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Dell Inspiron 1427 Setup Manual

Dell laptop quick setup guide.
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   Summary of Contents for Dell Inspiron 1427

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    States and/or other countries/regions. Bluetooth is a registered trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and is used by Dell Inc. under license. Other trademarks and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products.Dell Inc.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Back View ...18 Removing and Replacing the Battery ...19 Software Features ...20 Troubleshooting... 22 Network Problems ... 22 Power Problems ... 23 Memory Problems ... 24 Lockups and Software Problems ... 24 Dell Diagnostics ... 27 Restore the Operating System...28...

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    Getting Help ... 33 Technical Support and Customer Service ...34 Online Services ...34 Product Information ...35 Before You Call ...36 Contacting Dell ...37 Finding More Information and Resources.. 38 Specifications ... 40 Index... 48...

  • Page 7: Setting Up Your Inspiron Laptop

    Setting Up Your Inspiron Laptop This section provides information about setting up your Inspiron 1427 laptop and connecting peripherals. Before Setting Up Your Computer When positioning your computer, ensure that you allow easy access to a power source, adequate ventilation, and a level surface to place your computer.

  • Page 8: Connect The Ac Adapter

    Connect the AC Adapter Connect the AC adapter to the computer and then plug it into a wall outlet or surge protector. CAUTION:The AC adapter works with electrical outlets worldwide. However, power connectors and power strips vary among countries. Using an incompatible cable or improperly connecting the cable to a power strip or electrical outlet may cause fire or equipment damage.

  • Page 9: Connect The Network Cable (optional)

    Setting Up Your Inspiron Laptop Connect the Network Cable (Optional) To establish a wired network connection, plug in the network cable.

  • Page 10: Press The Power Button

    Setting Up Your Inspiron Laptop Press the Power Button...

  • Page 11: Windows Vista Setup

    Windows Vista Setup If you ordered Windows Vista operating system with your computer, it is already configured. To set up Windows Vista for the first time, follow the instructions on the screen. These steps are mandatory and may take up to 15 minutes to complete. The screens will take you through several procedures, including accepting license agreements, setting preferences and configuring an Internet connection.

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    Setting Up a Wireless Internet Connection in Windows Vista Wireless Router Internet Service Cable Modem or DSL Modem 1. Internet Service 2. Cable Modem or DSL Modem 3. Wireless Router 4. Portable Computer with Wireless Internet Card For more information on setting up and using wireless see the user manual of the computer or router.

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    Setting Up Your Internet Connection in Windows Vista To set up an Internet connection, perform the steps in the following section. 1. Save and close any open files, and exit any open programs. 2. Double-click the ISP icon on the desktop. 3.

  • Page 14: Using Your Inspiron Laptop

    Using Your Inspiron Laptop Your Inspiron 1427 has indicators, buttons, and features that provide information at-a-glance and time-saving shortcuts for common tasks. Right Side View...

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    1. Optical drive: You can input/output data for different purposes, such as burning CDs or playing DVDs. USB connectors: Connect to USB devices, such as a mouse, keyboard, printer, external device, or an MP3 player. AC adapter connector: Connects to the AC adapter to power on the computer and charge the battery when the computer is not in use.

  • Page 16: Left Side View

    Using Your Inspiron Laptop Left Side View...

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    VGA connector: Connects to a monitor or projector. Network connector (RJ-45): Connects the computer to a Local Area Network (LAN). High Power USB connectors: Connects to high power devices that draw more than 100mA from the USB power line, such as digital cameras and external hard drives.

  • Page 18: Front View

    Front view...

  • Page 19

    1. LCD latch: Secures the LCD display panel to the notebook. When opening the notebook, push the LCD latch to the right and lift the display panel. When you close the notebook, the LCD latch will hold the display panel in place. 2.

  • Page 20: Back View

    Back view Kensington Lock Kensington lock: You can attach a commercially available anti-theft device to the computer. NOTE: Before you buy an anti-theft device, make sure that it works with the Kensington lock on your computer.

  • Page 21: Removing And Replacing The Battery

    Removing and Replacing the Battery CAUTION: Using an incompatible battery may increase the risk of fire or explosion. CAUTION: Do not dispose of the battery with household waste. For more information about recycling the battery, contact your local recycling center. 1.

  • Page 22: Software Features

    Software Features NOTE: For more details on the contents in this section, see the hard drive or Dell Technology Guide at Dell Support, support. dell. com. Productivity and Communication You can use your computer to create presentations, brochures, greeting cards, flyers, and spreadsheets depending on the applications installed in your computer.

  • Page 23

    3. Click User Account Control, then click Continue, and follow the instructions of the Back up Files wizard. The following section provides information for solving any problems you may encounter while using your computer. If the problem cannot be resolved, see "Contacting Dell" on page 37.

  • Page 24: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Network Problems Wireless Connections If the wireless network connection is lost — You can manage the Wireless LAN using Windows Wireless Network Connections, accessed from the Control Panel. — Interference may be blocking or interrupting your wireless connection. Try moving the computer closer to your wireless router.

  • Page 25: Power Problems

    Power Problems If the power light is off — The computer is either turned off or is not receiving power. • Reseat the power cable into both the power connector on the computer and the electrical outlet. • Ensure that the electrical outlet is working by testing it with another device, such as a lamp.

  • Page 26: Memory Problems

    For more information about the type of memory supported by your computer, see the “Specifications” on page 40. • Run the Dell Diagnostics (see the “Dell Diagnostics” on page 27). Lockups and Software Problems If the computer does not start up — Ensure that the power cable is firmly connected to the computer and to the electrical outlet.

  • Page 27

    If a program stops responding — End the program: 1. Press <Ctrl><Shift><Esc> simultaneously. 2. Click Applications. 3. Click the program that is no longer responding. 4. Click End Task. If a program crashes repeatedly — Check the software documentation. If necessary, uninstall and then reinstall the program.

  • Page 28

    If a solid blue screen appears — Turn the computer off. If you are unable to get a response by pressing a key on your keyboard or moving your pointer using the touch pad or mouse, press and hold the power button for at least 8 to 10 seconds until the computer turns off and then restart your computer.

  • Page 29: Dell Diagnostics

    ® ® see the Microsoft Windows down your computer and try again. 4. Press any key to start the Dell Diagnostics from the diagnostics utility partition on your hard drive. desktop; then, shut...

  • Page 30: Restore The Operating System

    System Restore as the first solution for restoring your operating system and preserving data files. • Dell Factory Image Restore returns your hard drive to the original state from when it was shipped to you. All data on your hard drive will be permanently deleted, including any programs you have installed.

  • Page 31

    Starting System Restore 1. Click Start. 2. In the Start Search box, type System Restore and press <Enter>. NOTE: The User Account Control window might appear. If you are an administrator on the computer, click Continue; otherwise, contact your administrator to continue. 3.

  • Page 32

    If possible, back up all data before using Factory Image Restore. Dell Factory Image Restore 1. Turn on the computer. When the Dell logo appears, press <F8> several times to access the Vista Advanced Boot Options window.

  • Page 33

    For conventional hard drive configurations, the primary hard drive is the first drive detected by the computer. To reinstall Windows, you need the following items: • Dell Operating System media • Dell Drivers and Utilities media...

  • Page 34

    NOTE: The Dell Drivers and Utilities media contains drivers that were installed during the assembly of the computer. Use the Dell Drivers and Utilities media to load any required drivers. Depending on the region from which you ordered your computer, or whether you requested the...

  • Page 35: Getting Help

    1. See “Troubleshooting” on page 22 for information and procedures that pertain to the problem your computer is experiencing. 2. See “Dell Diagnostics” on page 27 for procedures on how to run Dell Diagnostics. 3. Fill out the “Diagnostic Checklist” on page 36.

  • Page 36: Technical Support And Customer Service

    36 and then see the contact information for your region or go to support. dell. com. Online Services You can learn about Dell products and services on the following websites: · www. dell. com · www. dell. com/ap (Asian/Pacific countries only) ·...

  • Page 37: Product Information

    Product Information If you need information about additional products available from Dell, or if you would like to place an order, visit the Dell website at www. dell. com. For the telephone number to call for your region or to speak to a sales specialist, see “Contacting Dell”...

  • Page 38: Before You Call

    Remember to fill out the following Diagnostics Checklist. If possible, turn on your computer before you call Dell for assistance and call from a telephone at or near the computer. You may be asked to type some commands at the keyboard, relay detailed information during operations, or try other troubleshooting steps possible only at the computer itself.

  • Page 39: Contacting Dell

    Country/Region drop-down menu at the bottom of the page. 3. Click Contact Us on the left side of the page. 4. Select the appropriate service or support link based on your need. 5. Choose the method of contacting Dell that is convenient for you.

  • Page 40: Finding More Information And Resources

    Dell Support website at support. dell. com. the “Service Manual” on the Dell Support website at support. dell. com. NOTE: In some countries, opening and replacing parts of your computer may void your warranty. Check your warranty and return policies before working inside your computer.

  • Page 41

    End User License Agreement. find your Service tag/Express Service Code — You must use the service tag to identify your computer on support. dell. com or to contact technical support. find drivers and downloads. access technical support and product help.

  • Page 42: Specifications

    Specifications System Model - Dell Inspiron 1427 This section provides basic information that you may need when setting up, updating drivers for, and upgrading your computer. NOTE: Offerings may vary by region. For more information regarding the configuration of your computer, click Start →...

  • Page 43

    Computer Information System Chipset Intel PM45 Data bus width 64 bits DRAM bus width single channel 64-bit buses Processor address bus 32 bits width Flash EPROM 1 MB PCI Bus 32 bits Communications Network adapter: 10/100/1000Mbps, Broadcom 5787 MKMLG PCI-E Wireless Wireless LAN, 802.

  • Page 44

    Audio Audio type 2 channel High Definition Audio controller Realtek ALC272-GR Stereo conversion 24-bit (analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog) Internal Interface Intel High Definition Audio External Interface built-in microphone microphone-in connector, stereo headphones/speakers connector Speaker two stereo speakers Internal speaker 0. 5 watt per channel into 4 ohm amplifier Volume controls program menus Ports and Connectors...

  • Page 45

    Display Type (TrueLife) 14. 1 inch WXGA Size: Height 206 mm (8. 1 in. ) Width 320 mm (12. 5 in. ) Maximum resolution 1280 x 800 Refresh rate 60 Hz Operating angle 0° (closed) to 135° Luminance 162 min. 180 typ. cd/m2 (5 point avg) Viewing Angles: Horizontal...

  • Page 46

    Camera (optional) Pixel 2. 0 megapixel Video resolution 320×240 ~ 1280×1024 (640×480 at 30 fps) Diagonal viewing angle 66° Touch pad X/Y position resolution 240cpi (graphics table mode) Size: Width 79. 7 mm (3. 13 in. ) sensor-active area Height 47.

  • Page 47

    Battery Operating time Varies depending on operating conditions and can be significantly reduced under certain power-intensive conditions. For more information, see “DellTechnology Guide”. Life span (approximate) 300 discharge/charge cycles Temperature range: Operating 0° to 35° (32° to 95°F) Storage -40° to 65°C (-40°...

  • Page 48

    Physical Height 43. 03 mm (1. 7 in. ) Width 337. 5 mm (13. 3 in. ) Depth 246 mm (9. 7 in. ) Weight (with 6-cell battery): Configurable to less than 2. 58 kg (5. 7 lb) Computer Environment Temperature range: Operating 5°...

  • Page 49

    Computer Environment Relative humidity (maximum): Operating 10% to 90% (non-condensing) Storage 5% to 95% (non-condensing) Maximum vibration (using a random-vibration spectrum that simulates user environment): Operating 0. 66 GRMS Storage 1. 3 GRMS Maximum shock (measured with hard drive inhead-parked positionand a 2ms half-sine pulse): Operating 110 G...

  • Page 50: Index

    Dell chipset computer setting up connect to the Internet customer service damage avoiding Dell Technology Guide for further information Diagnostic Checklist drivers and downloads e-mail addresses technical support finding more information FTP login, anonymous help getting help and support...

  • Page 51

    memory problems solving Microsoft Windows Vista Program Compatibility wizard reinstalling setup network connection fixing online services order status power problems solving power strips using problems solving processor products information and purchasing reinstalling Windows resources finding more setup before you begin software features software problems specifications...

  • Page 52

    ventilation ensuring Windows reinstalling wired network connecting cable wireless network connection...

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    Printed in China. Printed on recycled paper. .co m | s up p o r t .d el l.c o m 0F243RA00...

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