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Hitachi StarBoard WT-1 User Manual

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StarBoard WT-1
How to Request a User's Guide
When requesting a separate copy of this user's guide, specify WT1-090101.
Read this user's guide and carefully retain it for future reference.
Before using this product, carefully read and fully understand the safety instructions.
Store this User's Guide nearby for ease of reference.
User's Guide
Hitachi Software Engineering Co., Ltd.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 When requesting a separate copy of this user’s guide, specify WT1-090101. Read this user’s guide and carefully retain it for future reference. Before using this product, carefully read and fully understand the safety instructions. Store this User’s Guide nearby for ease of reference. WT1-090101 Hitachi Software Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Page 3 Also, the company makes no warranty as to the product’s suitability, merchantability or fitness for a particular intended use. All products of Hitachi Software Engineering Co., Ltd., described in this user’s guide are presently for sale or are site-licensed. Users who purchased the aforesaid product(s) will bear the costs of all required services, repairs,...
  • Page 4 This first edition of the user’s guide (WT1-090101) is for the following products: StarBoard WT-1(NWT-101, NWT-101R) AH00222 The StarBoard WT-1 incorporates WALTOP’s wireless tablet integrated digitizer and 2.4G RF technology. Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation (U.S.) and in other countries.
  • Page 5 WT-1 Safe Handling StarBoard Safe Handling Markings and Symbols Various markings and symbols are used in this user’s guide and on this product, to ensure the safe and correct use of this product and to prevent personal injury and property damage. These symbols and their meanings are as explained below.
  • Page 6 WT-1 Safe Handling StarBoard Safety Precautions Always comply with them. CAUTION Be careful about the locations of the USB Do not use this product near water. cable, etc. Electric shock might result. The USB cable might trip someone, possibly causing the product to fall, etc., thereby causing injury or...
  • Page 7 CAUTION Caution Details Page Do not perform unauthorized disassembly of the WT-1. It may pose a risk of P.4-4 injury from fire or electric shock, and may damage the WT-1. Contact a customer service center regarding battery replacement.
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    3.1 Setup Hardware......................3-1 3.2 Setup Software ......................3-1 3.2.1 For Windows User ......................3-1 3.2.2 For Mac User ........................3-1 3.3 How to connect WT-1 ....................3-2 4. Appendix..........................4-1 4.1 Troubleshooting ....................... 4-1 4.2 System Specifications ....................4-3 4.3 Battery Replacement....................
  • Page 9: Starboard

    AC adaptor plug Stylus pen AAA alkaline battery Pen tip replacement pin Spare pen tips USB cable (10) WT-1 Setup Software (CD-ROM) for Windows, Mac (11) WT-1 Quick Start Guide *In the holder on the back of the tablet. (10) (11) English...
  • Page 10: Part Names And Functions

    WT-1 Introduction StarBoard 1.2 Part Names and Functions 1.2.1 Front Side of the tablet *Hereafter, the 2.4G RF Tablet is simply referred to as the tablet. (1) Power button (4) Page up / Page down Keep pressing this button for 3 seconds For scrolling pages.
  • Page 11: Rear View Of The Tablet

    WT-1 Introduction StarBoard 1.2.2 Rear View of the Tablet (1) Adaptor holder (2) Pen holder (3) Connecting button Button to establish a connection between the tablet and the 2.4G RF adaptor. 1.2.3 Side View of the Tablet (1) USB port A USB cable can be connected here when charging the battery.
  • Page 12: Usage Procedures

    WT-1 Usage Procedures StarBoard 2. Usage Procedures This section describes the basic procedures for using StarBoard. 2.1 How to use tablet This section describes how to use the tablet. NOTICE Use a computer USB port or the included AC adaptor to charge the tablet.
  • Page 13: Basic Tablet Operation

    WT-1 Usage Procedures StarBoard 2.1.2 Basic Tablet operation (1) Tablet active area Tablet active area is inside of the rectangle outlined on the tablet. The active area and the display resolution should automatically correspond. If they do not suit, please reboot the PC.
  • Page 14 WT-1 Usage Procedures StarBoard If you have installed StarBoard Software, you can use these keys in StarBoard Software. The default setting is as follows; Symbol Description Symbol Description Hides/displays the StarBoard Select Marker Pen. Software Toolbar. Add a new blank page.
  • Page 15: Lcd Indicator

    WT-1 Usage Procedures StarBoard 2.1.3 LCD indicator LCD indicate the current condition of the tablet. Power on Displayed when the tablet is on. Active mode Lit: Displayed when the pen is in use. Off: The tablet automatically enters power-saving mode after about 3 seconds when the pen is away from the active area or there is no activity.
  • Page 16: Using The Stylus Pen

    WT-1 Usage Procedures StarBoard 2.2 Using the Stylus Pen This section describes how to use the Stylus pen. 2.2.1 Basic Stylus Pen Operations The stylus pen can be used in the same way as a mouse. Under the stylus pen’s default settings, the pen tip button is set to correspond to the left mouse button.
  • Page 17: Changing The Battery In The Stylus Pen

    WT-1 Usage Procedures StarBoard 2.2.3 Changing the battery in the Stylus pen The stylus pen contains a single AAA alkaline battery. If the pen begins to operate erratically (e.g., if pen input is cut off), change the battery as described below. Note that battery life is approximately 1680 hours under normal usage.
  • Page 18: Replacing The Stylus Pen Tip

    WT-1 Usage Procedures StarBoard (3) Put the stylus pen back together. 2.2.4 Replacing the Stylus pen Tip When the stylus pen tip wears down and becomes too short, replace it as described below. (1) Using the special pin set, remove the stylus pen tip.
  • Page 19: Start To Use

    In this case, do not install the included setup software. Use either StarBoard Software or the setup software. (1) Insert ’WT-1 Setup Software for Windows’ CD to your PC. (2) Click ‘Macro Key Manager’. Installation will start automatically. After the installation, select ‘Yes, I want to restart my computer now’ and then click ‘Finish’.
  • Page 20: How To Connect Wt-1

    If you would like to use WT-1 in the case which needs to connect in wireless, please connect WT-1 and PC as follows. Perform pairing the first time you use the WT-1 or in case of communication problems with the 2.4G RF adaptor. Press the connection buttons on the back of the tablet and on the 2.4G RF adaptor.
  • Page 21: Appendix

    Were the batteries If the battery is not charged enough, full-charged? WT-1 may not work properly. Charge the batteries. Other Contact technical support. WT-1 is not charged. Is the USB cable connected Check connection of USB cable.
  • Page 22 WT-1 Appendix StarBoard Stylus pen-related problems In this case Check this And do this Stylus pen does not operate. Is battery worn out? Replace stylus pen battery. (For details on how to change the battery, see “2.2.3 Changing the Battery in the Stylus pen” on page 2-6 of this User’s Guide.)
  • Page 23: System Specifications

    WT-1 Appendix StarBoard 4.2 System Specifications Item Specification Product name StarBoard WT-1 Model No StarBoard WT-1(NWT-101, NWT-101R), AH00222 Tablet Input system Electromagnetic induction characteristics Interface 2.4GHz RF Active area size 203.2mm(W) x 152.4mm(H) (8 x 6 inches) External dimensions 278mm (W) x 265mm (H) x 23mm (D)
  • Page 24: Battery Replacement

    8 hours after a full charge, the battery has reached the end of its useful life. Request replacement at this time. CAUTION Do not perform unauthorized disassembly of the WT-1. It may pose a risk of injury from fire or electric shock, and may damage the WT-1. Contact a customer service center regarding battery replacement.
  • Page 25: Provisions Of Product Warranty

    WT-1 Appendix StarBoard 4.5 Provisions of Product Warranty 1. During the free warranty service period, if a malfunction occurs during normal use, the malfunction will be corrected without charge, according to the provisions of the warranty. Furthermore, if the customer registration card accompanying the warranty is not returned to our company, the customer information will not be registered, so free repairs might be unavailable.
  • Page 26 WT-1 Appendix StarBoard than this product was detected or remedied. (10)In the event of ordinary wear and tear, wear, deterioration, etc., of consumables, even during normal use. 5. If this product malfunctions, review the contents of this user’s guide. If the problems remain irreparable, contact technical support.