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Sanyo Zio User Manual

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©2010 Sprint. SPRINT and the logo are trademarks of Sprint.
Other marks are the property of their respective owners.
"SANYO" is a registered trademark of SANYO Electric Co.,
Ltd. and is used under license. KYOCERA is a registered
trademark of Kyocera Corporation. Kyocera manufactures
and markets the SANYO line of wireless products.

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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: User Guide

    ©2010 Sprint. SPRINT and the logo are trademarks of Sprint. Other marks are the property of their respective owners. “SANYO” is a registered trademark of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. and is used under license. KYOCERA is a registered trademark of Kyocera Corporation. Kyocera manufactures...
  • Page 2 Consejo: Para encontrar esta guía para usuarios en español, por favor visita a y haz clic en Support > Devices To find this user guide in Spanish, please visit and click Support > Devices – Sprint’s policies often do not Important Privacy Message apply to third-party applications.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Screen Overview ......18 Displaying Your Phone Number ... . . 25 Making and Answering Calls .
  • Page 4 Making a Call From the Call Log ... 53 2G. microSD Card ..... . . 67 Saving a Number From the Call Log .
  • Page 5 Roaming ....... . . 89 Section 4: Safety and Warranty Information .
  • Page 7: Introduction

    Introduction Your Device’s Menu ® This introduces you to Sprint service and The following table outlines your device’s main menu User Guide all the features of your new device. It’s divided into four structure. For more information about using your sections: device’s menus, see “Navigating Through the Menus”...
  • Page 8 Wallpaper > > 1: Shortcuts 1: Gallery 1: Applications 2: Bookmark 2: ID wallpapers 3: Contact 4: Direct dial 3: Wallpaper gallery 5: Direct message 6: Directions & Navigation 7: Exchange Email 8: Gmail label Sprint ID > 9: Latitude 10: Music playlist 11: Settings Search...
  • Page 9 6: Mobile networks 3: Media volume 1: Data roaming (On/Off) 2: Data roaming guard 4: Phone ringtone 3: System select 1: Preloaded ringtones 2: User added ringtones Settings Call settings > > 5: Phone vibrate (On/Off) 1: Voicemail 6: Notification ringtone 2: Call guard (On/Off) 7: Audible touch tones (On/Off) 3: System select...
  • Page 10 Settings Location & security Settings Applications > > > > My Location: 1: Unknown sources (On/Off) 2: Manage applications 1: Use wireless networks (On/Off) 3: Running services 2: Use GPS satellites (On/Off) 4: Development Screen unlock pattern: 1: USB debugging (On/Off) 2: Stay awake (On/Off) 1: Set unlock pattern/Change unlock pattern 3: Allow mock locations (On/Off) 2: Require pattern (On/Off)
  • Page 11: Text Settings

    Settings SD card, USB Mass Settings Language & keyboard > > > > Storage & phone storage 1: Select locale SD card: 1: English Español Text settings: 1: Total space 2: Available space 1: Android keyboard 3: Unmount SD card 1: Vibrate on keypress (On/Off) 2: Sound on keypress (On/Off) 4: Format SD card...
  • Page 12: Default Settings

    Settings Text-to-speech Settings About phone > > > > 1: Listen to an example 1: Status 2: Install voice data 1: Battery status 2: My phone number 3: Battery level 4: MIN 3: Always use my settings (On/Off) 5: PRL Version 6: ESN 7: MEID 8: Network...
  • Page 13 10: Firmware version 11: Baseband version 12: Kernel version 13: Build number In Use Menu Touch to display the following options: 1: Show tonepad 2: Swap calls/Merge calls/Add call 3: End call 4: Mute 5: Speaker 6: Bluetooth...
  • Page 15: Section 1: Getting Started

    Section 1 Getting Started...
  • Page 16: Setting Up Service

    Insert the battery into the opening on the back of 1A. Setting Up Service the device, making sure the connectors align. Gently press down to secure the battery. Setting Up Your Device (page 2) Position the back cover over the battery Activating Your Device (page 3) compartment, making Setting Up Your Voicemail (page 4)
  • Page 17: Activating Your Device

    Activating Your Device Sprint ID Once your device is activated, the next thing you will If you purchased your device at a Sprint Store , it is need to do is to install an initial ID Pack. ID Packs are probably activated and ready to use.
  • Page 18: Setting Up Your Voicemail

    Read the information screen for a description of Use your phone keypad to enter a phone number. the ID Pack and touch Install Touch on the screen, or press Read the Terms & Conditions and touch Agree Note: You should fully charge your battery before proceeding. begin the download.
  • Page 19: Sprint Account Passwords

    Voicemail Password Note: Voicemail Password Sprint strongly recommends that you create a You’ll create your voicemail password when you set up password when setting up your voicemail to protect your voicemail. See “Setting Up Your Voicemail” on against unauthorized access. Without a password, page 4 for more information on your voicemail anyone who has access to your device is able to password.
  • Page 20: Sprint 411

    View and pay your bill. government listings; movie listings or showtimes; driving directions, restaurant reservations, and major Enroll in Sprint online billing and automatic payment. local event information. You can get up to three pieces Purchase accessories. of information per call, and the operator can Shop for the latest Sprint phones.
  • Page 21: Section 2: Your Device

    Section 2 Your Device...
  • Page 22: Device Basics

    Your Device 2A. Device Basics 1. Earpiece 2. Light Sensor 11. LED Indicator Your Device (page 8) 3. Display Screen Viewing the Display Screen (page 10) Turning Your Device On and Off (page 13) Battery and Charger (page 14) Navigating Through the Menus (page 16) Screen Overview (page 18) Displaying Your Phone Number (page 25) Making and Answering Calls (page 25)
  • Page 23: Key Functions

    displays all the information needed Display Screen to operate your device, such as the call status, the 12. Speaker Contacts list, the date and time, and the signal and battery strength. 13. Camera Lens 20. Headset Jack returns you to the Home screen. Touch HOME Key and hold to show the recently used applications.
  • Page 24: Viewing The Display Screen

    shows your device’s battery status. It allows you to adjust the ringer LED Indicator Volume Button also flashes for incoming calls or pending volume when you are not on a call, or the voice notifications. volume during a call. Speaker lets you hear the different ringers and Headset Jack allows you to plug in an optional...
  • Page 25 Status Bar Icons Status Bar Icons Sprint 3G data service (EVDO) is available. When An alarm is set. active, the icon is animated. Alarm is in snooze mode. Sprint 3G data service (EVDO) is currently dormant. The microphone is muted. Sprint 1xRTT data service is available.
  • Page 26 Status Bar Icons Application Icons More icons are hidden. The number shows the Alarm Clock – Launches the alarm clock application number of hidden icons. which allows you to set multiple alarms. TTY mode is enabled. Browser – Launches the Internet browser. A software upgrade is available.
  • Page 27: Turning Your Device On And Off

    Application Icons Application Icons Maps – Launches Google Maps. Voice Dialer – Launches the built-in voice dialer, which allows you to make calls, open an application, etc. using voice commands. Market – Allows you to browse and download games and applications on Android Market. Voice Search –...
  • Page 28: Battery And Charger

    without your intervention. When a signal is found, your Battery Capacity device automatically returns to standby mode. Your device is equipped with a Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Tip: The Power Save feature conserves your battery power battery. It allows you to recharge your battery before it is when you are in an area where there is no signal.
  • Page 29 Press and hold the back cover Plug the flat end of the charger latch with your thumbnail and into the device’s charger/ slide the cover down with the accessory jack and the other other thumb to remove the cover. end into an electrical outlet. solid red indicator light Lift the battery up and remove it means the battery is...
  • Page 30: Navigating Through The Menus

    Extending Your Battery Life Add a Power Control Widget to your Home screen to deactivate features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Active applications, backlight levels, and Bluetooth and and synchronization and to reduce the screen’s GPS use all contribute to draining your battery. The brightness setting.
  • Page 31 Touch and hold: To open the available Selecting Menu Items options for an item (for example, a link For example, to view the current battery usage: in a Web page), simply touch and hold the item. Touch to go to the Home screen. Touch Touch Settings...
  • Page 32: Screen Overview

    Screen Overview Home Screen Overview The Home screen is Screen Lock the starting point for all applications. You can The display screen will automatically lock to prevent access applications, accidental activation after the time specified for the view call notifications screen timeout.
  • Page 33 : Allows users to switch the ID pack or get a Wallpapers. See “Customizing Your Home Screen” ID Pack new pack. on page 21. Wallpaper ) lets you change the current screen’s Applications Launcher : Touch to display a list of wallpaper image.
  • Page 34 Settings menu can also be accessed by touching Touching Voice Search ( ) initiates the search function but without the need to use the QWERTY > > Settings keyboard. Back Key Quick Search Voice Search The Back key ( ) returns you to the previously active screen.
  • Page 35: Extended Home Screen

    Extended Home Screen : Select to add a shortcut option: Shortcuts Applications Bookmark Contact Direct dial Slide your finger left or right across the Home screen to Direct message Directions & Navigation display the Home screen extensions. The extra screens Exchange Email Gmail label Latitude...
  • Page 36 Release your finger to finalize the repositioning. Touch Save Set wallpaper Note: To reposition an item to the extended Home screen, Creating a Folder drag the item to the edge of the screen until the Home screen extends. Then release your finger to reposition From the Home screen, touch >...
  • Page 37: Changing The Screen Orientation

    Enter the new folder name. Accessing Recently Used Applications Touch when done. Your device keeps a running list of your six most recently used applications. Putting Home screen shortcuts into a folder Touch and hold to open the recently used Touch and hold an item.
  • Page 38: Using The Notifications Panel

    Using the Notifications Panel The Notifications panel indicates new message events (data sync status, new messages, calendar events, call status, etc). Drag the status bar down the screen. Tap a notification entry to open the associated application. Note: The Notifications panel can also be opened on the Home screen by touching >...
  • Page 39: Displaying Your Phone Number

    Displaying Your Phone Number is enabled, touch . See “Call Guard” on page Agree 90.) Press when you are finished. Touch > > Settings > About phone > Status Tip: To redial your outgoing call, press and touch next to the entry on the Call log tab.
  • Page 40: Answering Calls

    Answering Calls Press to send the call to your voicemail box. Drag the picture ID (or Android icon) to the bottom Make sure your device is on. (If your device is off, left corner if the screen is locked, or drag the slider incoming calls go to voicemail.) bar to the left if the screen is unlocked to ignore the call.
  • Page 41: Missed Call Notification

    Missed Call Notification Touch to display your Contacts list. Contacts Touch to transfer the call to a connected Bluetooth When you do not answer an incoming call, appears Bluetooth device. on the status bar. Touch to finish the emergency call. End call To display a Missed Call entry from the Notifications panel: Tip:...
  • Page 42: Unlocking The Screen

    Drag the tab ( ) upward to enter the dial Tonepad Important: Always report your location to the 911 operator tones. Drag downward to hide it. when placing an emergency call. Some Press the volume button up or down to adjust the designated emergency call takers, known as Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) may not speaker volume.
  • Page 43: Finding A Phone Number

    End-of-Call Screen Finding a Phone Number After you finish a call, the device briefly displays the You can search Contacts for entries by name. caller’s or recipient’s name (if it is in your Contacts), On the Home screen, touch Contacts phone number, and the duration of the call on the End -or- call screen.
  • Page 44: Dialing From The Contacts List

    There are two types of pauses available on your device: Dialing From the Contacts List : Sends the next set of numbers when you Add wait On the Home screen, touch Contacts touch on the pop-up window. -or- Add 2-sec pause : Automatically sends the next set of On the screen, touch the...
  • Page 45: Entering Text

    your location (for example, 011 for international calls Entering Text made from the U.S.). On the Phone screen, touch and hold until you Your device provides convenient ways to enter letters, see a “ ” on the display screen. numbers, and symbols whenever you are prompted to enter text (for example, when adding a Contacts entry Enter the country code and phone number, and or when using email and text messaging).
  • Page 46 Alphabet Keyboard: Touch a text field which requires Touch to toggle between lower case, upper alphanumeric entry to activate. case, and Caps lock. Indicates Caps lock is turned on. Touch once to turn off Caps lock. Indicates the first letter will be entered in upper case, but succeeding characters will be entered in lower case.
  • Page 47: Copying And Pasting Text

    Phone Keypad Copying and Pasting Text Touch a text field that requires numeric input to activate. In applications that require text entry, such as Messaging, use the copy and paste functions to copy and paste text from one application to another. Open the application or received message that you want to copy text from.
  • Page 48: Android Keyboard

    Release your finger to copy the highlighted text to Language & Keyboard Settings the clipboard. Language Open the application that you want to paste the selected text to. Touch > > > > Settings Language & keyboard Select locale Touch and hold the text box where you want to paste the text.
  • Page 49 : Touch to display suggested words Show suggestions as you type. Auto complete : Touch to enter a highlighted word automatically if a space or punctuation symbol is typed. User Dictionary Select to add user preset words to the dictionary. Adding Words in the Dictionary From the Language &...
  • Page 50: Settings

    Sound Settings 2B. Settings Ringer Types Ringer types help you identify incoming calls and messages. You can assign ringer types to voice calls Sound Settings (page 36) and notifications. Display Settings (page 38) Selecting Ringer Types for Voice Calls Location Settings (page 40) Synchronizing Accounts (page 41) Touch >...
  • Page 51 Selecting Ringer Types for Notifications SD card notifications plays a sound for SD card notifications. Touch > > > > Settings Sound & display Notification ringtone Adjusting the Volume Settings Touch a ringtone from the available list. The Adjust the volume settings of both the device and ringtone briefly plays when selected.
  • Page 52: Display Settings

    Setting Vibration To deactivate Silence All: Press the volume button up repeatedly to select a To set your device to vibrate instead of making any volume level. sounds (except for media and alarm sounds): Press the volume button down in standby mode Display Settings until you see on the screen.
  • Page 53: Display Language

    Touch can synchronize the length with the time set for the screen timeout. Note: This feature is not available when Auto backlight enabled. See “Setting Auto Backlight” below. Touch > > Settings > Sound & display Touch . (A check mark indicates this Key Backlight Setting Auto Backlight feature is enabled.)
  • Page 54: Location Settings

    Touch , and then select a time Select time zone Note: Turning Location on will allow the network to detect zone from the onscreen list. Scroll down the list to your position using GPS technology, making some view additional time zones. Sprint applications and services easier to use.
  • Page 55: Synchronizing Accounts

    To enable your device’s Location feature via GPS: Touch . (A check mark indicates the Auto-sync feature is enabled.) Touch > > > Settings Location & security. Note: You need to enable Background data to enable the Touch . (A check mark indicates Use GPS satellites auto-sync feature.
  • Page 56: Synchronizing Your Corporate Account

    appears within the area of the Follow the onscreen prompts to create your new Manage accounts screen. corporate email account. To configure Google management settings: To configure the corporate management settings: Touch > > > Settings Accounts & sync. Touch >...
  • Page 57: Search Settings

    exchange server. To specify the period that the Search Settings device and server should synchronize email, choose from: One day Three days One week You can use your device’s search settings to configure weeks, One month some aspects of Google Web search (for example, assigns this account as the Default account ●...
  • Page 58: Messaging Settings

    opens a screen where you can Set the number of Searchable items Multimedia message limit: choose the search categories included in device multimedia messages to save. searches. Enable this option to automatically Auto-retrieve: Categories include: retrieve the entire contents of your MMS message. Browser Contacts Apps...
  • Page 59: Airplane Mode

    Enable this option if you want the device While in Airplane Mode, the airplane mode icon ( Vibrate: to vibrate when a new text or multimedia will appear on the status bar. message is received. TTY Use With Sprint Service Airplane Mode A TTY (also known as a TDD or Text Telephone) is a Airplane Mode allows you to use many of your device’s...
  • Page 60 To turn TTY Mode on or off: For additional information about Sprint Relay Services and TTY compatibility, call Sprint Relay Customer Touch > > Settings > Call settings > Service at or visit 800-676-3777 TTY mode Note: When enabled, TTY mode may impair the audio quality Touch an option: of non-TTY devices connected to the headset jack.
  • Page 61: Using The Hearing Aid Device Compatibility

    Using the Hearing Aid Device Creating an Unlock Pattern Compatibility Function Touch > > > > Settings Location & security Set unlock pattern Your device has been tested and rated for hearing aid Read the information on the screen, and then device compatibility.
  • Page 62 The next time you turn on the device or the screen, you To change the unlock pattern: will need to draw the unlock pattern that you created in Touch > > > > Settings Location & security the preceding steps. Change unlock pattern Note: You can make calls to 911 even if the screen is...
  • Page 63: Application Settings

    Setting Visible Password Installing Encrypted Certificates From the SD Card This feature shows your passwords as you type them. Touch > > Settings > Location & security Touch > > > > Settings Location & security Install from SD card Touch the check box to select Visible passwords...
  • Page 64 To configure the Manage applications screen: Touch the application you wish to remove and touch > Uninstall Touch > > > > Settings Applications Important: . The Manage applications Only applications that you have installed yourself Manage applications can be uninstalled. Preinstalled applications screen appears.
  • Page 65: Privacy Settings

    Privacy Settings Important: Back up your important data before you perform a factory reset of the device. Touch > > > > Using Your Location Settings Privacy . (You will see a disclaimer.) Factory data reset You can give permission to use your location for some Read the disclaimer and touch Reset phone Google services, such as Google Search and Google...
  • Page 66: Call Log

    Shortcut: You can also press from standby mode to display your call log. 2C. Call Log Tip: Drag the status bar down to reveal the Notifications panel to see a missed call notification. See “Missed Call Notification” on page 27. Viewing the Call Log (page 52) Note: The call log records only calls that occur while the...
  • Page 67: Call Log Options

    Call Log Options Touch > to delete all call log Clear call log entries. Touch a call log entry to open the overview page Making a Call From the Call Log where the call details are displayed at the top and any available options are listed underneath: Press and touch...
  • Page 68: Erasing The Call Log

    Note: You cannot save phone numbers from calls identified as Unknown, No Caller Restricted Private number. Erasing the Call Log You can delete either an individual or all current entries from your call log list. To delete a single call log entry: Press and touch and hold an entry you want to delete.
  • Page 69: Contacts

    Adding a New Contacts Entry 2D. Contacts On the Home screen, touch Contacts > > New contact – or – Displaying the Contacts List (page 55) Enter a phone number on the Phone screen and Adding a New Contacts Entry (page 55) touch >...
  • Page 70: Contacts Entry Options

    Touch to assign a picture to the entry. See Touch, or touch and hold, a Contacts entry for the “Assigning a Picture to an Entry” on page 57. following options: To add more fields, touch the button. To [number/label] or to call the Add field Call...
  • Page 71: Editing A Contacts Entry

    Editing a Contacts Entry Assigning a Picture to an Entry From the Contacts list, touch and hold the entry Assign a picture to display each time a certain contact you want to edit, and touch calls you. Edit contact Touch From the Contacts list, touch and hold the entry Edit Google Contact Edit in Exchange...
  • Page 72: Finding Contacts Entries

    Finding Contacts Entries Adding Entries to Your Favorites From the Contacts list, touch The Favorites tab is a listing that can help you quickly access your most used or preferred Contacts entries. Enter the contact's name. As you type, contacts with matching names appear below the search On the Home screen, touch Contacts...
  • Page 73: Calendar & Tools

    To change a view, touch and select Agenda , or . Touch to hide the Week Month Today 2E. Calendar & Tools menu options. Adding an Event to the Calendar On the Calendar screen, touch a day to which you Calendar (page 59) would like to add an event and touch >...
  • Page 74: Event Reminders

    Enter a location for the event in the field. Touch an upcoming event name from the Where onscreen list to display the event within the Enter a description for the event in the Description screen. Calendar notifications field. Choose from the following options: Enter the email addresses of the people you want Touch an event item on the list to edit the to invite to the event in the...
  • Page 75: Viewing Events

    audio sample. Touch to accept the ringtone Touch > . If the event is a repeating Edit event assignment. event, you will be prompted to select Change only this event Change all events in the series Vibrate to add a vibration feature to the reminder. Change this and all future events This is useful if your device is muted or you are in a noisy environment.
  • Page 76: Alarm Clock

    Touch an alarm to select it. Note: If the day for which you are erasing events contains a repeating event, you will be prompted to select Note: A new alarm can also be created by touching > Only this event, This &...
  • Page 77: Alarm Settings

    Touch to return to the . A check To hide the onscreen clock: Done Alarm clock mark indicates the alarm is set for the event. Touch > > Alarm Clock Note: The number of hours and minutes left before the alarm Touch >...
  • Page 78: Calculator

    Calculator to automatically download and Update Firmware install any available updates. You may be required to power your device off and back on to complete Your device comes with a built-in calculator. the software upgrade. Touch > > Calculator to automatically update your online Update Profile user profile information.
  • Page 79: Voice Services

    recognizes the command, it executes the command right away. 2F. Voice Services If the application does not recognize the number, name, or application name, it will find the most likely matches and display a list. Touch a selection or touch Cancel to exit the Voice Dialer.
  • Page 80: Text-To-Speech

    Opening an Application With the Text-to-Speech Voice Dialer Your device can convert text into speech in some Press and hold downloaded applications. You may select the language you hear or adjust its speed. When prompted to speak, say “ Open [application name].”...
  • Page 81: Microsd Card

    Inserting the microSD Card 2G. microSD Card Open the microSD card slot cover. Insert a microSD card into the slot with the metal contacts facing the back of the device. Your Device’s microSD Card and Adapter (page 67) Gently push the microSD card until microSD Card Settings (page 69) it snaps into place.
  • Page 82: Microsd Adapter

    Remove the card from the slot and close the slot To insert the microSD card into the microSD adapter: cover. With the label side of the microSD card facing up, Note: You can easily damage the microSD card and its insert the card into the supplied microSD adapter, adapter by improper operation.
  • Page 83: Microsd Card Settings

    microSD Card Settings appears on the status bar to indicate the card is unmounted. Once released, touch Format SD card > Viewing Card and Device Memory > Format SD card Erase everything Your device allows you to review the memory allocation Once completely formatted, the card is of both your device’s internal storage and that of the automatically remounted (reconnected for use by...
  • Page 84: Important Connection Information

    Connect your device to your computer using a Important Connection Information compatible USB cable. (Wait for the connection to be completed. When connected, the host No driver installation is required for Windows 2000/ computer will automatically detect your device.) ME/XP/Vista/7 users. If you use Windows 98/98SE, you have to download and install the USB Mass The USB icon ( ) now appears on the left side of...
  • Page 85 must first be unmounted from its current device (device or computer-USB). Important: The internal microSD card can only share a connection with one device at a time, either your device or your computer (via its USB connection), not both. 2G. microSD Card...
  • Page 86: Camera

    Using the device’s display screen as a viewfinder, aim the camera lens at your subject. 2H. Camera Taking Pictures (page 72) Recording Videos (page 75) Opening Gallery (page 77) Note: You need to insert a microSD card into your device to use the camera and camcorder features.
  • Page 87: Picture Options

    to add a color effect to the image. Picture Options Color effect Choose from: , or None Mono Sepia Negative From the camera mode, touch > Gallery > Aqua to activate the built-in GPS Store location application and attach the current location Touch one or more images to select, or one of the information to the pictures you will take.
  • Page 88: Assigning Pictures

    to attach the image to a new email Touch a thumbnail to open the image. Send Email ● message. Touch > > , and select an option: More Set as to delete the image. Delete to assign the picture to a Contacts Contact icon More to access additional image options:...
  • Page 89: Recording Videos

    Recording Videos Previewing Videos Touch a video to play. Touch to rewind/ In addition to taking pictures, you can record, view, and pause/fast forward the video clip. send videos with your device’s built-in video camera. Activate camera mode, and then move the slider to the Video icon Camcorder Settings From camcorder mode, touch...
  • Page 90: Video Options

    to compensate for color differences Touch one or more images to select or one of the White balance found within different lighting conditions. Choose following options: from: , or Auto Incandescent Daylight Fluorescent to select all images in the folder. Select All Cloudy Deselect All...
  • Page 91: Opening Gallery

    to display video clip details such Scroll left or right to view more albums. More > Details as file name, file type, date taken, and folder Touch an album to open it. name. Touch an image to view a picture or a video. Opening Gallery Gallery Options You can use Gallery to view pictures and play videos...
  • Page 92: Bluetooth

    Bluetooth operates in three modes: : Bluetooth is turned on. Your device can detect 2I. Bluetooth other Bluetooth devices but other devices cannot detect your device. : Bluetooth is turned on. Your device can Discoverable detect other Bluetooth devices and other devices Turning Bluetooth On and Off (page 78) can also detect your device for 120 seconds.
  • Page 93: Using The Bluetooth Settings Menu

    check box to enable other Bluetooth devices to Set your Bluetooth options: Device name detect your device for 120 seconds. , and Discoverable Scan for devices Touch Device name and rename your device for To turn Bluetooth off: Bluetooth. Touch to save.
  • Page 94 To pair your device with another Bluetooth device: Note: Pairing between two Bluetooth devices is a one-time process. Once a pairing has been created, the devices Verify your Bluetooth is active. will continue to recognize their partnership and From the Bluetooth settings page, touch exchange information without having to re-enter a passkey again.
  • Page 95: Section 3: Sprint Service

    Section 3 Sprint Service...
  • Page 96: Sprint Service: The Basics

    Always use a password to protect against unauthorized 3A. Sprint Service: access. Touch > > Voicemail The Basics In the Personalize your voicemail dialog box, touch Personalize now Voicemail (page 82) Follow the voice prompts to: Messaging (page 85) Create your password. Caller ID (page 87) Record your name announcement.
  • Page 97: Voicemail Notification

    caller information from all of the current voicemail Visual Voicemail Settings messages. It then compiles a list of all the caller names Touch > > Voicemail > > Settings and numbers along with the length of time and priority display the following options: level of each voicemail message.
  • Page 98: Retrieving Your Voicemail Messages

    Using One-Touch Message Access Note: When you are roaming off the Nationwide Sprint Network, you may not receive notification of new Touch and hold on the screen. (Your Phone voicemail messages. Sprint recommends that you device will dial your voicemail box.) periodically check your voicemail by dialing your area Note: code + your wireless phone number.
  • Page 99: Messaging

    Voicemail Key Guide message, a new message icon will appear on the status bar. Here’s a quick guide to your keypad functions while There are two types of messaging, Text Messaging listening to voicemail messages. (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging (MMS). Multimedia messages consist of both text and multimedia files, such as pictures, videos, or voice Date/Time...
  • Page 100 To access more features, touch for the : Opens the Gallery application. Use the Videos following options: onscreen navigation to select a video and attach it to your outgoing message. to add a subject to the message. Add subject : Opens the camcorder application. Capture video Attach to add a file attachment.
  • Page 101: Caller Id

    selected picture), , or Deleting a Message or Message Thread Add music Add slide change the slide Duration Layout Touch > > Messaging When finished, touch Done to attach the ● Touch and hold a message or a thread you would slideshow to your message.
  • Page 102: Call Waiting

    Call Waiting Making a 3-Way Call When you’re on a call, Call Waiting alerts you to With 3-Way Calling, you can talk to two people at the incoming calls by beeping. Your device’s screen same time. When using this feature, the normal airtime informs you that another call is coming in and displays rates will be charged for each of the two calls.
  • Page 103: Roaming

    To activate Call Forwarding: Roaming on Other Networks Touch > > Phone When you’re roaming on other networks, your call quality and security will be similar to the quality you Touch receive when making calls on the Nationwide Sprint Enter the area code and phone number to which Network.
  • Page 104: Call Guard

    Enter your password at the prompt and follow the Call Guard voice prompts. Your device has two ways of alerting you when you are When you return to the Nationwide Sprint Network, roaming off the Nationwide Sprint Network: the voicemail notification will resume as normal. onscreen roaming icon and Call Guard.
  • Page 105: Data Roam Guard

    To place roaming calls with Call Guard on: Data Roam Guard From standby mode, touch the area code + the You can set your device to alert you when you are seven-digit number and touch roaming off the Nationwide Sprint Network and try to Read the message and touch Agree use data services such as messaging.
  • Page 106: Web And Data Services

    including managing your user name, launching a data connection, and navigating the Web with your device. 3B. Web and Data Services Your User Name When you buy your device and sign up for service, you’re automatically assigned a user name, which is Getting Started With Data Services (page 92) typically based on your name and a number, followed Wi-Fi (page 98)
  • Page 107: Data Connection Status And Indicators

    Data Connection Status and Indicators Updating Your User Name If you choose to change your user name and select a Your device displays the current status of your data new one online, you must then update the user name connection through indicators at the top of the screen. on your device.
  • Page 108: Browser Menu

    To scroll line by line through websites: Going Back Use the trackball to scroll over each available line To go back one page: within a Web page or to move the onscreen cursor Touch . Repeat this process to keep going back around the page.
  • Page 109 Options available within the browser menu include: : Keeps a list of previously Downloads downloaded content. : Launches a new Internet window while New window maintaining the current Web page active. Settings : Lets you configure and manage your browser settings. : Allows you to access and manage your Bookmarks bookmarks.
  • Page 110 : Allows Web page images to be Adjusting Browser Privacy Settings Load images loaded along with the other text components of a Touch to open the browser menu. loaded website. Touch > More Settings : Allows Web pages to be resized to Auto-fit pages fit as much of the screen as possible.
  • Page 111 : Clears location access for Touch > Clear location access More Settings all websites. Touch to complete the process. Navigate to the area and select Advanced settings Touch to return to the browser. from one of the following page settings: : Sets advanced settings for Website settings Adjusting Browser Security Settings...
  • Page 112: Wi-Fi

    Enter a descriptive name for the new bookmark Wi-Fi communication requires access to an existing and touch to store the new entry to your and accessible Wireless Access Point (WAP). These Bookmarks list. WAPs can either be open (unsecured) as within most hot spots, or secured (requiring knowledge of the Creating Bookmarks From Other Tabs router name and password).
  • Page 113 To connect to a Wi-Fi network: If secured, you will also need to enter the network password. The show password option reveals the Touch > > > > Settings Wireless & networks password as you type it instead of showing only Wi-Fi settings ..
  • Page 114: Email

    Using the Wi-Fi Settings Menu Email The Wi-Fi settings - Advanced menu allows you to set Your device’s Email applications let you access and up many of your device’s Wi-Fi service, including: manage multiple email accounts simultaneously in one Setting your Wi-Fi sleep policy convenient location.
  • Page 115: Gmail

    Gmail addresses with a comma and add as many recipients as you want. To add a carbon copy (Cc) or blind carbon copy Gmail is Google’s Web-based email service. Gmail (Bcc), touch > Add Cc/Bcc comes preconfigured on your device. You can synchronize your Gmail account on your device with Touch the field and enter the email subject.
  • Page 116: Configuring Gmail Settings

    Opening and Reading Received Email Scroll down to the end of the message thread, and then touch Reply to all To view email, do one of the following: Type your reply message. Drag the status bar down to open the Notifications Scroll down to the end of the message, and then panel.
  • Page 117 : Select to delete all the search wirelessly synchronize your email, Contacts, and Task Clear search history history. information directly with your company’s Exchange server. Labels : Select to set which Gmail labels to synchronize. Important: This Outlook application does not utilize ®...
  • Page 118: Removing An Email Account

    : enter your network domain. Removing an Email Account Domain Password : typically your network access password (case-sensitive). Touch > > > > Settings Applications > > > Manage applications Filter : your exchange server remote email Server address. Typically is in the form Scroll down and touch the email application you Obtain this information from your company...
  • Page 119: Using Google Talk

    applications, and SD card files such as music and Signing In and Chatting photos will not be affected. See “Resetting Your Touch > > Talk to open Google Talk. Device” on page 51. Using Google Talk is the instant messaging program provided Google Talk by Google.
  • Page 120: Managing Your Friends

    Viewing Your Invitations Touch the text box, and then type your message. Touch Send On the Friends list screen, touch > . The Invites pending invitations screen lists all chat invitations that Switching Between Active Chats you have sent. You can conduct multiple chats at the same time and Note: When a person accepts your invitation, that invitation switch between active chats.
  • Page 121: Mobile Indicators

    Viewing the Friends List Mobile Indicators By default, only the friends that you frequently chat with Checking Friends’ Devices are displayed on the friends list screen. You can see which devices your friends are using to To list all your friends, touch >...
  • Page 122: Using The Android Market

    Signing Out : Select if you want the device to Select ringtone ring when a new instant message is received. On On the Friends list screen, touch > > More the ringtone menu, touch a ringtone to play the to sign out from Google Talk. Sign out tone briefly, and then touch to confirm...
  • Page 123: Finding Applications

    Touch to agree to the Android Market terms Finding Applications Accept of service when you access the service for the first You can select an application through one of the time. following means: Explore the Android Market. Browse through featured apps. Scroll through the list of featured apps when you open Android Market.
  • Page 124: Installing Applications

    Installing Applications Uninstalling Applications Select the item that you want to download. On the Android Market screen, touch Downloads view downloaded applications. On the item details screen, view ratings of the application, comments by users and developer Touch the application that you want to remove. information.
  • Page 125: Creating A Google Account

    Scroll through the list of previously downloaded Can I make calls and use data services at the same time? Google applications and choose the one you wish to reinstall. No, you cannot use voice and data services simultaneously. Follow the onscreen instructions. Note: If you have installed an application from outside the Creating a Google Account...
  • Page 126: Sprint Zone

    Sprint Zone Sprint Zone is a free application which helps you manage your account, get tips and tricks for your device, find recommended apps, and more. Touch > > Sprint Zone From the Sprint Zone Web page, scroll up or down and touch an item to check your account, read the latest news about your device, load an application, and more.
  • Page 127: Entertainment: Tv And Music

    3C. Entertainment: TV and Music Your Sprint TV Channel Options The Sprint TV application offers a wide variety of accessible channels. Subscription options include TV (page 113) comprehensive basic packages as well as a full menu Music (page 115) of “a la carte” channels. Visit Streaming Music (page 118) for more information on channels and pricing.
  • Page 128 Watching TV TV FAQs Will I know if I’m receiving an incoming call while Touch > > . Depending on your Sprint TV I’m viewing or listening to a media clip? settings, your device may prompt you to accept a No.
  • Page 129: Music

    Are the videos that I’m viewing “live” videos? To cancel your Sprint TV service, visit and sign on to with My Sprint It depends on the content provider. Some of the your account number and password. From this channels available through Sprint TV stream live page, you have the ability to cancel the service or content.
  • Page 130: Opening The Music Library

    Opening the Music Library The following options are available for the control: Touch the playback controls to rewind, pause/ Touch > > . The Music library screen Music play, and forward playback. appears. Touch the rewind button twice to play the previous music.
  • Page 131 On the window, touch Renaming Playlists Add to playlist Type the name of your new playlist. Open the Music library and browse for the playlist that you want to rename. Touch Save Touch and hold the playlist. Adding Music to Existing Playlists On the options menu, touch Rename Open the Music library and browse for the music...
  • Page 132: Streaming Music

    Setting Music As a Ringtone Touch > > > > [selection]. Sprint TV Radio Select Subscribe to purchase a monthly Open the Music library and browse for the music subscription to your selected channel. that you want to set as ringtone. Once you have purchased access to a music or radio Touch and hold a selection, and then touch channel, you can select from a variety of stations to...
  • Page 133: Searching For Videos

    Touch the screen to show/hide the playback The video link is automatically added to your email controls. Use the playback controls to rewind, message. pause/play, or forward the video. Enter the recipient, complete your email message, Touch to go back to the previous screen. and then touch Send Searching for Videos...
  • Page 134: Gps Navigation

    Using Wireless Networks 3D. GPS Navigation This additional location feature uses open Wi-Fi and mobile network connections to assist in providing additional location accuracy. Touch > > Settings > Location & security > GPS Services (page 120) Use wireless networks Sprint Navigation (page 121) Since this feature is based on Google’s location Google Maps (page 122)
  • Page 135: Sprint Navigation

    Sprint Navigation Using Sprint Navigation Touch > > Sprint Navigation Sprint Navigation gives you turn-by-turn directions Select an option and follow the onscreen onscreen and over speakerphone. instructions to get directions or view maps. Note: Depending on your service plan, Sprint Navigation Drive To lets you enter an address (by speaking it may require a monthly subscription.
  • Page 136: Google Maps

    Google Maps Zooming In or Out on a Map Touch the - button to Use this application to find directions, location zoom out on the map or information, business addresses, etc., all right from your touch the + button to device.
  • Page 137: Getting Directions

    : Add this layer to use the same satellite data On the search box, type the place that you want to Satellite as Google Earth. The images are not real-time and search. You can enter an address, a city, or type of are approximately one to three years old.
  • Page 138 Viewing Directions on Map On the Directions list screen, touch Show on map view the directions on a map. Clearing the Map When you have reached your destination, touch > > to reset the map. More Clear map 3D. GPS Navigation...
  • Page 139: Section 4: Safety And Warranty

    Section 4 Safety and Warranty Information...
  • Page 140: Important Safety Information

    General Precautions 4A. Important Safety There are several simple guidelines to operating your device Information properly and maintaining safe, satisfactory service. To maximize performance, do not touch the bottom portion of your device where the internal antenna is located while General Precautions (page 126) using the phone.
  • Page 141 Using Your Device Near Other Electronic Devices Maintaining Safe Use of and Access Most modern electronic equipment is shielded from radio to Your Device frequency (RF) signals. However, RF signals from wireless phones may affect inadequately shielded electronic equipment. Do Not Rely on Your Device for Emergency Calls RF signals may affect improperly installed or inadequately Mobile phones operate using radio signals, which cannot guarantee connection in all conditions.
  • Page 142: Using Your Device With A Hearing Aid

    Phones that have been your device or accessories. rated have a label located on the box. Your Zio has an M4 and T4 rating Restricting Children’s Access to Your Device These ratings are not guarantees.
  • Page 143 out the phone with your hearing device is the best way to Thus, if you pair an M3 hearing aid with an M3 phone, you will evaluate it for your personal needs. have a combined rating of six for “excellent use.” This is synonymous for T ratings.
  • Page 144: Caring For The Battery

    Move the device around to find the point with least The battery may need recharging if it has not been used for interference. a long period of time. It’s best to replace the battery when it no longer provides Caring for the Battery acceptable performance.
  • Page 145 call controls the power level. This power can range from 0.006 least 0.866 inch (2.2 centimeters) of separation between the watt to 0.2 watt in digital mode. antenna and the user’s body. Knowing Radio Frequency Safety For more information about RF exposure, visit the FCC website The design of your device complies with updated NCRP standards described below.
  • Page 146: Fcc Radio Frequency Emission

    The highest reported SAR values of the Zio are: These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This Cellular CDMA mode (Part 22) equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency Head: 1.09 W/kg; Body-worn: 0.52 W/kg...
  • Page 147: Owner's Record

    Record the serial number in the space provided below. This will be helpful if you need to contact us about your device in the future. Model: SANYO Zio Serial No.: User Guide Proprietary Notice User Guide template version 10a (January 2010)
  • Page 148: Manufacturer's Warranty

    Manufacturer’s Warranty 4B. Manufacturer’s Warranty Manufacturer’s Warranty Kyocera Communications, Inc. (“KCI”) offers you, the original purchaser who has purchased the enclosed subscriber unit (“Product”) only from an authorized dealer in the United States, Manufacturer’s Warranty (page 134) a limited warranty that the Product, including accessories in the Product’s package, will be free from defects in material or Your device has been designed to provide you with workmanship as follows:...
  • Page 149 (iii) the any Product in which the operating system has been unlocked battery has been used in equipment other than the SANYO (allowing installation of a third party operating system); or (xiv) brand mobile phone for which it is specified.
  • Page 151: End User License Agreement

    INSTALLED, PROMPTLY RETURN THE DEVICE AND THE ACCOMPANYING SOFTWARE (INCLUDING 4C. End User License DOCUMENTATION AND PACKAGING) TO KYOCERA OR THE KYOCERA AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR FROM WHICH YOU Agreement PURCHASED THE KYOCERA DEVICE. License: Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and any other terms that may be incorporated by reference or otherwise presented to you prior to your use of the End User License Agreement (page 137)
  • Page 152 Software only in a manner that complies with all applicable Disclaimer of Warranty and Liability: THE SOFTWARE IS laws in the jurisdictions in which you use it, including, but not PROVIDED “AS IS” WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. limited to, applicable restrictions concerning copyright and KYOCERA FURTHER DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, other intellectual property rights and/or the export control INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ANY IMPLIED...
  • Page 153 malfunction of the software would result in foreseeable risk of presented to you through a separate click-through or other type loss, injury or death to any person. This includes operation of of agreement or notice prior to your use of such Software. nuclear or infrastructure facilities, medical equipment, aircraft Termination: This License Agreement will automatically...
  • Page 154 ©2010 Sprint. SPRINT and the logo are trademarks of Sprint. Other marks are the property of their respective owners. “SANYO” is a registered trademark of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. and is used under license. KYOCERA is a registered trademark of Kyocera Corporation.
  • Page 155: Index

    Index Answering Calls 26 Changing Your Bluetooth Name 79 Application Settings 49 Pairing 79 Applications Launcher 19 Scan for Bluetooth Devices ASR 65 Numerics Activation 65 3-Way Call 88 Settings 79 Audible Touch Notifications 37 Browser Audible Selection 37 Activation 3 Adding Bookmarks 95 Audible Touch Tones 37 Adapter...
  • Page 156 Camera 72–74 Deleting Thread 87 Calculator 64 Gallery 77 Device Settings 36–51 Quality 73 Calendar 59–62 Airplane Mode 45 Settings 72 Display Settings 38–40 Adding Events 59 Share 73 Messaging Settings 44–45 Event Reminders 60 Store Location 73 Sound Settings 36–38 Call Taking Pictures 72 TTY Use 45...
  • Page 157 Google Search 20 Factory Data Reset 51 Google Talk 105 Key Functions 9 Favorites 30, 58 Accepting Invitations 106 Keyboard Adding Friends 105 FCC Notice 132 Landscape 33 Closing Chat 106 QWERTY 31 Folders Managing Friends 106 Creating and Managing 22 Online Status 106 Making Calls 25 Forgot My Unlock Pattern 48...
  • Page 158 Multimedia Messaging 86 Silence All 38 Settings 44–45 Types 36 Navigating the Menus 16 Text Messaging 85 Vibrate 38 Navigating the Web 93 Voicemail 82 Volume 37 Notifications Panel 24 microSD Card Roaming 89–91 Adapter 68 Call Guard 90 Orientation 23 Formatting 69 Data Roam Guard 91 Outlook Exchange Server 103...
  • Page 159 Sprint TV 113 Unlocking the Screen 28 Web 92–98 Sprint Zone 112 Updating Your Device 64 see also Data Services Browser Menu 94 Storage Card 67 Updating Your PRL 64 Going to a Web page 94 Streaming Music 118 Updating Your Profile 64 Navigating 93 User Name 92 Web Bookmarks 97...