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   Summary of Contents for Yamaha EF4500iSE - Inverter Generator

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    AE00002 INTRODUCTION Congratulations on your purchase of your new Yamaha. This manual will provide you with a good basic understanding of the operation and maintenance of this machine. If you have any questions regarding the operation or maintenance of your machine, please consult a Yamaha dealer.

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    If there is any question concerning this manu- al, please consult a Yamaha dealer. 9 This manual should be considered a A CAUTION indicates special precautions permanent part of this engine and...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    AE00041 CONTENTS SAFETY INFORMATION ......1 Stopping the engine......18 EXHAUST FUMES ARE Connection .........19 POISONOUS........1 Application range........20 FUEL IS HIGHLY FLAMMABLE AND PERIODIC MAINTENANCE ....21 POISONOUS........1 Maintenance chart ......21 ENGINE AND MUFFLER MAY BE Spark plug inspection ......23 HOT ............1 Carburetor adjustment......24 ELECTRIC SHOCK PREVENTION..2 Engine oil replacement .......24 CONNECTION NOTES ......3...

  • Page 6: Safety Information

    AE00071 SAFETY INFORMATION AE00072 EXHAUST FUMES ARE POISONOUS 9 Never operate the engine in a closed area or it 741-7XFa may cause unconsciousness and death within a short time. Operate the engine in a well ventilated area. AE00075 FUEL IS HIGHLY FLAMMABLE AND POISONOUS 9 Always turn off the engine when refuelling.

  • Page 7: Electric Shock Prevention

    9 Keep the machine at least 1 m (3 ft) from buildings or other equipment, or the engine may overheat. a 1 m (3 ft) 741-7XFg 9 Avoid operating the engine with a dust cover. 741-7XFh 9 Be sure to carry the generator only by its carrying handle(s).

  • Page 8: Connection Notes

    AE00088 CONNECTION NOTES 9 Avoid connecting the generator to commercial power outlet. 9 Avoid connecting the generator in parallel with any other generator. 1 Correct 2 Incorrect AE00091 CONNECTION Before the generator can be connected to a build- ing’s electrical system, a licensed electrician must install an isolation (transfer) switch in the build- ing’s main fuse box.

  • Page 9: Location Of Important Labels

    AE00062 LOCATION OF IMPORTANT LABELS Please read the following labels carefully before oper- ating this machine. NOTE: Maintain or replace safety and instruction labels, as necessary. 1 6 4 DANGER Using a generator indoors CAN KILL YOU IN MINUTES. Generator exhaust contains carbon monoxide. This is a poison you cannot see or smell.

  • Page 10

    Rated Use the specified spark plug only. Phase Single Fuel Gasoline Specified plug:BPR4ES(NGK) YAMAHA MOTOR POWERED PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. MADE IN JAPAN 7XF-24164-10 Important Emissions Information The air index of this engine is 3 YAMAHA MOTOR POWERED PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. (California only) This engine meets **** California exhaust and evaporative emission regulations for small off-road engines.

  • Page 11: Description

    DESCRIPTION AE00102 1 Carrying handles (shaded) 2 Fuel tank cap 3 Fuel gauge 4 Muffler 5 Caster lock lever 6 Oil filler cap 7 Oil drain plug 8 Battery 793-7XFa 793-7XFb AE00103 Control panel 1 Hour meter 2 Power meter 3 AC protector 4 AC receptacle 5 Engine switch...

  • Page 12: Control Function

    AE00101 CONTROL FUNCTION AE00121 Engine switch The engine switch controls the ignition system. 7 “ON” 763-119 Ignition circuit is switched on. The engine can be started. 5 “STOP” Ignition circuit is switched off. The engine will not run. 6 “START” Starting circuit is switched on.

  • Page 13: Ac Protector

    AE00134 AC protector The AC protector 1 trips when total amount of the two receptable 2 loads exceeds 20A. Press the switch to reset the AC protector. “Set” 793-7XFe 3 “Reset” 763-238a Hour meter The hour meter 1 shows the total number of hours the generator has been run.

  • Page 14: Overload Indicator Light

    AE01087 Overload indicator light The overload indicator light 1 comes on when an overload of a connected electrical device is detected, the inverter control unit overheats, or the AC output voltage rises. Then, the AC protector will trip, stopping power generation in order to protect the generator and 763-7XFd any connected electric devices.

  • Page 15: Fuel Cock Knob

    Fuel cock knob The fuel cock supplies fuel from the fuel tank to the carburetor. The fuel cock has two positions. With the knob in this position, fuel flows to the carbure- 763-7XFb tor. Normal using is done with the knob in this position. With the knob in this position, fuel will not flow.

  • Page 16: Preparation

    Fuel tank capacity: Total: 17.0 L (3.17 US gal, 2.64 Imp gal) Your Yamaha engine has been designed to use regu- lar unleaded gasoline with a pump octane number ((R + M)/2) of 86 or higher, or research octane number of 91 or higher.

  • Page 17: Engine Oil

    AE00222 Engine oil The generator has been shipped without engine oil. Do not start the engine before filling with the sufficient engine oil. 788-7XFb 1. Place the generator on a level surface. 2. Remove the bolts 1, and then pull outward on the areas of rear cover 2 shown.

  • Page 18: Battery Preparation

    AE01083 Battery preparation (See page 30) Battery electrolyte is poisonous and dangerous, causing severe burns, etc. It contains sulfuric (sul- phuric) acid. Avoid contact with skin, EYES or clothing. Antidote: EXTERNAL-Flush with water. INTERNAL-Drink large quantities of water or milk. Follow with milk of magnesia, beaten egg or veg- etable oil.

  • Page 19

    9. Connect the negative lead (black) 8 to the nega- tive (-) battery terminal 9. 762-7XFd 10. Install the rear cover and tighten the bolts. – 14 –...

  • Page 20: Pre-operation Check

    9 Check oil level in engine. 9 If necessary, add recommended oil to specified level. 9 Check generator for oil leakage. The point where abnormality was recognized by use. 9 Check operation. 9 If necessary, consult a Yamaha dealer. – 15 –...

  • Page 21: Operation

    AE00846 OPERATION 9 Never operate the engine in a closed area or it may cause unconsciousness and death within 761-7XFb a short time. Operate the engine in a well ven- tilated area. 9 Before starting the engine, do not connect any electric devices.

  • Page 22

    3. Turn the engine switch to “START”. Take your hand off the switch immediately after the engine starts. 6 “START” 763-120a If the engine fails to start, release the switch, wait a few seconds, then try again. Each attempt should be as short as possible to preserve the bat- tery.

  • Page 23: Stopping The Engine

    AE00840 Stopping the engine 1. Turn off any electric devices. 2. Disconnect any electric devices. 761-7XFb 3. Turn the engine switch to “STOP”. 5 “STOP” 763-120b 4. Turn the fuel cock knob to “OFF”. 1 “OFF” 705-073a – 18 –...

  • Page 24: Connection

    AE00839 Connection Alternating Current (AC) Be sure any electric devices are turned off before plugging it in. 9 Be sure all electric devices including the lines and plug connections are in good condition before connection to the generator. 9 Be sure the total load is within generator rated output.

  • Page 25: Application Range

    AE00812 Application range When using the generator, make sure the total load is within rated output of a generator. Otherwise, generator damage may occur. 0.4 ~ 0.75 Power factor 0.8 ~ 0.95 (Efficiency 0.85) EF4500iSE – 4,000W – 3,200W – 1,360W NOTE: 9 “–”...

  • Page 26: Periodic Maintenance

    The most impor- tant points of generator inspection, adjustment, and lubrication are explained on the fol- lowing pages. If you are not familiar with maintenance work, have a Yamaha dealer do it for you. AE00403 Maintenance chart Stop the engine before starting maintenance work.

  • Page 27

    *1·····Initial replacement of the engine oil is after one month or 20 hours of operation. *2·····The air filter element needs to be cleaned more frequently when using in unusually wet or dusty areas. #····· Since these items require special tools, data and technical skills, have a Yamaha dealer perform the ser- vice.

  • Page 28: Spark Plug Inspection

    AE01051 Spark plug inspection The spark plug is important engine components, which should be checked periodically. 1. Remove the bolts 1, and then pull outward on the areas of front cover 2 shown. 788-7XFa 2. Remove the spark plug cap and then remove the spark plug.

  • Page 29: Carburetor Adjustment

    AE00431 Carburetor adjustment The carburetor is a vital part of the engine. Adjusting should be left to a Yamaha dealer with the profession- al knowledge, specialized data, and equipment to do so properly. AE00412 Engine oil replacement Avoid draining the engine oil immediately after stopping the engine.

  • Page 30: Air Filter

    7. Add engine oil to the upper level 1. Recommended engine oil: å YAMALUBE 4 (10W-30 or 10W-40), SAE 10W-30 or 10W-40 ∫ SAE #30 700-006a ç SAE #20 ∂ SAE 10W 0°C 25°C Recommended engine oil grade: å YAMALUBE 4 (10W-30 or 10W-40) API Service SE type or higher Engine oil quantity: 1.3 L (1.14 lmp qt, 1.37 US qt)

  • Page 31

    3. Remove the air filter cover 1 and foam element 4. Wash the foam element in solvent and dry it. 5. Oil the foam element and squeeze out excess oil. The foam element should be wet but not dripping. Recommended oil: Foam-air-filter oil SAE #20 motor oil Do not wring out the foam element when squeez-...

  • Page 32: Muffler Screen And Spark Arrester

    AE01075 Muffler screen and spark arrester The engine and muffler will be very hot after the engine has been run. 741-7XFl Avoid touching the engine and muffler while they are still hot with any part of your body or clothing during inspection or repair.

  • Page 33

    3. Remove the carbon deposits on the muffler screen and spark arrester using a wire brush. When cleaning, use the wire brush lightly to avoid damaging or scratching of the muffler screen and 711-075 spark arrester. 4. Check the muffler screen and spark arrester. Replace them if damaged.

  • Page 34: Fuel Tank Filter

    AE00471 Fuel tank filter Never use or be near fuel and solvent while smok- ing or in the vicinity of an open flame. 1. Remove the fuel tank cap and filter 1. 2. Clean the filter with gasoline. If damaged, replace it. 3.

  • Page 35: Battery

    Always cover eyes when working near bat- teries. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. 762-012 To charge the battery Have a Yamaha dealer charge the battery as soon as possible if it seems to have discharged. AE01057 Recommended battery Recommended battery: Capacity: 12V/18A•h...

  • Page 36: Fuse Replacement

    2 shown. 788-7XFa 2. Replace the fuse with one of proper amperage. Specified fuse: 20A NOTE: If the fuse immediately blows again, consult a Yamaha 779-7XF dealer. 3. Install the front cover and tighten the bolts. – 31 –...

  • Page 37: Storage

    AE00601 STORAGE Long term storage of your machine will require some preventive procedures to guard against deterioration. AE01056 Drain the fuel 1. Remove the fuel tank cap. Extract the fuel from the fuel tank into an approved gasoline container using a commercially available hand siphon. Then, install the fuel tank cap.

  • Page 38: Battery

    AE01086 Battery 1. Remove the battery. 2. Store the battery in a cool, dark and dry place and charge it once a month. Do not store the battery in an excessively warm or 762-003 cold place [i.e., less than 0°C (30°F) or more than 30°C (90°F)].

  • Page 39: Engine Won't Start

    AE00512 TROUBLESHOOTING Engine won’t start 1. Fuel systems No fuel supplied to combustion chamber. 2 No fuel in tank ..Supply fuel. 707-7XFc 2 Fuel in tank ..Fuel cock knob to “ON”. 2 Clogged fuel line ..Clean fuel line. 2 Clogged carburetor ..

  • Page 40: Generator Won't Produce Power

    M Engine does not start. Engine starts. Check the following Clean or Replace; Consult a Clogged Yamaha dealer. 9 Fuel cock clogging 9 Air cleaner element Consult a Yamaha dealer. clogging. – 35 –...

  • Page 41

    Faulty battery and/or starter motor. Consult a Yamaha dealer. Check engine oil level. Level low Consult a Add engine oil. Yamaha dealer. O Check the spark plug. 9 Type: 9 Gap: Incorrect Replace or Clean the spark Adjust Gap. plug.

  • Page 42: Specifications

    AE00701 SPECIFICATIONS AE00702 Dimensions Unit EF4500iSE Overall Length mm (in) 780 (30.7) Overall Width mm (in) 616 (24.3) Overall Height mm (in) 692 (27.2) Dry Weight kg (lb) 88 (194) AE00704 Engine Unit EF4500iSE Type Air cooled 4-stroke gasoline OHV Cylinder Arrangement Inclined, 1 cylinder Displacement...

  • Page 43: Consumer Information

    PRI-I.D. NUMBER: AE00012 Identification number records Record your Primary I.D., and serial num- MODEL bers in the spaces provided, to assist you in ordering spare parts from a Yamaha dealer. PRI-I.D. Also record and keep these I.D. numbers CODE SERIAL No.

  • Page 44: Limited Warranty (ef- And Edl-series)

    RANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS authorized Yamaha consumer generator dealer FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE WHICH EXCEED will, free of charge, repair or replace, at Yamaha’s THE OBLIGATIONS AND TIME LIMITS STATED IN option, any part adjudged defective by Yamaha THIS WARRANTY ARE HEREBY DISCLAIMED BY due to faulty workmanship or material from the YAMAHA MOTOR CORPORATION, U.S.A.

  • Page 45

    Yamaha Motor exactly as specified in the Owner’s Manual? Corporation, U.S.A. by the selling dealer at the A. No. The warranty on a new Yamaha cannot time of your purchase. If you should move after be “voided” or “cancelled.”...

  • Page 46: Exhaust Emission Control System And Components

    ROAD ENGINES. The acronyms conform to the latest version of the SAE’s recommended practice docu- ment J1930, “Diagnostic Acronyms, Terms, and Definitions For Electrical/Electronic System”. It is recommended that these items be serviced by a Yamaha dealer. – 41 –...

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    — MEMO — – 42 –...

  • Page 48: Wiring Diagram

    – 43 –...

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    – 44 –...

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    — MEMO —...

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