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HP N1200 - StorageWorks Network Storage Router Brochure

Converged fabrics: emerging technologies for simplifying data center infrastructure.
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Converged fabrics: Emerging technologies
for simplifying data center infrastructure
technology brief


   Summary of Contents for HP N1200 - StorageWorks Network Storage Router

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Converged fabrics: Emerging technologies for simplifying data center infrastructure technology brief Abstract .............................. 2 Introduction ............................2 Traditional data center topology ......................2 Converged fabrics with 10 Gigabit Ethernet ................... 3 iSCSI .............................. 3 Fibre Channel over Ethernet ......................4 FCoE for convergence in the data center ....................

  • Page 2: Abstract

    Abstract Converged fabrics is a solution for simplifying data center management by consolidating all communication (server, storage, network, and remote management) onto a single fabric, in contrast to the more complex and costly approach of using proprietary fabrics for inter-process communication (IPC) and storage.

  • Page 3: Converged Fabrics With 10 Gigabit Ethernet

    Converged fabrics with 10 Gigabit Ethernet One obstacle to using Ethernet as a basis for converged fabrics has been its limited bandwidth. As 10GbE technology becomes more widely implemented, HP expects 10GbE network components to fulfill the needs of applications that require either the 10GbE bandwidth or its low-latency benefits. With the emergence of 10GbE, a unified Ethernet switching fabric for all data center applications is expected to serve as the basis for future data center consolidation and architectural evolution.

  • Page 4: Fibre Channel Over Ethernet

    Figure 2. Message exchange between an initiator and target using the iSCSI protocol mode Initiators include software initiators and HBAs. Software initiators require CPU resources to manage the protocol stack. A more efficient approach is to offload protocol management to an iSCSI HBA, such as the HP NC373i Integrated Multifunction Gigabit server adapter.

  • Page 5: Fcoe For Convergence In The Data Center

    Figure 3. Protocol stack comparison There are several advantages to FCoE: FCoE uses FC drivers, switches, and other infrastructure. Existing FC security and management applications are unchanged. FCoE uses a 10GbE fabric with no data loss. Existing SAN management tools can be used to access storage. FCoE can use enhanced Ethernet features such as traffic priority and flow control.

  • Page 6: Data Center Bridging

    Figure 4. Standard compared to unified I/O server deployment Data center bridging Data center bridging (DCB), which is another name for DCE or CEE, prioritizes traffic types and bandwidth sharing within an Ethernet link. It provides the following enhancements to the existing Ethernet 802.1 bridge specifications that will be used in converged network deployments where all applications can be run over a single Ethernet link: Congestion Notification (CN), which will provide congestion management to reduce data loss...

  • Page 7

    Figure 5. Traditional deployment and converged fabrics, phase 1 The next phases of deployment will occur as existing data centers are updated or as new ones are built. Eventually only a single pair of redundant CNAs will be required per server. Separate FC, 10GbE, and IB switches will be replaced by converged network switches (Figure 6).

  • Page 8: Virtualization In Converged Networks

    Virtualization in converged networks As enterprises attempt to better utilize existing computing resources, server and network virtualization is growing rapidly. HP Virtual Connect (VC) is a set of interconnect modules and embedded software for HP BladeSystem c-Class Enclosures that simplifies server connection setup and administration. HP VC includes the HP 1/10G Virtual Connect Ethernet Module for c-Class BladeSystem, the HP Virtual Connect Manager, and the HP Flex-10 Ethernet Interconnect Module.

  • Page 9: Summary

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