Dell HV02T User Manual

Dell HV02T User Manual

Dell djtm dj mp3 player user's guide hv02t


Dell DJ™
User's Guide
Model HV02T
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  • Page 1 Dell DJ™ User’s Guide Model HV02T w w w . d e l l . c o m | s u p p o r t . d e l l . c o m...
  • Page 2 Reproduction in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Dell Inc. is strictly forbidden. Trademarks used in this text: Dell, the DELL logo, Dell DJ and Dell Pocket DJ are trademarks of Dell Inc.; Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation;...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Your Dell DJ ........
  • Page 4 (Available with Inline FM Tuner only) ..... . 24 Storing Data Files on the Dell DJ ......25 Managing Files from the Main Menu .
  • Page 5: Finding Information

    User’s Guide, Getting Started Guide, and answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions. My Service Tag Find it here: Getting Started Guide and the Dell DJ™ User’s Guide Dell DJ™ User’s Guide ® Musicmatch online help...
  • Page 6: About Your Device

    Introduction Congratulations on purchasing the Dell DJ™! In this document, you can find instructions on how to use the key features of your new Dell DJ with the accompanying software. You can also find more sources of useful information in "Finding Information"...
  • Page 7: Front And Top Views

    Front and Top Views headphone connector back button rewind/skip back button VOLUME BUTTONS —Press and hold the volume buttons to increase or decrease the volume. POWER BUTTON —Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn the device on or off. LOCK SWITCH —Move this to lock or unlock the buttons on your device.
  • Page 8: Bottom View

    HOME BUTTON —Press the Home button to access other functions in the device. See "Using Your Dell DJ" on page 17 for information. Bottom View DOCK CONNECTOR—Connect your device to your AC adapter or computer. See "Charging the Battery"...
  • Page 9: Wired Remote (Optional)

    Wired Remote (Optional) rewind/skip lock back button switch play/pause button volume buttons headphone connector REWIND/SKIP BACK BUTTON —Press the rewind/skip back button to move to the start of the current track, or to go to the previous track. Press and hold the rewind/skip back button to move back within a track.
  • Page 10: Charging The Battery

    Connect the power cable to your travel charger connector, and connect the travel charger connector to your Dell DJ as shown. Connect the other end of the power cable into a wall outlet. Your device displays the Charging Battery icon corner of the screen.
  • Page 11 NOTICE: To avoid damaging the travel charger connector or USB synchronization cable, disconnect the connectors from your device by pressing the two buttons on the sides of the connectors to release the self-lock structure. The other options to charge the battery: •...
  • Page 12: Installing Software

    Dell DJ™/Dell Pocket DJ™ Product Software CD. Double-click setup.exe. When the Dell DJ installation screen appears, click OK to start the software installation process. Follow the instructions on the screen and click OK, Next, or Yes when prompted.
  • Page 13: Connecting To A Computer

    Connect your device to a computer to transfer data files or audio tracks, and to charge your battery. See "Transferring Music to the Dell DJ" on page 20 for information on transferring data files and audio tracks.
  • Page 14 Align the dock connector on the bottom of your device to the connector on the cradle, while facing the front of the device toward the Dell logo, and insert the device gently but firmly onto the connector. Optional (For charging) NOTE: To charge your device from your computer’s USB connector, your...
  • Page 15: Using The Usb Synchronization Cable

    Using the USB Synchronization Cable Use the USB synchronization cable to connect your device directly to the computer without using the cradle. To connect your device to the USB synchronization cable: Connect the larger end of the USB synchronization cable to the dock connector on your device.
  • Page 16: Performing A Reset

    Performing a Reset If your device stops responding, perform a reset. NOTICE: Files or tracks that are being transferred may be lost but other data is normally retained. To perform a reset, insert the end of a thin object, such as a straightened paper clip, into the reset button.
  • Page 17: Using Your Dell Dj

    20). Playing Digital Music The Dell DJ can play tracks in MP3, WMA, or WAV file formats. The Dell DJ comes with a few sample MP3 tracks already loaded into the Music Library. To load your own music files onto the Dell DJ, see "Transferring Music to the Dell DJ"...
  • Page 18 To play a genre, scroll-select a genre in Genres, then scroll-select Play Genre. NOTE: If you have no playlists in your Dell DJ, see "Creating a Playlist" on page 33. To find and play an album by a particular artist: Press the Home button on your Dell DJ.
  • Page 19 All tracks are added to the Selected Music list. Playback starts after all music tracks have been queued. After selecting Play All Music Tracks, your Dell DJ plays all music tracks in the sequence determined by the Play Mode setting.
  • Page 20: Transferring Music To The Dell Dj

    Dell DJ to your computer using the included USB synchronization cable or cradle. NOTE: Dell DJ Explorer will not transfer out of the Dell DJ files that are copyright protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM). Transferring Music Tracks Using Musicmatch Dell DJ software powered by Musicmatch®...
  • Page 21: Transferring Music Tracks Using Dell Dj Explorer

    NOTE: Synchronization is a one-way process. It will only copy files from the computer to the Dell DJ. It will not copy files from the Dell DJ to the computer. Select Help on the Musicmatch toolbar for more information. Transferring Music Tracks Using Dell DJ Explorer With Dell DJ Explorer, you can transfer music tracks using the copy-and- paste or drag-and-drop method.
  • Page 22 When transferring music tracks to your Dell DJ, be sure to transfer them to the Music Library folder of your Dell DJ. If you transfer music files from your computer to the Data Library folder of your Dell DJ, these music tracks will be stored as data files and will not be playable on your Dell DJ.
  • Page 23 NOTE: To select consecutive files, hold down the <SHIFT> key and click the first and last files. NOTE: To learn more about using Dell DJ Explorer, click the Help the Dell DJ Toolbar. icon on Using Yo ur Dell DJ...
  • Page 24: Recording Voice And Fm Radio Using The Dell Dj (Available With Inline Fm Tuner Only)

    DJ (Available with Inline FM Tuner only) You can create recordings of interviews, lectures, meetings, personal notes or your favorite FM radio stations using Dell DJ's Inline FM Tuner (optional). See the Inline FM Tuner Getting Started Guide for the voice or FM recording steps.
  • Page 25: Storing Data Files On The Dell Dj

    Storing Data Files on the Dell DJ Using the included Dell DJ Explorer software, your Dell DJ can be used as a data storage device. You can transfer data files between your Dell DJ and any computer with Dell DJ Explorer installed.
  • Page 26: Managing Files From The Main Menu

    Managing Files from the Main Menu The Main Menu of Dell DJ is the starting place for the Dell DJ operations. To get to the Main Menu, press the Home button on your Dell DJ. Music Library is your window to the music tracks stored on your Dell DJ.
  • Page 27 Adding to and managing the Selected Music list, then creating playlists from the Selected Music list • Deleting tracks, playlists, albums, artists, or genres in your Dell DJ NOTE: Recordings made with your Dell DJ automatically become tracks and can be found in View All Tracks in Music Library, or in Recordings found in your Music Library.
  • Page 28 Scroll-select Find Track. A list of characters appears. Scroll-select the first character of the track name. The Dell DJ displays music tracks in alphabetical order, beginning with the character you selected. Scroll-select a different first character to view tracks beginning with that character.
  • Page 29 Viewing an Album In Music Library, you can view the contents of an album by an artist. To locate an album by artist: Press the Home button on your Dell DJ. Scroll-select Music Library. Scroll-select Artists. Scroll-select an artist. A list of options appears.
  • Page 30: Now Playing And The Selected Music List

    To create a Selected Music list, locate and play a track or category of tracks using one of the previously described methods. To view the Selected Music list: Press the Home button on your Dell DJ. Scroll-select Now Playing. Scroll-select Selected Music.
  • Page 31 Add to Selected option, or replace the tracks in the Selected Music list using the Play option. To add tracks: Press the Home button on your Dell DJ. Scroll-select Music Library. Scroll-select a category. For example, if you want to add a track from a particular album, scroll-select Albums.
  • Page 32 Scroll-select Selected Music, then scroll-select a track. Scroll-select Clear Selection, then scroll-select Yes. Press the Home button on your Dell DJ to return to the Main Menu. NOTE: Tracks that are cleared or removed from the Selected Music list are not deleted from your device. To delete a track from Music Library, see "Deleting Tracks From Your Dell DJ"...
  • Page 33 Music Library. You can remove tracks from the Selected Music list without permanently deleting the tracks from your Dell DJ. See "Clearing the Selected Music List" and "Removing a Track from the Selected Music List" on page 32.
  • Page 34 Scroll-select Yes to delete the track from your Dell DJ. To delete an entire album, artist, genre, or playlist: Press the Home button on your Dell DJ. Scroll-select Music Library. Scroll-select an audio category. For example, if you want to delete a particular album, scroll-select Albums.
  • Page 35: Play Mode

    Shuffle Repeat randomly plays the selected music tracks, then repeats them in a different random sequence until you turn off the Dell DJ or change the play mode. Track Once plays the selected track one time and then stops.
  • Page 36: Date And Time

    Date and time — view time, change the date and time, format, and date separator • Sleep timer — choose how much time passes before your Dell DJ shuts itself off during playback of a song • Calendar view — view the calendar To view or set the time, date and day: Press the Home button.
  • Page 37: Settings

    Press the Home button. Scroll-select Date & Time. Scroll-select View Calendar. Settings You can customize the Dell DJ to your preferences by adjusting the settings. You can set: • Owner name — enter your name, or a name for your Dell DJ •...
  • Page 38 • Language — choose the Dell DJ’s display language To set the owner’s name: Press the Home button. Scroll-select Settings & Info. Scroll-select Settings. Scroll-select the owner’s name. A list of characters appear. Scroll-select characters to form the name. To select other characters, scroll-select Charset.
  • Page 39 Scroll-select Settings & Info. Scroll-select Settings. Scroll-select the current contrast level. A list of available levels appears. Scroll-select a level. To set the idle shutdown time: Press the Home button. Scroll-select Settings & Info. Scroll-select Settings. icon. Using Yo ur Dell DJ...
  • Page 40: Information

    Scroll-select Settings. Scroll-select the current display language. A list of available languages appears. Scroll-select a language. Information You can check your Dell DJ for the following information: • Firmware version • Total amount of space for storing music or data •...
  • Page 41: Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions This section covers common problems you might encounter or questions you might have while using your Dell DJ. If you have a problem that is not addressed in this chapter, visit for more information. Installation I can’t install the Dell DJ software on my computer, which has Microsoft ®...
  • Page 42: Usage

    Battery" on page 10. Usage I can’t turn my Dell DJ on. I can’t turn my Dell DJ on, and all the buttons flash when I hold down the Power button. You may not be holding down the Power button long enough.
  • Page 43: General

    My computer does not recognize my Dell DJ. You may be using a USB hub to connect your Dell DJ to your computer. Connect your Dell DJ directly to your computer’s USB port. I don’t see the charging icon anymore, but my Dell DJ seems to be working.
  • Page 44: Error Indications

    I want to delete all the music tracks on my Dell DJ, but I can’t find the option in the main menu. From the main menu, you can only delete one track, album, artist, genre or playlist at a time.
  • Page 45: Troubleshooting In Rescue Mode

    All files, music tracks, and playlists are lost. You must reload all files, music tracks, and playlists. • Reload Firmware — clears firmware in the Dell DJ so that you can load updated firmware. NOTE: Do not choose this option until you have downloaded updated firmware into your computer.
  • Page 46 Scroll-select Format All. Scroll-select Yes. A progress display appears. Reload Firmware Choose this option to upgrade your Dell DJ’s firmware, or if you want to correct firmware problems. You should also choose this option when your player becomes unresponsive frequently.
  • Page 47 Reboot Choose this option to get out of Rescue mode, and return to your Dell DJ’s normal display. When in Rescue mode, scroll-select Reboot. Your player restarts automatically. You can also press and hold the Power button to turn your player off.
  • Page 48: Appendix

  • Page 49: Specifications

    Specifications Hardware Display Storage media Battery AC-in power (through dock connector) 5–5.4V, 2.4A PC connection (through dock connector) Dock connector Performance Parameters Audio quality Signal-to-noise ratio Channel separation Frequency response Harmonic distortion 160 x 104 resolution blue EL back light 20/30 GB HDD Embedded lithium-ion polymer USB 2.0/1.1...
  • Page 50 Performance Parameters Playtime Battery charging up to 12 hours (based on 128 kbps MP3 songs, continuous playback) AC adapter charging — full charge in 2.5 hours USB cable charging — full charge in 4.5 hours (battery must have at least 25% charge for USB charging) Appendix...
  • Page 51: Glossary

    Glossary —A bitrate indicates the average number of bits in 1 second of a digital ITRATE audio track. MP3 encoders allow you to specify the bitrate when making MP3 files. The higher the bitrate, the better the audio quality. Unfortunately, this also means a larger file size.
  • Page 52 —An organized collection of audio tracks in your device. Tracks are USIC IBRARY grouped by categories: All tracks, Albums, Artists, and Genres. —A grouping of audio tracks. Using a playlist, you can create a playback LAYLIST sequence of audio tracks from multiple albums or categories without actually rearranging any audio tracks in the device’s Music Library.
  • Page 53: Index

    Index AC adapter charging, 10 adding tracks, 31 automatic shutdown, 37 available space, 40 backlight duration, 37, 39 battery charging, 10 bitrate, 51 buttons back, 7 fast forward/skip forward, 8-9 play/pause, 8-9 power, 7 reset, 8 rewind/skip back, 7, 9 scroll dial, 8 volume, 7, 9 categories, 51...
  • Page 54 file management, 26 file transfer, 20 firmware, 51 firmware version, 40 gigabyte (GB), 51 glossary, 51 hardware specifications, 49 Home button, 8 idle shutdown, 37 idle shutdown time, 39 kbps, 51 language, 38 lithium-ion battery (Li-Ion), 51 locating tracks, 27 lock switch, 7, 9 managing files, 26 megabyte (MB), 51...
  • Page 55 USB, 52 USB cable charging, 13 using cradle, 13 Musicmatch, 20 Selected Music list, 30 USB synchronization cable, 15 using your Dell DJ, 17 viewing an album, 29 viewing track information, 28, views front, 7 side, 7 top, 7 wired remote, 7, 9, 52...

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