Tv Programs

    Viewing TV Programs The channels amount to 218 . Viewing TV programs How to select the TV program 1. Use the direct-digit choosing button Press the button from 0-9 to select a one digit channel. If you want to select a two-digit channel, press the Digit Select button and change it into two-digit mode, then press the number of the channel.
  • Page 10: Program Scan And Screen Display

    Viewing TV Programs (continued) Program scanning function is to let the television automatically scan all preconcerted channel program(about two seconds per channel). ½ Ú Ä ¿ ä ¯ À À ¼ ° Æ Á Ä » Ï Program scan and screen display Program scanning function 1.
  • Page 11: Saving Mode.favorite Program

    Viewing TV Programs (continued) ½ Ú Ä ¿ ä ¯ À À ¼ ° Æ Á Ä » Ï Saving mode.favorite program Saving mode 1. Using the QSET button Press the QSET button to switch the saving mo de on/off. And the screen will displ a y on/off at the same time.
  • Page 12: Tuning

    Tuning There are three ways of searching: automatic search, manual search and MFT (manual fine tune). You may operate it either on the TV or on the remote control. Here is mainly about the remote control. Automatic search Automatic search 1.
  • Page 13: Manual Search

    Tuning (continued) Manual search Manual search 1. Press CH+/- button or the Direct-digit Choosing button to select a channel directly(take channel 1 for example). 2. Press MENU button TUNING continuously, until select POS. EDIT TUNING menu. MENU VOL+ POS. VOL- SEARCH AUTO MEMORY 3.
  • Page 14: Mft

    Tuning (continued) MFT(manual fine tune) When you can't get a satisfactory picture and audio effect, you can fine tune to obtain. 1. Press MENU button TUNING continuously, until select POS. EDIT TUNING menu. MENU VOL+ VOL- POS. SEARCH AUTO MEMORY 2.
  • Page 15: Skip

    Tuning (continued) Skip Skip After the programs are presetted, you can skip some programs to select your favorite channels only. 1. Press MENU button continuously, until select TUNING TUNING menu. POS. EDIT POS. EX. SEARCH AUTO MEMORY 2. Press CH+/- button to select POS EDIT and VOL+ to enter.
  • Page 16: Adjusting The Picture And The Sound

    Adjusting the Picture and the Sound Multiple picture modes How to select the picture mode You may select the mode you want from the DYNAMIC five preset modes and one individual mode. P.STD Press the P. STD button to select a mode you STANDARD like.DYNAMIC PICTURE, STANDARD MILD...
  • Page 17: Multiple Sound Modes And Setting The Sound

    · ½ ± ã µ Ä Í ¼ Ï ñ º Í É ù Ò Adjusting the Picture and the Sound (continued) Multiple Sound Modes and Setting the Sound How to select the sound mode You can quickly select your most favored LOW VOL sound mode from the following three S.STD...
  • Page 18: C, Aut O Off A Nd Mu Te

    Adjusting the Picture and the Sound (continued) S.C.C, auto off and mute How to use the S.C.C(soft change channel) This TV set provides you with the function of S.C. C. When it is set "ON", the picture will fade in and fade out when the channel is changed.
  • Page 19: Setting The Timer

    Setting the Timer This TV set provides you with three timer functions such as timer on, timer off and sleep off. Timer off Timer off Using this function can turn the TV set automatically into standby status at the preconcerted time. 1.
  • Page 20: Sleep Timer And On Timer

    Setting the Timer (continued) Sleep timer and on timer Sleep timer Using this function, the TV set can be changed into the standby status after a period of preset time from when this function is activated. 1. The utmost time for this function is 120 minutes, and the time interval is 10 minutes.There are totally 12 kinds of off-time.
  • Page 21: Channels Appointment

    Setting the Timer (continued) The channels appointment function can help you conveniently preset program . At the preset time, the TV set will automatically change to the preconcerted channel. Channels appointment Channels appointment 1. Press MENU button continuously until select TIMER menu, press VOL+/- to enter.
  • Page 22: Setting The Other Function

    Setting the other Function Æ Á Ä » Ó ï Ñ Ô ¼ ° Æ Á Ä » ± Æ Á Ä » Ó ï Ñ Ô ¼ ° Æ Á Ä » ± 3A filter and screen protection How to use the 3A filter function 1.Press MENU button PICTURE continuously until select...
  • Page 23: Curtain Function,Calendar Display

    Setting the other Function (continued) Curtain function,calendar display How to use the Curtain function This TV set provides three types of Curtain function for you to select. 1. Press MENU button until select FUNCTION menu. MENU VOL+ VOL- 2. Press CH+/- button, and move the indicator to CURTAIN, then press VOL+/- button to select from I , I I...
  • Page 24: Cha Nne L Exc Han

    Setting the other Function (continued) The function of channel exchange will enable you to exchange any two programs and you can conveniently adjust the order of the programs due to your own need. Channel exchange Channel Exchange for example, to change between channel1 and 9 1.
  • Page 25: Setting The Lock

    Setting the Lock This TV set provides you with the LOCK function, you can choose it due to your need to protect your TV set. Changing your password Changing your password This TV set can set a four digit password, the original one is 0000, if you want to reset it, please follow the instructions below.
  • Page 26: Setting The Lock

    Setting the Lock (continued) Setting the Lock Setting the Lock There are TUNING LOCK, PRESET PROG. ,AV LOCK, CHILD LOCK and MAX.VOLUME five lock setting, you can set it due to your need. 1. Press the LOCK button, the LOCK SET UP LOCK PASSWORD ---- screen will show as the form...
  • Page 27: Gam

    Game This TV set provides you with the game, after entering the game, except the buttons that are appointed in the game( for example, the game button, CH+/-and MODE, etc.)and the DC Stand by button, the other buttons cannot be used.
  • Page 28: Connecting Additional Equipments

    Connecting Additional Equipments Connecting additional equipments You can connect the DVD,VCR and stereo system to the AV output to enjoy a higher quality of picture and sound effect. Signal flow White (Audio left channel) Red (C and audio right channel) Blue (C Green (Y) Yellow (Video)
  • Page 29: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting *To assist in location possible faults use help guide below. BREAKDOWN PHENOMENON CHECKING SOUND PICTURE The aerial direction and connection Picture with snow Noise This is called ghosting which can be minimized with an outside aerial, and good quality cable and terminations.
  • Page 30: Specifications

    Specifications 584 (W) x 477 (D) x 459 (H) (mm) 21FV6H...
  • Page 32 0090506298K...