Supero AS-4021M-32R User Manual

Supermicro as-4021m-32r servers: user guide.
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    AS4021M-32R USER’S MANUAL...

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    Clara County in the State of California, USA. The State of California, County of Santa Clara shall be the exclusive venue for the resolution of any such disputes. Supermicro's total liability for all claims will not exceed the price paid for the hardware product.

  • Page 3: About This Manual, Manual Organization

    Preface Preface About This Manual This manual is written for professional system integrators and PC technicians. It provides information for the installation and use of the 4021M-32R server. Installa- tion and maintenance should be performed by experienced technicians only. The 4021M-32R is a high-end server based on the SC745TQ-R800 tower/4U rackmount chassis and the H8DM3-2, a dual processor serverboard that supports AMD Opteron 2000 Series Socket F type processors and up to 32 GB of DDR2-...

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    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Chapter 4: System Safety You should thoroughly familiarize yourself with this chapter for a general overview of safety precautions that should be followed when installing and servicing the 4021M-32R. Chapter 5: Advanced Serverboard Setup Chapter 5 provides detailed information on the H8DM3-2 serverboard, including the locations and functions of connections, headers and jumpers.

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    Preface Notes...

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Manual Organization ....................iii Chapter 1: Introduction Overview ......................1-1 Serverboard Features ..................1-2 Server Chassis Features ................1-4 Contacting Supermicro ................... 1-5 Chapter 2: Server Installation Overview ......................2-1 Unpacking the System ................... 2-1 Preparing for Setup ..................2-1 Installing the System into a Rack ..............

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Chapter 5: Advanced Serverboard Setup Handling the Serverboard ................5-1 Processor and Heatsink Installation ............... 5-2 Connecting Cables ..................5-5 Connecting Data Cables ................5-5 Connecting Power Cables ............... 5-5 Connecting the Control Panel ..............5-6 I/O Ports ......................5-7 Installing Memory ...................

  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Compact Flash Power Header ............... 5-19 SGPIO ....................5-19 Jumper Settings .................... 5-20 Explanation of Jumpers ................. 5-20 CMOS Clear ................... 5-20 C to PCI-X Enable/Disable ..............5-21 C to PCI-E Enable/Disable ..............5-21 Watch Dog Enable/Disable ..............5-21 Compact Flash Master/Slave ..............

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    Table of Contents Security Menu ....................7-16 Exit Menu ...................... 7-17 Appendices: Appendix A: BIOS Error Beep Codes Appendix B: BIOS POST Checkpoint Codes Appendix C: System Specifi cations...

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    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Notes...

  • Page 11: Overview

    SC745TQ-R800 tower/4U server chassis and the H8DM3-2 dual AMD processor serverboard. Please refer to our web site for information on operating systems that have been certifi ed for use with the 4021M-32R ( In addition to the serverboard and chassis, various hardware components have...

  • Page 12: Serverboard Features

    The H8DM3-2 supports single or dual AMD Opteron 2000 Series, Socket F type processors. Please refer to the serverboard description pages on our web site for a complete listing of supported processors ( Memory The H8DM3-2 has eight 240-pin DIMM slots that can support up to 32 GB of DDR2- 667/533/400 registered ECC SDRAM The memory operates in an interleaved confi...

  • Page 13: Ati Graphics Controller, Other Features

    Chapter 1: Introduction VGA (monitor) port, two USB 2.0 ports, a parallel port, PS/2 mouse and keyboard ports and two gigabit Ethernet ports. ATI Graphics Controller The H8DM3-2 features an integrated ATI video controller based on the ES1000 graphics chip. The ES1000 was designed specifi cally for servers, featuring low power consumption, high reliability and superior longevity.

  • Page 14: Server Chassis Features

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Server Chassis Features The following is a general outline of the main features of the SC745TQ-R800 server chassis. System Power The SC745TQ-R800 features a redundant 800W power supply composed of two separate power modules. This power redundancy feature allows you to replace a failed power supply without shutting down the system.

  • Page 15: Contacting Supermicro

    Chapter 1: Introduction Contacting Supermicro Headquarters Address: SuperMicro Computer, Inc. 980 Rock Ave. San Jose, CA 95131 U.S.A. Tel: +1 (408) 503-8000 Fax: +1 (408) 503-8008 Email: (General Information) (Technical Support) Web Site: Europe Address: SuperMicro Computer B.V.

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    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Notes...

  • Page 17: Unpacking The System, Overview, Preparing For Setup

    Chapter 2: Server Installation Chapter 2 Server Installation 2-1 Overview This chapter provides a quick setup checklist to get your 4021M-32R up and running. Following these steps in the order given should enable you to have the system operational within a minimum amount of time. This quick setup assumes that your system has come to you with the processors and memory preinstalled.

  • Page 18: Choosing A Setup Location, Warnings And Precautions, Rack Precautions, Server Precautions

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Choosing a Setup Location - Leave enough clearance in front of the system to enable you to open the front door completely (~25 inches). - Leave approximately 30 inches of clearance in the back of the system to allow for suffi...

  • Page 19: Rack Mounting Considerations

    Chapter 2: Server Installation Rack Mounting Considerations Ambient Operating Temperature If installed in a closed or multi-unit rack assembly, the ambient operating tempera- ture of the rack environment may be greater than the ambient temperature of the room. Therefore, consideration should be given to installing the equipment in an environment compatible with the manufacturer’s maximum rated ambient tempera- ture (Tmra).

  • Page 20: Installing The System Into A Rack

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Installing the System into a Rack This section provides information on installing the system into a rack unit. Rack installation requires the use of the optional rackmount kit. If the system has already been mounted into a rack or if you are using it as a tower, you can skip ahead to Sections 2-5 and 2-6.

  • Page 21: Installing The Chassis Rails

    Chapter 2: Server Installation Installing the Chassis Rails You will need to remove the top cover and the feet to add rack rails to the chassis. First, remove the top and right covers (top and left covers when standing as a tower chassis) by fi...

  • Page 22: Installing The Rack Rails

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Figure 2-3. Installing the Rails to the Chassis Installing the Rack Rails Determine where you want to place the SuperServer 4021M-32R in the rack. (See Rack and Server Precautions in Section 2-3.) Position the fi xed rack rail/sliding rail guide assemblies at the desired location in the rack, keeping the sliding rail guide facing the inside of the rack.

  • Page 23: Installing The Server Into The Rack

    Chapter 2: Server Installation Installing the Server into the Rack You should now have rails attached to both the chassis and the rack unit. The next step is to install the server into the rack. You should have two brackets in the rack mount kit.

  • Page 24: Checking The Serverboard Setup

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Checking the Serverboard Setup After setting up the the system, you will need to open the unit to make sure the serverboard is properly installed and all the connections have been made. 1. Accessing the inside of the system (see Figure 2-5) [If rack mounted, fi...

  • Page 25: Checking The Drive Bay Setup

    Chapter 2: Server Installation Figure 2-5. Accessing the Inside of the System (Rack Confi guration shown) Checking the Drive Bay Setup Next, you should check to make sure the peripheral drives and the SAS drives and backplane have been properly installed and all connections have been made. 1.

  • Page 26

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual 4. Check the SAS disk drives Depending upon your system's confi guration, your system may have one or more drives already installed. If you need to install SAS drives, please refer to Chapter 6. 5. Check the airfl ow Airfl...

  • Page 27: Control Panel Buttons, Overview, Power, Reset

    Chapter 3: System Interface Chapter 3 System Interface Overview The control panel on the 4021M-32R has several LEDs and two buttons. There are also two LEDs on each SAS drive carrier. These LEDs keep you constantly informed of the overall status of the system and the activity and health of specifi c components.

  • Page 28: Control Panel Leds, Power, Nic1, Nic2, Overheat/fan Fail

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Control Panel LEDs The control panel located on the front of the SC745TQ-R800 chassis has six LEDs that provide you with critical information related to different parts of the system. This section explains what each LED indicates when illuminated and any corrective action you may need to take.

  • Page 29: Power Fail, Sas Drive Carrier Leds

    Chapter 3: System Interface Power Fail: Indicates a power supply module has failed. This should be accompanied by an audible alarm. A backup power supply module will take the load and keep the system running but the failed module will need to be replaced. Refer to Chapter 6 for details on replacing the power supply.

  • Page 30

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Notes...

  • Page 31: Electrical Safety Precautions

    Chapter 4: System Safety Chapter 4 System Safety Electrical Safety Precautions Basic electrical safety precautions should be followed to protect yourself from harm and the 4021M-32R from damage: Be aware of the locations of the power on/off switch on the chassis as well as the room's emergency power-off switch, disconnection switch or electrical outlet.

  • Page 32: General Safety Precautions

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual The power supply power cord must include a grounding plug and must be plugged into grounded electrical outlets. Serverboard Battery: CAUTION - There is a danger of explosion if the onboard battery is installed upside down, which will reverse its polarities (see Figure 4-1).

  • Page 33: Esd Precautions

    Chapter 4: System Safety After accessing the inside of the system, close the system back up and secure it to the rack unit with the retention screws after ensuring that all connections have been made. ESD Precautions Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is generated by two objects with different electrical charges coming into contact with each other.

  • Page 34: Operating Precautions

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Operating Precautions Care must be taken to assure that the chassis cover is in place when the 4021M-32R is operating to assure proper cooling. Out of warranty damage to the 4021M-32R system can occur if this practice is not strictly followed. Figure 4-1.

  • Page 35: Handling The Serverboard

    Chapter 5: Advanced Serverboard Setup Chapter 5 Advanced Serverboard Setup This chapter covers the steps required to install processors and heatsinks to the H8DM3-2 serverboard, connect the data and power cables and install add-on cards. All serverboard jumpers and connections are described and a layout and quick reference chart are included in this chapter.

  • Page 36: Processor And Heatsink Installation

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Processor and Heatsink Installation Exercise extreme caution when handling and installing the proces- sor. Always connect the power cord last and always remove it be- fore adding, removing or changing any hardware components. Installing the CPU Backplates Two CPU backplates (BKT-0011L) have been preinstalled to the serverboard to prevent the CPU area of the serverboard from bending and to provide a base for attaching the heatsink retention modules.

  • Page 37

    Chapter 5: Advanced Serverboard Setup 3. Align pin 1 of the CPU with pin 1 of the socket. Once aligned, carefully place the CPU into the socket. Do not drop the CPU on the socket, move the CPU horizontally or vertically or rub the CPU against the socket or against any pins of the socket, which may damage the CPU and/or the socket.

  • Page 38

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Installing the Heatsink Retention Modules Two heatsink retention modules (BKT-0012L) and four screws are included in the retail box. Once installed, these are used to help attach the heatsinks to the CPUs. To install, align the module with the standoffs of the preinstalled CPU backplate and with the four feet on the module contacting the serverboard.

  • Page 39: Connecting Cables, Connecting Data Cables, Connecting Power Cables

    Chapter 5: Advanced Serverboard Setup Connecting Cables Now that the processors are installed, the next step is to connect the cables to the serverboard. These include the data (ribbon) cables for the peripherals and control panel and the power cables. Connecting Data Cables The ribbon cables used to transfer data from the peripheral devices have been carefully routed in preconfi...

  • Page 40: Connecting The Control Panel

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Connecting the Control Panel JF1 contains header pins for various front control panel connectors. See Figure 5-3 for the pin locations of the various front control panel buttons and LED indi- cators. Please note that even and odd numbered pins are on opposite sides of each header.

  • Page 41: I/o Ports, Installing Memory

    Figure 5-4 below for the colors and locations of the various I/O ports. Figure 5-4. Rear Panel I/O Ports Installing Memory Note: Check the Supermicro web site for recommended memory modules. CAUTION! Exercise extreme care when installing or removing DIMM modules to prevent any possible damage.

  • Page 42

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Support The H8DM3-2 supports single or dual-channel, DDR2-667/533/400 registered ECC SDRAM. Both interleaved and non-interleaved memory are supported, so you may populate any number of DIMM slots (see note on previous page and charts on following page). The CPU2 DIMM slots can only be accessed when two CPUs are installed (however, the CPU2 DIMM slots are not required to be populated when two CPUs are installed).

  • Page 43

    Chapter 5: Advanced Serverboard Setup Populating Memory Banks for 128-bit Operation CPU1 CPU1 CPU1 CPU1 CPU2 CPU2 CPU2 CPU2 DIMM1A DIMM1B DIMM2A DIMM2B DIMM1A DIMM1B DIMM2A DIMM2B Notes: X indicates a populated DIMM slot. If adding at least four DIMMs (with two CPUs installed), the confi...

  • Page 44: Adding Pci Cards

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Adding PCI Cards 1. PCI slots The H8DM3-2 has six PCI expansion slots, which includes two PCI-Express x8 slots, one PCI-Express x4 slot, one 64-bit 133 MHz PCI-X slot and two 64-bit 133/100 MHz PCI-X slots. The 4021M-32R can support cards in all six slots of the serverboard. 2.

  • Page 45: Serverboard Details

    SATA1 SATA3 USB4/5 USB2/3 JPXB1 JPS1 COM2 SATA0 SATA2 SATA4 SATA5 FAN4 JWOL Notes: 1. Jumpers not indicated are for test purposes only. 2. See the LSI SAS manual (included on the Supermicro CD) for SAS RAID set up instructions. 5-11...

  • Page 46: H8dm3-2 Quick Reference

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual H8DM3-2 Quick Reference Jumpers Description Default Setting Power Supply Fail Detect Closed (Enabled) JBT1 CMOS Clear See Section 5-9 JCF1 Compact Flash Master/Slave Closed (Master) C1/2 C to PCI-X Enable/Disable Pins 2-3 (Disabled) C3/4 C to PCI-E Enable/Disable Pins 2-3 (Disabled) JPG1 VGA Enable/Disable...

  • Page 47: Connector Defi Nitions, Atx Power Connector, Processor Power Connector, Auxiliary Power Connector, Power Led

    Chapter 5: Advanced Serverboard Setup Connector Defi nitions ATX Power 24-pin Connector Pin Defi nitions (J1B1) ATX Power Connector Pin# Defi nition Pin # Defi nition +3.3V +3.3V The primary ATX power supply con- -12V +3.3V nector (J1B1) meets the SSI (Super- set ATX) 24-pin specifi...

  • Page 48: Nic1 Led, Nic2 Led, Overheat/fan Fail Led, Power Fail Led

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual HDD LED HDD LED The HDD (IDE Hard Disk Drive) LED Pin Defi nitions (JF1) connection is located on pins 13 and Pin# Defi nition 14 of JF1. Attach the IDE hard drive LED cable to display disk activity. HD Active Refer to the table on the right for pin defi...

  • Page 49: Reset Button, Power Button, Usb Headers

    Chapter 5: Advanced Serverboard Setup Reset Button Reset Button Pin Defi nitions (JF1) The Reset Button connection is lo- Pin# Defi nition cated on pins 3 and 4 of JF1. Attach it to the hardware reset switch on the Reset computer case.

  • Page 50: Serial Ports, Fan Headers

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual ATX PS/2 Keyboard and PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse Port Pin PS/2 Mouse Ports Defi nitions Pin# Defi nition The ATX PS/2 keyboard and the Data PS/2 mouse ports are located on the IO backplane. The mouse is the top Ground (green) port.

  • Page 51: Power Led/speaker/keylock, Overheat Led, Chassis Intrusion, Wake-on-lan

    Chapter 5: Advanced Serverboard Setup Power LED/Speaker/Keylock PWR LED Connector Pin Defi nitions (JF2) Pin# Defi nition On JF2, pins 2, 4, and 6 are for the +Vcc power LED, pins 1, 3, 5 and 7 are for the speaker and pins 8 and 10 are for Control the keylock.

  • Page 52: Wake-on-ring, Lan1/2 (ethernet Ports), Power Supply Fail Alarm Reset Header

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Wake-On-Ring Wake-On-Ring Pin Defi nitions (JWOR) The Wake-On-Ring header is desig- Pin# Defi nition nated JWOR. This function allows Ground (Black) your computer to receive and "wake- Wake-up up" by an incoming call to the modem when in suspend state. See the table on the right for pin defi...

  • Page 53: Power Supply Fail Alarm Header, Compact Flash Power Header, Sgpio

    Chapter 5: Advanced Serverboard Setup Power Supply Fail Alarm Power Supply Fail Header Alarm Header Pin Defi nitions (JPWF) Connect a cable from your power Pin# Defi nition supply to JPWF to provide you with P/S 1 Fail Signal warning of a power supply failure. P/S 2 Fail Signal The warning signal is passed through P/S 3 Fail Signal...

  • Page 54: Jumper Settings, Explanation Of Jumpers, Cmos Clear

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Jumper Settings Explanation of Jumpers To modify the operation of the Connector serverboard, jumpers can be used to Pins choose between optional settings. Jumpers create shorts between two pins to change the function of the Jumper connector. Pin 1 is identifi ed with a square solder pad on the printed circuit board.

  • Page 55: I 2 C To Pci-x Enable/disable, Compact Flash Master/slave

    Chapter 5: Advanced Serverboard Setup C to PCI-X Enable/Disable The JI C1/2 pair of jumpers allows you to connect the System Management C to PCI-X Enable/Disable Jumper Settings Bus to the PCI-X expansion slots. The C1/2) default setting is disabled. Both con- Jumper Setting Defi...

  • Page 56: Pci-x Slot Speed, Vga Enable/disable, Power Supply Fail Detect Enable/disable

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual PCI-X Slot Speed PCI-X Slot Speed Jumper Settings (JPX1A/JPX1B) Jumper JPXA1 on the H8DM3-2 is Jumper Setting Defi nition used to change the speed of PCI-X Open Auto slots #1 & 2. Jumper JPXB1 is used Pins 1-2 PCI-X 66 MHz to change the speed of PCI-X slot #3.

  • Page 57: Onboard Indicators, Lan1/lan2 Leds

    Chapter 5: Advanced Serverboard Setup 5-10 Onboard Indicators LAN1/LAN2 LEDs JLAN LED (Connection Speed Indicator) The Ethernet ports (located beside LED Color Defi nition the VGA port) have two LEDs. On 10/100 MHz each Gb LAN port, one LED indicates Amber 1 GHz activity when blinking while the other...

  • Page 58: Floppy, Ide, Sata And Sas Drive Connections, Floppy Connector

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual 5-11 Floppy, IDE, SATA and SAS Drive Connections Use the following information to connect the fl oppy and hard disk drive cables. The fl oppy disk drive cable has seven twisted wires. A red mark on a wire typically designates the location of pin 1. A single fl...

  • Page 59: Ide Connector

    Chapter 5: Advanced Serverboard Setup IDE Connector IDE Drive Connectors Pin Defi nitions (IDE#1) Pin# Defi nition Pin # Defi nition There are no jumpers to con- fi gure the onboard IDE#1 con- Reset IDE Ground nector unless using it for a Host Data 7 Host Data 8 compact flash device.

  • Page 60: Sata Ports, Sas Ports

    Note: SAS is enabled in BIOS Tx1- Tx1+ (refer to Chapter 7). Tx0- Tx0+ LSI's SAS manual for details on creating and working with SAS RAID arrays. See the LSI SAS manual (included on the Supermicro CD) for SAS RAID set up instructions. 5-26...

  • Page 61: Installing Additional Drivers

    Chapter 5: Advanced Serverboard Setup 5-12 Installing Additional Drivers The CD that came bundled with the system contains software drivers, some of which must be installed, such as the chipset driver. After inserting this CD into your CD- ROM drive, the display shown in Figure 5-7 should appear. (If this display does not appear, click on the My Computer icon and then on the icon representing your CD-ROM drive.

  • Page 62

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Notes 5-28...

  • Page 63: Static-sensitive Devices

    Chapter 6: Advanced Chassis Setup Chapter 6 Advanced Chassis Setup This chapter covers the steps required to install components and perform simple maintenance on the SC745TQ-R800 chassis. Following the component installation steps in the order given will eliminate most common problems. If some steps are unnecessary, skip ahead to the step that follows.

  • Page 64: Usb Ports

    UPER ERVER 4021M-32R User's Manual Figure 6-1. Chassis Front View Main Power System Reset USB Ports 5.25" Drive Bays 3.5" Drive Bay 8 SAS Drive Bays (behind locking bezel)

  • Page 65: Control Panel

    Chapter 6: Advanced Chassis Setup Control Panel The front control panel must be connected to the JF1 connector on the serverboard to provide you with system status and alarm indications. A ribbon cable has bundled these wires together to simplify this connection. Connect the cable from JF1 on the serverboard (making sure the red wire plugs into pin 1) to the appropriate comnnec- tor on the front control panel PCB (printed circuit board).

  • Page 66: System Fans, Replacing Chassis Fans

    UPER ERVER 4021M-32R User's Manual System Fans Three 8-cm chassis fans (located in the center of the chassis) provide cooling airfl ow while two 8-cm exhaust fans expel hot air from the chassis. The chassis is also fi tted with an air shroud to concentrate the fl ow of cool air over the areas of highest generated heat.

  • Page 67

    Chapter 6: Advanced Chassis Setup Figure 6-3. Removing a Chassis Fan Figure 6-4. Removing the Air Shroud...

  • Page 68: Drive Bay Installation, Sas Drives

    UPER ERVER 4021M-32R User's Manual Drive Bay Installation SAS Drives A total of eight SAS drives may be housed in the SC745TQ-R800 chassis. The drive IDs are preconfi gured as 0 through 7 in order from bottom to top (or from left to right if rackmounted).

  • Page 69

    Chapter 6: Advanced Chassis Setup Figure 6-5. Removing a SAS Drive Carrier Figure 6-6. Mounting a SAS Drive in a Carrier Important! Use extreme caution when working around the SAS backplane. Do not touch the backplane with any metal objects and make sure no ribbon cables touch the backplane or obstruct the airfl...

  • Page 70: Installing Components In The 5.25"/3.5" Drive Bays

    UPER ERVER 4021M-32R User's Manual Installing Components in the 5.25"/3.5" Drive Bays 1. Drive bay confi guration The 4021M-32R has two 5.25" and one 3.5" drive bays. Components such as an extra fl oppy drive, IDE hard drives or CD-ROM drives can be installed into these 5.25"...

  • Page 71: Power Supply, Power Supply Failure, Removing/replacing The Power Supply

    The PWR Fail LED will illuminate and remain on until the failed unit has been replaced. Re- placement units can be ordered directly from Supermicro (see contact information in the Preface). The hot-swap capability of the power supply modules allows you to replace the failed module without powering down the system.

  • Page 72

    UPER ERVER 4021M-32R User's Manual Notes 6-10...

  • Page 73: Introduction

    Chapter 7: BIOS Chapter 7 BIOS Introduction This chapter describes the AMIBIOS™ Setup utility for the H8DM3-2. The AMI ROM BIOS is stored in a fl ash chip and can be easily upgraded using a fl oppy disk-based program. Note: Due to periodic changes to the BIOS, some settings may have been added or deleted and might not yet be recorded in this manual.

  • Page 74: Main Menu, Advanced Settings Menu

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Main Menu When you fi rst enter AMI BIOS Setup Utility, you will see the Main Menu screen. You can always return to the Main Menu by selecting the Main tab on the top of the screen with the arrow keys. The Main Menu screen provides you with a system overview, which includes the version, built date and ID of the AMIBIOS, the type, speed and number of the processors in the system and the amount of memory installed in the system.

  • Page 75

    Chapter 7: BIOS Boot up Num-Lock Set this value to allow the Number Lock setting to be modifi ed during boot up. The options are On and Off. PS/2 Mouse Support Set this value to modify support for a PS/2 mouse. The options are Auto, En- abled and Disabled.

  • Page 76

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Headless Mode Use this setting to Enable or Disable headless operation mode through ACPI. MCP55 ACPI HPET Table Use this setting to either Enable or Disable the MCP55 ACPI HPET table. Power Confi guration Power Button Mode Allows the user to change the function of the power button.

  • Page 77

    Chapter 7: BIOS CPU Confi guration MThe submenu lists CPU information and the following settings: GART Error Reporting This setting is used for testing only (setting should be disabled). Power Now This setting is used to Enable or Disable the AMD Power Now feature. Thermal Throttling This setting is used to Enable or Disable Thermal Throttling.

  • Page 78

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual nVidia RAID Function This setting is used to Enable or Disable the nVidia ROM. Primary IDE Master/Slave Highlight one of the items above and press <Enter> to access the submenu for that item. Type Select the type of device connected to the system. The options are Not Installed, Auto, CDROM and ARMD.

  • Page 79

    Chapter 7: BIOS DMA Mode Selects the DMA Mode. Options are Auto, SWDMA0, SWDMA1, SWDMA2, MWDMA0. MDWDMA1, MWDMA2, UDMA0. UDMA1, UDMA2, UDMA3, UDMA4 and UDMA5. (SWDMA=Single Word DMA, MWDMA=Multi Word DMA, UDMA=UltraDMA.) S.M.A.R.T. Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART) can help predict impending drive failures.

  • Page 80

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual cannot be determined. Select 0 to allow AMI BIOS to use PIO mode 0. It has a data transfer rate of 3.3 MBs. Select 1 to allow AMI BIOS to use PIO mode 1. It has a data transfer rate of 5.2 MBs. Select 2 to allow AMI BIOS to use PIO mode 2.

  • Page 81

    Chapter 7: BIOS PCI/PnP Confi guration Clear NVRAM Select Yes to clear NVRAM during boot-up. The options are Yes and No. Plug & Play OS Select Yes to allow the OS to confi gure Plug & Play devices. (This is not required for system boot if your system has an OS that supports Plug &...

  • Page 82

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual DMA Channel 0/1/3/5/6/7 This feature specifi es the availability of a DMA channel. The options are Available and Reserved. Reserved Memory Size This setting sets the size of the memory block to reserve for Legacy ISA devices. The options are Disabled, 16k, 32k and 64k.

  • Page 83

    Chapter 7: BIOS allow the parallel port to use 378 as its I/O port address. The majority of parallel ports on computer systems use IRQ7 and I/O Port 378H as the standard setting. Select 278 to allow the parallel port to use 278 as its I/O port address. Select 3BC to allow the parallel port to use 3BC as its I/O port address.

  • Page 84

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual CS Sparing Enable This setting will reserve a spare memory rank in each node when enabled. Options are Enable and Disable. Memory Hole Remapping When "Enabled", this feature enables hardware memory remapping around the memory hole. Options are Enabled and Disabled. ECC Confi...

  • Page 85

    Chapter 7: BIOS Alternate VID Specify the alternate VID while in low power states. Options are Auto and vari- ous voltages from .800V to 1.050V in increments of .025V. SouthBridge Confi guration CPU/LDT Spread Spectrum Enables spread spectrum for the CPU/LDT. Options are Center Spread, Down Spread or Disabled.

  • Page 86

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual USB 2.0 Controller Mode Select the controller mode for your USB ports. Options are HiSpeed and FullSpeed. (HiSpeed=480 Mbps, FullSpeed=12 Mbps). BIOS EHCI Hand-Off Enable or Disable a workaround for OS's without EHCI hand-off support. Event Log Confi guration View Event Log Highlight this item and press <Enter>...

  • Page 87: System Health Monitor, System Fan Monitor

    Chapter 7: BIOS System Health Monitor CPU Overheat Alarm Use the "+" and "-" keys to set the CPU temperature threshold to between 65 and 90 C. When this threshold is exceeded, the overheat LED on the chas- sis will light up and an alarm will sound. The LED and alarm will turn off once the CPU temperature has dropped to 5 degrees below the threshold set.

  • Page 88: Security Menu, Boot Menu

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Boot Menu This feature allows the user to confi gure the following items: Boot Device Priority This feature allows the user to prioritize the boot sequence from the available devices. Removable Drives This feature allows the user to specify the Boot sequence from available removable drives.

  • Page 89: Exit Menu

    Chapter 7: BIOS Exit Menu Select the Exit tab from AMI BIOS Setup Utility screen to enter the Exit BIOS Setup screen. Save Changes and Exit When you have completed the system confi guration changes, select this option to leave BIOS Setup and reboot the computer, so the new system confi guration parameters can take effect.

  • Page 90

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Notes 7-18...

  • Page 91: Bios Error Beep Codes

    Appendix A: BIOS Error Beep Codes Appendix A BIOS Error Beep Codes During the POST (Power-On Self-Test) routines, which are performed each time the system is powered on, errors may occur. Non-fatal errors are those which, in most cases, allow the system to continue the boot-up process.

  • Page 92

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Notes...

  • Page 93: Bios Post Checkpoint Codes

    Appendix B: BIOS POST Checkpoint Codes Appendix B BIOS POST Checkpoint Codes When AMIBIOS performs the Power On Self Test, it writes checkpoint codes to I/O port 0080h. If the computer cannot complete the boot process, diagnostic equipment can be attached to the computer to read I/O port 0080h. Uncompressed Initialization Codes The uncompressed initialization checkpoint codes are listed in order of execution: Checkpoint...

  • Page 94

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Bootblock Recovery Codes The bootblock recovery checkpoint codes are listed in order of execution: Checkpoint Code Description The onboard fl oppy controller if available is initialized. Next, beginning the base 512 KB memory test. Initializing the interrupt vector table next. Initializing the DMA and Interrupt controllers next.

  • Page 95

    Appendix B: BIOS POST Checkpoint Codes Uncompressed Initialization Codes The following runtime checkpoint codes are listed in order of execution. These codes are uncompressed in F0000h shadow RAM. Checkpoint Code Description The NMI is disabled. Next, checking for a soft reset or a power on condition. The BIOS stack has been built.

  • Page 96

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Checkpoint Code Description Interrupt vector initialization is done. Clearing the password if the POST DIAG switch is on. Any initialization before setting video mode will be done next. Initialization before setting the video mode is complete. Confi guring the mono- chrome mode and color mode settings next.

  • Page 97

    Appendix B: BIOS POST Checkpoint Codes Checkpoint Code Description The memory below 1 MB has been cleared via a soft reset. Clearing the memory above 1 MB next. The memory above 1 MB has been cleared via a soft reset. Saving the memory size next.

  • Page 98

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Checkpoint Code Description The password was checked. Performing any required programming before WIN- BIOS Setup next. The programming before WINBIOS Setup has completed. Uncompressing the WINBIOS Setup code and executing the AMIBIOS Setup or WINBIOS Setup utility next.

  • Page 99

    Appendix B: BIOS POST Checkpoint Codes Checkpoint Code Description Returned from adaptor ROM at E000h control. Performing any initialization required after the E000 option ROM had control next. Initialization after E000 option ROM control has completed. Displaying the system confi guration next. Uncompressing the DMI data and executing DMI POST initialization next.

  • Page 100

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Notes...

  • Page 101

    Appendix C: System Specifi cations Appendix C System Specifi cations Processors Single or dual AMD Opteron 2000 series (Socket F) type processors Note: Please refer to our web site for a complete listing of supported processors. Chipset nVidia MCP55 Pro and AMD-8132 chipset BIOS 8 Mb AMI®...

  • Page 102

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Expansion Slots Two PCI-Express x8 slots, one PCI-Express x4 slot, one 64-bit 133 MHz PCI-X slot and two 64-bit 133/100 MHz PCI-X slots (all low-profi le cards) Serverboard H8DM3-2 (Extended ATX form factor) Dimensions: 12 x 13.05 in (305 x 331 mm) Chassis SC745TQ-R800, tower/4U rackmount Dimensions (as tower): (WxHxD) 7 x 19 x 27 in.

  • Page 103

    Appendix C: System Specifi cations Regulatory Compliance Electromagnetic Emissions: FCC Class A, EN 55022 Class A, EN 61000-3-2/-3-3, CISPR 22 Class A Electromagnetic Immunity: EN 55024/CISPR 24, (EN 61000-4-2, EN 61000-4-3, EN 61000-4-4, EN 61000-4-5, EN 61000-4-6, EN 61000-4-8, EN 61000-4-11) Safety: EN 60950/IEC 60950-Compliant, UL Listed (USA), CUL Listed (Canada), TUV Certifi...

  • Page 104

    AS4021M-32R User's Manual Notes...

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