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AIWA CDC-Z137 Operating Instructions Manual

Fm/am cd player.
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FM/AM Compact Disc Player
Owner's Record
For your convenience, record the serial number (you will find
below. Please refer to them when you contact your AlWA
on the-internet at
call toll free 1-800-BUY-AIWA
(United States only)
them on the bottom side of your set) in the space provided
dealer in case of difficulty.
Model No. CDC-Z137
Serial No.
0 2003 Sony Corporation


Table of Contents

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   Summary of Contents for AIWA CDC-Z137

  • Page 1 Please refer to them when you contact your AlWA dealer in case of difficulty. call toll free 1-800-BUY-AIWA (United States only) Model No. CDC-Z137 Serial No.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS PRECAUTIONS BASIC OPERATION, AUDIO AND CLOCK Use only in a 12-volt DC negative-ground electrical ............. ADJUSTMENT system..........RADIO OPERATION Disconnect the vehicle’s negative battery terminal CD PLAYER OPERATION while mounting and connecting the unit. AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT When replacing the fuse, be sure to use one with an ..........
  • Page 3: Basic Operation, Audio And Clock Adjustment

    BASIC OPERATION, Press SEL repeatedly to select the mode to be adjusted. AUDIO AND CLOCK Pressing SEL cycles through the modes. The selected mode's indicator appears. ADJUSTMENT Turn dial to increase/decrease the level or to select onloff for the selected mode. P W R I A T Note Adjust the level or select on/off within...
  • Page 4: Radio Operation

    Monaural m o d e Setting the clock When signals become weak, or FM reception becomes poor, the unit automatically switches to Monaural mode Press and hold DSPL until the clock indicator to reduce noise. flashes in the display. Press (to set hour) or- (to set minute), and then Local m o d e turn Jog dial.
  • Page 5: Cd Player Operation

    Presetting stations manually Labeled-side (Manual Memory) TU (TUNER) Press repeatedly to select the desired band (FMI, FM2, FM3, AMI, or AM2). Press to tune in to a desired station (see "Tuning in to a station'' as well for another tuning method).
  • Page 6: Auxiliary Equipment

    Displaying the VU level indicator Play Shuffle You can play all the tracks in random order. Turn off me unit Press SHUF during CD play. Press and nolo PS until "VII" appears n the oisp ay. "SHUF appears on the display. TJrn dial to select on (leve naicators appear) To cancel Shuffle Play, press SHUF again...
  • Page 7: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS RADIO SECTION (FM) Frequency Range: 87.5 MHz 108 MHz Usable Sensitivity: 12.7 dBf 50 dB Quieting Sensitivity: 17.2 dBf IF Rejection: 100 dB Frequency Response: 15,000 Hz SIN Ratio: 70 dB Stereo Separation: dB at 1 kHz Alternate Channel Selectivity: Capture Ratio: 3 dB (AM) Frequency Range:...
  • Page 8 WARRANTY PERIODS During the applicable LABOR warranty period, Aiwa will pay labor and service charges for the repair of defects or, at its option, will replace a defective product with a new or remanufactured equivalent product.
  • Page 9 A\i!!! SUPPLIED MOUNTING HARDWARE FOR MATERIEL DE MONTAGE FOURNI POUR INSTALLATION L'INSTALLATION I N STAL LATlO N A N D C 0 N N E CTI 0 N S I N STA L L AT I 0 N S I N STA L LATlO N INSTALACION Y CONEXIONES The installation scenario described in this manual Le scenario d'installation indique dans ce manuel...
  • Page 10 CONNEXIONS CONNECTIONS PRECAUTIONS PRECAUTIONS Precautions pour les connexions Precaution on making connections Avant le raccordement, verifiez que la cle d'allumage est Before connecting, make sure that the ignition switch is sur OFF, et debranchez le prise de masse de la batterie set toOFF, and remove the ground terminal of the battery pour proteger I'appareil et votre voiture des dommages.

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