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Dell DJ DITTY HV04T Owner's Manual

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Dell DJ Ditty™
Owner's Manual
Model HV04T
w w w . d e l l . c o m | s u p p o r t . d e l l . c o m


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Dell DJ Ditty™ Owner’s Manual Model HV04T w w w . d e l l . c o m | s u p p o r t . d e l l . c o m...
  • Page 2 Reproduction in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Dell Inc. is strictly forbidden. Trademarks used in this text: Dell, Dell DJ Ditty and the DELL logo are trademarks of Dell Inc.; Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Finding Information ..... . . About Your Dell DJ Ditty Introduction ......
  • Page 4 Your Dell DJ Ditty ....Storing Data Files on the Dell DJ Ditty ...
  • Page 5 Firmware Upgrade ..... . Warning Indications ..... Troubleshooting .
  • Page 6: Finding Information

    Finding Information What are you looking for? Find it here: How to set up my Dell DJ Ditty Dell DJ Ditty™ Getting Started and information on the connectors Guide and the Dell DJ Ditty™ and buttons on my Dell DJ Ditty.
  • Page 7 Dell DJ Ditty™ Owner’s Manual, Dell DJ Ditty™ Getting Started Guide, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Dell DJ Ditty™ Product Warranty information Information Guide My Service Tag Located on the back of the Dell DJ Ditty Finding Information...
  • Page 8: Introduction

    Congratulations on purchasing the Dell DJ Ditty™! In this document, you can find instructions on how to use the key features of your new Dell DJ Ditty with the accompanying software. You can also find more sources of useful information in "Finding Information"...
  • Page 9 As a data storage device (see "Transferring Music to the Dell DJ Ditty" on page 36), or • As an FM Radio (see "FM Radio Using the Dell DJ Ditty" on page 26). For details about using these features and getting the most out of your Dell DJ Ditty, see "Using Your Dell DJ Ditty"...
  • Page 10: Top, Front And Side Views

    Top, Front and Side Views headphone connector reset button home/power button volume/scroll/select dial LCD screen fast forward / skip forward play/pause USB connector rewind / skip back lanyard USB protective cap attachment About Your Dell DJ Ditty...
  • Page 11 USB PROTECTIVE CAP - Keep attached at all times when your Dell DJ Ditty is not connected to a computer. This protects the USB connector. USB CONNECTOR - Connects your Dell DJ Ditty to a computer to transfer data files or tracks, and charges the battery.
  • Page 12: Installing Software

    LANYARD ATTACHMENT - Connects lanyard. Installing Software Your Dell DJ Ditty comes with software that helps you create audio tracks and manage Music Library. To install software: NOTE: Ensure that your Dell DJ Ditty is not connected to your computer during the software installation process.
  • Page 13 2 When the Dell DJ Ditty installation screen appears, click OK to start the software installation process. Follow the instructions on the screen and click OK, Next, or Yes when prompted. NOTE: The software may determine that you have a different version of Musicmatch already on your computer.
  • Page 14: Connecting To Your Computer & Charging The Battery

    Charging the Battery" on page 14. Connecting to your Computer & Charging the Battery Connect your Dell DJ Ditty directly to the USB port of your computer in order to transfer data files or audio tracks, and to charge the battery.
  • Page 15 To charge the battery: Plug your Dell DJ Ditty directly into your computer’s USB port (see above). Leave the Dell DJ Ditty plugged in for 2.5 hours, in order to properly charge the battery. About Your Dell DJ Ditty...
  • Page 16 1 bar - 16% to 35% 0 bars - 0% to 15% NOTE: Do not use your Dell DJ Ditty for the first time until you have charged the battery for at least 2.5hours. NOTE: To charge your Dell DJ Ditty from your computer’s USB connector, your computer must be turned on.
  • Page 17: Performing A Reset

    NOTE: Charge your Dell DJ Ditty at least once a month, even if it is not being used. NOTICE: Do not attempt to replace or remove the integrated battery from your Dell DJ Ditty. You may damage the Dell DJ Ditty permanently.
  • Page 18 NOTICE: Files or tracks that were being transferred may be lost but other data is normally retained. About Your Dell DJ Ditty...
  • Page 19: Playing Digital Music

    As an FM Radio (see "FM Radio Using the Dell DJ Ditty" on page 26). Playing Digital Music The Dell DJ Ditty can play tracks in MP3 or WMA file formats. It also has PlaysForSure support, meaning that you can play downloaded songs in WMA format with PlaysForSure Digital Rights Management technology.
  • Page 20 MP3 tracks already loaded into the Music Library. To load your own music files onto the Dell DJ Ditty, see "Transferring Music to the Dell DJ Ditty" on page 36. NOTE: Scroll-select means to move the dial in the desired direction and press in on the scroll dial to select the item.
  • Page 21: How To Repeat A Marked Segment (Ab Mode)

    Play/Pause button for 2 seconds and then release to activate the stop point for AB mode ( ). The chosen segment is repeatedly played until AB mode is cancelled. Using Your Dell DJ Ditty...
  • Page 22: How To Cancel Ab Mode

    AB mode. Managing Files from the Main Menu The Main Menu of the Dell DJ Ditty is the starting place for the Dell DJ Ditty operations. To get to the Main Menu, press the Home/Power button on your Dell DJ Ditty.
  • Page 23: Music Library

    Dell DJ Ditty. Music Library Playing Music Tracks Listed below are some quick tips on playing music on your Dell DJ Ditty. To play music tracks: 1 Press the Home/Power button on your Dell DJ Ditty.
  • Page 24 You can use MusicMatch Jukebox to transfer audiobooks to your Dell DJ Ditty. If you stop listening to an audiobook on your Dell DJ Ditty and go back to it later, the audiobook begins playing from where you left off.
  • Page 25: Play Mode

    3 To change the play mode, scroll-select a play mode. Normal - Plays each track one time in sequential order. Repeat Track - Repeatedly plays the selected track until you turn off the Dell DJ Ditty or change the play mode. Using Your Dell DJ Ditty...
  • Page 26: Fm Radio Using The Dell Dj Ditty

    Shuffle Repeat - Randomly plays all tracks, then repeats them in a different random sequence until you turn off the Dell DJ Ditty or change the play mode. Play Mode icons are shown at the top of the display, as shown below.
  • Page 27 To listen to FM radio: 1 If your Dell DJ Ditty is not already turned on, press and hold the Home/Power button for 2 seconds. 2 Press the Home/Power button to access the main menu. 3 Scroll-select FM Radio. 4 If you see the message "AutoScan 10 stations to presets?", scroll-select Yes.
  • Page 28 Use the Fast forward/Skip Forward or Rewind/Skip Back buttons to increase or decrease the preset number, then press and hold Play/Pause to save. To listen to a preset station: 1 Press the Home button. 2 Scroll-select FM Radio. Using Your Dell DJ Ditty...
  • Page 29: Date & Time

    Menu. Scroll-select AutoScan to go through the autoscanning procedure. Date & Time Enables you to display and set the date and time and adjust the sleep timer. You can select: • Display - view date and time, as well as sleep time Using Your Dell DJ Ditty...
  • Page 30 • Sleep timer - choose how much time passes before your Dell DJ Ditty shuts itself off. • Set Time - change the time • Set Date - change the date To view the time, date and day: 1 Press the Home button.
  • Page 31 4 Scroll-select Change. 5 Scroll-right to increase, or left to decrease the item which is highlighed. 6 Press the Volume/Scroll/Select dial to change which item is highlighted (e.g. to change the highlighted item from month to day). Using Your Dell DJ Ditty...
  • Page 32: Settings & Info

    7 Scroll-select < to accept the new date. Settings & Info Settings You can customize the Dell DJ Ditty to your preferences by adjusting the settings. You can set: • EQ - choose from available EQ presets • Backlight - choose how long the backlight remains lit •...
  • Page 33 1 Press the Home button. 2 Scroll-select Settings & Info. 3 Scroll-select Settings. 4 Scroll-select Contrast. A level-bar of contrast levels appears. 5 Scroll-select a level. To set the idle timer: 1 Press the Home button. Using Your Dell DJ Ditty...
  • Page 34 4 Scroll-select Idle Timer. A list of available times appears. 5 Scroll-select a shutdown time. NOTE: Your player is "idle" when you do not press a player button and you do not have any tracks playing during the specified duration. Using Your Dell DJ Ditty...
  • Page 35 • Available space for storing music or data • Number of tracks stored To check the information for your Dell DJ Ditty: 1 Press the Home button. 2 Scroll-select Settings & Info. 3 Scroll-select Information Using Your Dell DJ Ditty...
  • Page 36: Transferring Music To The Dell Dj Ditty

    Dell DJ Ditty, as well as access to the Musicmatch Downloads service. Some of the basic features of Musicmatch are covered below, but for complete instructions on how to use the Musicmatch software, click Start >...
  • Page 37 Transferring Music Tracks from Musicmatch Library 1 Connect the Dell DJ Ditty to your computer. 2 Start Musicmatch by clicking Start > All Programs > Musicmatch Jukebox. The Musicmatch main window appears. 3 Click View > Portable Device Manager. Using Your Dell DJ Ditty...
  • Page 38 Using Your Dell DJ Ditty...
  • Page 39 2 With the Portable Device Manager (PDM) open, you can transfer tracks in a drag-and-drop operation from your computer's Musicmatch Jukebox onto the Dell DJ Ditty. 3 To drag-and-drop, locate and click the track that you want to copy, then drag it to Dell DJ Ditty.
  • Page 40: Storing Data Files On The Dell Dj Ditty

    Dell DJ Ditty. Select Help on the Musicmatch toolbar for more information. Storing Data Files on the Dell DJ Ditty You can store data files on your Dell DJ Ditty in the same way as a standard USB Flash Memory device. To transfer files: ®...
  • Page 41 3 Within the MTP directory, there are two folders: Data and Media. Be sure to copy-and-paste/drag-and-drop any data files into the Data folder. Using Your Dell DJ Ditty...
  • Page 42: Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions This section covers common problems you might encounter or questions you might have while using your Dell DJ Ditty. If you have a problem that is not addressed in this chapter, visit for more information. Installation 1 I can’t install the Dell DJ Ditty software on my computer,...
  • Page 43 Upgrade your computer’s operating system to Windows XP (with Windows Media Player 10.0 or above) before attempting to install the Dell DJ Ditty. 2 My Dell DJ Ditty is not recognized by Musicmatch, after installing the software from the Dell DJ Ditty™ Product Software CD.
  • Page 44: Usage

    Player. Usage 1 I can’t turn my Dell DJ Ditty off. I was using my Dell DJ Ditty, and now the Dell DJ Ditty is not responding. The keys on the Dell DJ Ditty have been locked. Unlock the keys by pressing and holding the Volume/Scroll/Select dial until the lock icon disappears.
  • Page 45: General

    Dell DJ Ditty. 3 My computer does not recognize my Dell DJ Ditty. You may be using a USB hub to connect your Dell DJ Ditty to your computer. Connect your Dell DJ Ditty directly to your computer’s USB port.
  • Page 46: Firmware Upgrade

    Verify that the music track sounds the same when you play it from the Dell DJ Ditty and from your computer. You can then acquire a better recording of the track and transfer it to your Dell DJ Ditty. Firmware Upgrade...
  • Page 47: Warning Indications

    Restarting the Dell DJ Ditty may take up to 2 minutes. Warning Indications 1 Low Battery Shutting Down The battery is low or depleted. Connect the Dell DJ Ditty to a powered USB port and allow the unit’s battery to charge fully.
  • Page 48: Troubleshooting

    “Format Data Area” checked in the Troubleshooting section. Troubleshooting 1 All the buttons on my Dell DJ Ditty are not responding and there is a lock icon on the LCD Screen The Button Lock function has been activated. Press and hold the Volume/Scroll/Select dial until the lock icon disappears, and then release the button.
  • Page 49 Format Dell DJ Ditty NOTICE: Be sure to backup all the files and music tracks in your Dell DJ Ditty before performing this step. NOTICE: All files and music tracks in your Dell DJ Ditty are lost when this operation is selected.
  • Page 50 Click the “Tools” button on the right-hand side of “Portable Device Manager” window. Choose the “Format media”. Disconnect your Dell DJ Ditty and reboot it Format using Windows Media Player 10: Run Microsoft® Media Player 10. Connect your Dell DJ Ditty to the computer.
  • Page 51 Run the firmware update program and click the Next button. NOTICE: Be sure to backup all the files and music tracks on your Dell DJ Ditty before performing this step. Check the "Format Data Area" option and click the Start button.
  • Page 52: Musicmatch

    Restarting the Dell DJ Ditty may take up to 2 minutes. Musicmatch Musicmatch Jukebox FAQ 1 Are there other services available to use with Musicmatch Jukebox? Musicmatch Jukebox comes fully integrated with Musicmatch Radio, Musicmatch Music Store and Musicmatch On Demand. These services help you listen to and discover music in ways never before possible, or as easy, on your personal computer.
  • Page 53 Playlists. Your music files still remain on your computer and do have not been removed. 3 I'm getting an error when trying to update the firmware on my Dell DJ Ditty If you are getting the error: "PC Firmware update cannot proceed because Musicmatch Jukebox software is interfering, please restart system and run this firmware update again."...
  • Page 54: Musicmatch On Demand

    4 The tracks in my Library have different colored icons next to each track. What does each color mean? • Gray music-note icons represent standard MP3, mp3PRO, WMA and WAV music files. • Green music-note icons represent purchased Musicmatch Downloads tracks. •...
  • Page 55 exact tracks to play. Create Playlists of different tracks, discover new music by Genre, Era, Artist, Album or Track, save tracks to your Music Library, and access your Musicmatch On Demand account from any PC in the world. Subscribing to Musicmatch On Demand also gives you access to premier Musicmatch Radio service.
  • Page 56 Dell DJ Ditty. Players need to be PlaysForSure compatible. 3 How do I download tracks to my Dell DJ Ditty? Launch Musicmatch Jukebox and sign in to your account. Search for the artist(s) that you’d like to download to your Dell DJ Ditty by typing their name into the Search field and clicking Go.
  • Page 57 artist. Click the Buy Track or Buy Album button to purchase and download tracks. 5 How do I save Musicmatch On Demand tracks to my Music Library? "On Demand" subscribers may save a single track or an entire album from Musicmatch On Demand to the Music Library. While listening to an artist, click the Save to Library button next to the album, or Save button next to each track, and it is saved directly to your Music Library in Musicmatch Jukebox.
  • Page 58 7 How to view Musicmatch On Demand tracks only in your Music Library To view only your Musicmatch On Demand tracks in your Music Library, do the following: Open Musicmatch Jukebox. Click the Options from the menu bar. Select Music Library. Select View.
  • Page 59 While listening to a Musicmatch On Demand Playlist, click the Send To button, and then select A Friend (email track list). Enter your name, the Playlist name, an optional message and the email addresses of those you would like to receive your Playlist.
  • Page 60 • Clicking My Matches presents you with similar music, that you can relate to and enjoy. 11 Can I burn CDs from Musicmatch On Demand tracks? Musicmatch On Demand tracks cannot be burned to CD. However, purchased tracks can be burned to CD and sent to your portable player.
  • Page 61: Musicmatch Radio

    Musicmatch Radio 1 Do I need an account to use Musicmatch Radio? You may listen to any of our professionally, pre-programmed stations such as Era stations, or Most Popular Stations, with over 1,000,000 tracks available, without creating a Musicmatch Jukebox account. If you opt to listen to these free stations, you have access to CD-quality streaming and Artist Match radio for one hour.
  • Page 62 Upgrade to Premium Radio button below the Playlist Window in Musicmatch Jukebox. 3 I love the 70s, can I listen to music only from that era? Era stations transport you to the decade, or specific year, from which you enjoy music most. Select Eras from the Radio home page and you can quickly find the year you would like, and specific artists from that year.
  • Page 63 Open Musicmatch Jukebox. Click View from the menu bar. Select Musicmatch Radio. Select a pre-programmed Radio station that most directly matches your ideal station and play it by clicking on that station’s Play button. Click the Tools button. Select Create/Edit Custom Station. From here you are able to customize the perfect, personalized station with the artists you choose.
  • Page 64: Musicmatch Music Store

    There is no limit to the amount of artists available for your listening pleasure in Musicmatch Radio. You have full access to over 1,000,000 tracks from thousands of artists. You can listen to music you have not heard in years, and hear songs for the first time exclusively on Musicmatch Radio.
  • Page 65 The tracks available from Musicmatch are encoded using a Variable Bitrate in high-end CD quality sound. Variable Bitrate encoding is an encoding method that ensures consistently high audio quality throughout an encoded file by making decisions on recording quality based on audio complexity.
  • Page 66 Insert a blank CD-R disc. Click the Burn button in the Playlist window. Once Musicmatch Burner opens, select the type of CD you wish to create (Musicmatch Burner defaults to Audio CD). Click Burn to start the burn. NOTE: You must have an Internet connection to burn tracks downloaded from the Musicmatch Music Store to CD, as a burn license must be obtained prior to burning.
  • Page 67 Attach your device according to the Getting Started Guide. Your tracks are copied over to your device. 6 I have multiple computers in my home. May I listen to my Musicmatch Downloads tracks on all of them? Musicmatch Downloads can be played on up to five computers.
  • Page 68 7 To log in to your Musicmatch Downloads account: Open Musicmatch Jukebox. Click the Login button (top left of the track downloads window.) NOTE: If you see your login name, click it to log out and log back in. Enter your username and password in the fields provided. Click on the Login button.
  • Page 69 Downloads, you are not able to activate a new computer. You must first deactivate one of the five activated computers using the Manage Active PCs button in Account Management. Deactivation of a computer is permanent and can only be performed on the computer that you wish to deactivate. If you no longer have access to a computer you wish to deactivate, contact Musicmatch Customer Support for assistance.
  • Page 70: Musicmatch Music Store Troubleshooting

    Jukebox from the Musicmatch website, and then reinstall it on your system. This should correct the error. 2 When trying to download a track to my Dell DJ Ditty, an error message tells me I must upgrade to On Demand Tracks from older versions of the On Demand service are not portable.
  • Page 71 3 When trying to play an On Demand track from the Library or On Demand tab the Player freezes There may be a corrupted license file. To check and update this file: Check to see what version of wmvcore.dll you are using. It is located in C:\Windows\System 32\wmvcore.dll.
  • Page 72 logging into your Jukebox account, pressing the Account button, and selecting Edit Subscription. 5 I can no longer play my On Demand Portable tracks Musicmatch On Demand Portable tracks must be renewed every 30 days or the license expires. Renewing the license is a simple process that takes about a minute.
  • Page 73 6 What is firmware and why do I need to update my portable device with a newer version? Firmware is what drives your hardware to perform tasks such as play music, show tags, add and remove music from your device, etc. Firmware talks to the operating system to accomplish other tasks as well, such as managing digital rights for music.
  • Page 74: Error Messages

    Error Messages "Unsupported Operation: You must be logged-in to your On Demand portable account to download and transfer On Demand tracks to your portable device." "On Demand services are currently unavailable. Updating your PC settings may resolve the problem. Go to Help > Additional Help Online >...
  • Page 75 1 Set up your XP login with administrator rights from Start menu > Control Panel > User Accounts. Internet Explorer Right-click on Internet Explorer from your desktop and select Properties. 1 Select the Privacy tab and make sure your cookie tolerance is set to Medium or lower.
  • Page 76 • Enable Install on Demand (Internet Explorer) • Enable Install on Demand (Other) 5 Select the Connections tab, and make sure the following options are correct: If you're using a Modem, click on the name of your ISP and press the Settings button. Uncheck the box that reads Use a proxy server for •...
  • Page 77 2 Select the Privacy tab and place a checkmark next to the following options: • Acquire licenses automatically for protected content. • Send unique Player ID to content providers. Firewall/Antivirus Software Do you have an active Firewall? Go to the Start menu, select Control Panel, then select Security Options.
  • Page 78 If you are running a firewall other than Windows Firewall, unblock the following programs: mmjb.exe, mm_TDMEngine.exe, mim.exe, mimboot.exe, MMJBBurn.exe, mmjblaunch.exe, and mm_server.exe. General Usage 1 Add tracks to your portable device Connect the portable device to your computer as instructed in the Getting Started Guide. Click the Portable Device button to open the Portable Device Manager, (or send tracks to the PDM by selecting the menu File>Send to Portable Device).
  • Page 79 Decide if you want to manually add tracks, or have the process more automated by using synchronization. Manually Add Tracks - You may either: • drag-and-drop tracks into the PDM window, click the Add button in the PDM window, or •...
  • Page 80 Find your device and click on its picture. The plugin downloads and installs automatically. Reattach your portable device and try again. NOTE: MusicMatch Jukebox Software, which is included on your Dell DJ Ditty Product Software CD, already has the Dell DJ Ditty Plug- in Preinstalled. Frequently Asked Questions...
  • Page 81 Frequently Asked Questions...
  • Page 82: Appendix

    Appendix Specifications Hardware Display 96 x 32 resolution Blue EL back light Storage media 512MB non-volatile flash memory Battery Embedded lithium-polymer 300mAh max. Computer connection USB 2.0/1.1 Appendix...
  • Page 83 Harmonic distortion < 0.1% Playtime up to 14 hours (based on 128 kbps MP3 songs, continuous playback, volume 7(maximum 21), EQ off, using included Dell earphones) Battery charging time 2.5 hrs Operating temperature 0°C/32°F to 40°C/104°F Storage temperature -10°C/14°F to 45°C/113°F...
  • Page 84 Supported Audio Formats Bitrates 8 ~ 320 kbps, Variable Bitrate (VBR) supported Bitrates 32~192 kbps, Variable Bitrate (VBR) supported PlaysForSure Licensed WMA Audible files Format 2, format 3 and format 4. Supported Operating Systems Windows XP Home 32 bit, SP 1, Windows Media Player 10 Windows XP Professional 32 bit, SP 1, Windows Media...
  • Page 85: Glossary

    Glossary Audible format is used for Audiobooks which can be UDIBLE— downloaded and listened to on your Dell DJ Ditty. When you stop listening to an Audiobook and return to it later, it will still be at the same place.
  • Page 86 However, they are more expensive than conventional nickel-cadmium (NiCad) and nickel metalhydride (NiMH) batteries. Your Dell DJ Ditty uses a Li-Poly battery. (MB) —About 1 million bytes. Bytes, megabytes, and EGABYTE gigabytes are measures of how much data a storage device can hold.
  • Page 87 Dell DJ Ditty uses the newer USB 2.0 standard that allows for higher speed transfers than USB 1.1. WMA —Windows Media Audio. This is the standard used by Windows Media. Your Dell DJ Ditty can play tracks in this format, as well as MP3. Appendix...
  • Page 88: Index

    Index AB mode, 21-22 Data Files, 40 Available space, 35 Date & Time, 22 Date and Time, 29 Digital Rights Management, 19 Display, 29 Backlight duration, 32 download, 56 Contrast level, 32 EQ, 32 Error Indications, 47 Index...
  • Page 89 Error Messages, 74 Idle Timer, 32 Information, 35 Fast Forward/Skip Forward, 11, Firmware, 53 Language, 32 firmware, 73 Lanyard Attachment, 12 Firmware version, 35 LCD Screen, 11 FM Radio, 22 license agreement, 60 Listen to a preset station, 28 Lock keys, 21 Headphone Connector, 11 Home/Power Button, 11 Main Menu, 22...
  • Page 90 Music Library, 22, 25 Music Store, 52 On Demand, 52 Musicmatch Downloads, 68 On Demand Portable, 55 Musicmatch Help, 36 Musicmatch Library, 37 Musicmatch Music Store, 64 Play All, 23-24 Musicmatch Radio, 61 Play Mode, 22 Musicmatch®, 36 Play/Pause, 11, 20 PlaysForSure, 19 Portable Device Manager, 37, Normal, 25...
  • Page 91 Spoken Word Audio, 24 Synchronization, 40 Radio, 52 Repeat All, 26 Repeat Track, 25 Reset Button, 11 Troubleshooting, 48 Rewind/Skip Back, 11, 20 Unlock keys, 21 SEEK, 28 USB Connector, 11 Settings & Info, 23 USB Protective Cap, 11 Shuffle, 26 Shuffle Repeat, 26 Sleep timer, 30 Volume/Scroll/Select Dial, 11...
  • Page 92 Windows Media Player 10, 76 WMA, 19 Index...