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Haier HWR08XC7 - 8,000 BTU Air Conditioner User Manual

User manual.
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RoomAir Conditioner
Clim_tisetie_ @ Piece
Acendkieneder DeAire
• e_ueid'_tiii_etio_
_l_rae_sd 1-877- 337-3_9 _ li_n_#r_rl_
s_r_ reppe_s e =_ki_


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   Summary of Contents for Haier HWR08XC7 - 8,000 BTU Air Conditioner

  • Page 1

    Haier What World Comes Home To" RoomAir Conditioner Clim_tisetie_ @ Piece Acendkieneder DeAire HWF08XC5 HWR08XC5 ESA3065 ESA3085 • e_ueid'_tiii_etio_ (ESA3065/ESA3085 Only) _l_rae_sd 1-877- 337-3_9 _ li_n_#r_rl_ s_r_ reppe_s e =_ki_...

  • Page 2

    Thank You buying a dependable,er,ergy saving and easy to operate HALER _oomair conditionen This manual cor|tainsuseful inFon,nation for you to safely useyour main'lain, operate, install and room air conditioner, Your air cor_ditioner cleaas,cools and deh,_midifies the air in your room 1o provide you with the ultimatelevel of comfort.

  • Page 3

    SAFETY PRECAUTIONS WARNING: Following these basic prscautlons will reduce risk af fire, electrical shack, injury or death when using your air conditioner. 1} Air conditioner must be connected to proper electrlcal outlet with the corr_st electrical supply, lsee table] Proper grounding must be ensured to reduce the risk oFshock and }ire. DO NOT CUT OR REMOVE THE GROUNDING PRONG.

  • Page 4

    PAGE A Word From Haier ..............Product Registration ..............Safely Precautions ..............Warnings ................... Electrical Safely ................Tips Energy $_ving Guide Features .................. Operating Guide ..............8-13 Normal Operoti_g Sounds..............Operatir_g Instructions 8=13 Installations ................. 14-18 Parts Supplied ................Took ...................

  • Page 5

    _g the saFet/messages is very important. These messages can save you fiom being injured or killed. Warning symbols alerl you Io be careful and means Danger. Always Follow instructions to be saFeand reduce chances of injury or death. Warning and Danger signs will precede safety messages.

  • Page 6

    • Air Conditioners are designed for use in a double hung window or through the wall installation only_ (As applicable in your model) • While installing unit be sure to tilt air conditioner 5 degree outward to have Ihe water drip outside the house. g Install the unit on the north side as normally that is the shaded side.

  • Page 7

    4 woy cosy filk_r,, MODEL: HWR08XC5 ESA3065, ESA3085 : _ahles F,u "r, '-_all h_ o, co_di':or _r in o dmsbl_ €or_rol 7'. Re_t_ {un_'o_so" Fo F.'I ih¢_ u nB on o, oq 8. LED Displ_q¢ lele_rani_ (.'ont'rol Panel Tqe 4 '_icn :1>...

  • Page 8

    ¢or1"ro f_nel easy fihr_ MODEL: HWFOSXC5 1, l"etnperal'ure Set Kt_ob 3, 4 Way Air Flaw This kn_k_adjusts the ternperalare of the air. Th_:s__:i_di,_:Ik:n_l Io,,_ I_:Iyou ::_r, l r_l lhe d'redion o_ the _irflow "nyour m_,Jred _rec_io,', High._r t_ ._i_g _e cadet 1he_ir temtoer_iure. lhe airflow can k,_.d:rectc-d With "hi_I<,nob you ccm _e'tthe."tvl_pc:r_urc to your up - dc_'n - right :-idc - Ic_ s'de...

  • Page 9

    Nor aJ Ope tlng Sounds Thefollowing soundsere normallyheard during 1lieopcmt;on of al_air condltio_cr. = Thermostatclicks. As the thermostat cTcleson/off you will hear this sound, • Cool airflow movement as dictated by the set Fanspeed, • Water sounds,This is normal since your air conditioner acts as a deh_midiF;eralso.

  • Page 10

    After you plug in the unit it will p_rrorrr_ a self test. All the display lights will turn on for 3 seconds. The LED display will read "88". If any display light fails to turn on you may ned service on the unit. Alter the 3 seconds self test the _nit will automatically go t'o Ihe stand by mode, Now all lights will Be off and you will have to urn "ON"...

  • Page 11

    Fig, # 3 Control F_nel. ht_ _E= © _ ©_ O'A_ Eveq rim_.?ao a,ess rl'e SFF.EI; bul'on, \-_q soeed wil _haqge be-_e_q LO&, IGI I. I) Ir vo_ cl,_ose th_ C(')OL n',_c_ you car, nm "1_ [_ n o_÷ a t'_ z sp_.÷ds IGI I, b-)N, 21 Fer teal days you may wart te rut the '--AN' :_rdi,gq.

  • Page 12

    l-ig.b Conh'ol Panel, Timer o," or Tree, of[ .'_oo÷ i_ u_ed "o pre-;.iar or ._n_,t _ [ ym," <miti_- _dvrma-. _ou _rJ.'_ progrnrn I g_ Jp I"_2 / he..,'_ ir _J_l_rJqc_. _ou _.'J,', u _ I_ -me, i,: fuqct on_ Le. C'.'_£;,L, FAH . T:mer o_ _ (See,Fi0.

  • Page 13

    Control Panel. Operating ln rucl'ions MODEL; HWF08XC5 (S_ Fig.# 1) FUNCTION fig, # 1 COOL COOL TEM P EI:b_'TU RE...

  • Page 14

    AFter [nstall;ng your air pltJg _tiota the proper condlt[oner, eledrical outlet in the wall. 1) Select M_t. A/C on the Fenclio_ Set kno6. 2) Set the Temperc_ture Set knob a_" t he mid level setting_This will t_rrl on your air conditioner. 3) You can set the Ihermostat |ram Mir_Cool to Max Cool.

  • Page 15

    Before y ouinstall yourairconditioner check t hefollowing: 1) The unit is fr_e ofall obstructions insid_ and outside Ihe roam e.g. drapes, curtains, furnlt_re, plants, shrubs, bushes,trees, other"structuresllke building, garage etc, Air conditioner rnusl have clear unobstructed airflow through the condenser to remove the heat. 2) Thewindow is strong eeaugh to hold the weight of the air co, rill'loner, Extra Iorackel_or supports may Joeneededdepending on your windows, (Bracketsor Supports net provided in all models)

  • Page 16

    PQrts 31f32 _ o_ri'c_in ::,,.I _r_',v_ 13132' I_ ard fah? _de o.,to[,ls I_pa_ 0rige You will need to hava the following tools to help you i_ the installalier, oF your air conditioner. "Scissors • Phillips Screwdriver •Standard Screwdriver • Pliers ,Wrench •Drill _nd Drill Bits •TapeMeasure...

  • Page 17

    InstallingUnit into A Window Window Opening Requirements Theair conditioner i_ designed to fit intodouble or sirgle hung sashb'pe windows, Eachof the Fillthe units comes with an installation kit that provides cdjustablemounting louvers,to gaps between the sides o[ th_ unit, and the window [rame_Th_ chart bdow reflectsthe dimen_ions d:lha unilswilh, ar'_wilhoul irl_lallalionkib.

  • Page 18

    Mobile k_ne windgw ir_tollgaion Add wv_ slrip _ulI_:_11 1/2" wide) o _'_'j en-irt_widtF o 4vi _dc,_ si -nickr_s+ o[ weed ++ripshould m_c'_ heg _'of _rcn' lip an wi _dow t,ome, kz/str'nweod st,ip to s: wih a n"nirn_n c[ I}'e_ cuunls_vrk wc_e_.t scr_¢s (,tol supphc:rt will"...

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  • Page 20

    _!iii_!iii_!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii!iiii • Always unplug your air conditioner before cleaning. " The air filter behind the front grille should be checked cleaned at least once every 2 weeks or more oflen if necessary. I0 F_IT_OW3 : If Ope_ the :nlet grille downwcrd by pJling out the -ap ofPe idet grille.

  • Page 21

    Tostore y ouraircondiHoner, after t heseason, remove theunit F rom the window aspertheinstallation gLdde. Repack theunil i r_ ilsoriginal and slore away. If your unii is installed in a wall or you do not intend to remove it FromIhe window then cover the outside with a winter cover. This can be purchased rrarn Ifle retailer where you purchased your air conditioner or from your local hardware store_ Before putting away your uhit make sure an), water left ir_ the pan is...

  • Page 22

    Air conditioner working but room not cooling: • Room may have appliances that produc_ heat. Us0 an exhaust fan to remove exce_ he<st. • Vent may Be in the open position. Vent has to be closed for optimum cooling. • Redirect the airflow. Removeany obstacles. •...

  • Page 23

    THE WARR_qTIES OF product. MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESSFOP, What will be done? A PARTICULARPURPOSE. Haier will repair or replace, in your home,any m_chanical,_le_rical part or The remedyprovided in this warranty is the compressor,which provesdeFective _,xcl_sive and is cjrank_din lleu of all...

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