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Dual XHD6425 Installation & Owner's Manual

Am/fm/cd/mp3/wma/usb/3.5mm bluetooth ready receiver with built-in hd radio and detachable face.
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AM/FM/CD/MP3/WMA/USB/3.5mm Bluetooth
Ready Receiver 
with Built-In HD Radio™ and Detachable Face

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    XHD6425 INSTALLATION/OWNER'S MANUAL AM/FM/CD/MP3/WMA/USB/3.5mm Bluetooth Ready Receiver  ® with Built-In HD Radio™ and Detachable Face ®...

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    XHD6425 INSTALLATION Preparation Please read entire manual before installation. Before You Start • Disconnect negative battery terminal. Consult a qualified technician for instructions. • Avoid installing the unit where it would be subject to high temperatures, such as from direct sunlight, or where it would be subject to dust, dirt or excessive vibration.

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    XHD6425 INSTALLATION  Wiring Diagram Antenna Connector BLACK 8-pin Female Mini-DIN BTM60 Connection (sold separately) BLACK Front Preamp Output FUSE When replacing the fuse, make sure new fuse is the correct type and amperage. Using an incorrect fuse could damage the radio. The XHD645 uses one 10 amp ATM fuse located beside the wiring connector.

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    XHD6425 OPERATION  Control Locations - Receiver 19 18 17 16 15 14 Release Preset 6/Folder Up Eject Preset 5/Folder Down Mode/Search Preset 4 Volume/Audio/Setup Preset /Intro Tune/Track Up Preset /Random IR Remote Sensor Preset 1/Repeat Talk/Redial Auto Store/Preset Scan/Enter/Key # EQ/Key 9 Band/Play/Pause/Key Display/Key 0...

  • Page 5

    XHD6425 OPERATION Control Locations - Remote Power Key 9/EQ Volume Up Key 8/Scan AS/PS/Enter/Key # Mute Audio/Setup Talk/Redial Tune/Track Up Key 7 Display/Key 0 Preset 5/Folder Down Volume Down Preset 4 Preset /Intro Preset 1/Repeat Preset /Random Mode/Search Preset 6/Folder Up Tune/Track Down Band/Play/Pause/Key *...

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    XHD6425 OPERATION General Operation Faceplate Removal Press RELEASE and pull away from the left side to remove. To re-install, insert right side of faceplate first then push left side to secure. Semi-Permanent  Remove trim ring and install supplied #1 x 7/” Phillips Faceplate Installation head screw through left side of mounting frame into faceplate.

  • Page 7

    XHD6425 OPERATION General Operation With the unit on, press and hold DISP until the clock begins to Set the Clock flash, then release. Press TUNE to adjust the hours and TUNE  to adjust the minutes. Press DISP momentarily to save the selected time. Press and hold the rotary encoder for more than  seconds to Setup Menu...

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    XHD6425 OPERATION General Operation Press rotary encoder momentarily to select between Audio Volume (default), Bass, Treble, Balance, & Fader. VOLUME BASS TREBLE BALANCE FADER Press rotary encoder until BAS appears then rotate encoder Bass left/right to adjust ( -6 minimum / +6 maximum). Press rotary encoder until TRE appears then rotate encoder Treble left/right to adjust ( -6 minimum / +6 maximum).

  • Page 9

    XHD6425 OPERATION HD Radio™ AM/FM Tuner Operation The following tuning functions will access both analog and Analog and Digital Tuning digital stations. Refer to the HD SEEK mode section on page 10 for instructions on tuning to only digital stations.   ll Press TUNE or TUNE momentarily to seek the Seek Tuning next strong station.

  • Page 10

    XHD6425 OPERATION  HD Radio™ AM/FM Tuner Operation Automatically Store  Press AS/PS for more than two seconds to automatically Stations store the six strongest stations in the current band. Automatic local tuning is activated during initial band scan. Preset Scan Press AS/PS momentarily to scan presets 1-6 on the current band, pausing for five seconds at each.

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    XHD6425 OPERATION  CD Player Operation Insert CD With the label facing up, insert a standard size CD into the CD slot. The CD will automatically begin playback. Eject CD Press EJECT to eject the CD. The unit will change to previous mode of operation (tuner, AUX, USB or Bluetooth).

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    XHD6425 OPERATION CD Player Operation - MP3/WMA Files When an MP/WMA encoded disc is first inserted, Playing an MP3/WMA Disc “READING” will appear in the display. Depending on the number of files and folders, this may take several seconds. Press DISP to select between track number/elapsed time Displaying Information (default), clock, track name, directory name, title, artist and album.

  • Page 13

    XHD6425 OPERATION  CD Player Operation - MP3/WMA Files Refer to the following button function table when selecting, searching or navigating MP/WMA files and folders: MP3/WMA Button Function Table Button Function SEARCH Direct Select, Search and Navigate Modes Enter/Confirm Preset #1 A, B, C, 1 Preset # D, E, F, ...

  • Page 14

    XHD6425 OPERATION CD Player Operation - MP3/WMA Files Alphanumeric File  Press SEARCH for more than  seconds, then release.  or Folder Search Press SEARCH again, an " " will flash in the display. Step 1 Use the buttons in the table on page 1 ( character maximum input) or the rotary encoder to enter the desired alphanumeric search characters.

  • Page 15

    XHD6425 OPERATION  CD Player Operation - MP3/WMA Files Navigating Note After navigating by direct select, alphanumeric search or file/folder navigate modes, the track number and elapsed time will be displayed by default. Press DISP momentarily to select clock, track name, directory name, title, artist and album. *Folder Access ...

  • Page 16

    XHD6425 OPERATION CD Player Operation - MP3/WMA Files Media Compatibility The following types of discs/files are compatible: • CD-ROM (ISO), CD-R, CD-RW • CD-DA • MP data • WMA data The following types of discs/files are not compatible: • WMA files that are protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management).

  • Page 17

    XHD6425 OPERATION CD Player Operation - MP3/WMA Files Additional MP3/WMA  An internal buffer provides ESP (Electronic Skip Protection) to Information virtually eliminate skipping. When playing a disc recorded with regular audio files (CD-DA or .WAV) and MP/WMA files, the unit will play the MP/WMA files only. Only MP files with filename extension (.mp) can be played.

  • Page 18

    XHD6425 OPERATION USB Operation - MP3/WMA Files (Optional) Play MP/WMA files from most mass storage devices by Connecting a USB Device connecting them to the XHD645's USB port. To connect a (sold separately) USB device, lift the protective cover to expose the USB port. Line up the connectors, and insert the USB device into the port.

  • Page 19

    XHD6425 OPERATION USB Operation - MP3/WMA Files (Optional) File Navigation Press SEARCH for more than three seconds, then release. "T*" will appear in the display. Use the rotary encoder to select the desired track number and press to confirm. Direct File Select Press SEARCH for more than three seconds, then release.

  • Page 20

    XHD6425 OPERATION USB Operation - MP3/WMA Files (Optional) Press INT for more than two seconds to play the first 10 Folder Intro seconds of each file in the current folder only. The icon will appear in the display. Press INT again to cancel. Note: File repeat (current folder only), folder random and folder intro are only available on USB devices with more than one folder.

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    XHD6425 OPERATION USB Operation - MP3/WMA Files (Optional) Playback Capacity • Maximum number of files: 48896 • Maximum number of folders: 17 plus the root directory • Maximum number of files in each folder and root: 8 • Maximum number of folder levels (sub folders): 8 (7 levels plus the root) Note: If the number of files/folders exceeds the maximum outlined above, the additional files/folders will be ignored.

  • Page 22

    Overview Connecting a Bluetooth device requires first connecting the Dual BTM60 module (sold separately). When connected to a Dual Bluetooth Ready head unit, the BTM60 supports the HFP (hands-free profile), ADP (advanced audio distribution profile) and AVRCP (audio video remote control profile).

  • Page 23

    XHD6425 OPERATION Bluetooth  Operation (Optional) ® Description Function Press once. An "_" will appear on the display. Input the desired phone number using the 0-9, *, # buttons on the Making a Phone Call head unit front panel. Press to begin dialing. A phone call may also be placed from your mobile device using the keypad, phone book or speed dial.

  • Page 24

    XHD6425 OPERATION Bluetooth  Settings (Optional) ® Options Action Menu Function BT ON Enables the BTM60 Bluetooth Interface Module (sold separately). The Bluetooth icon will flash every 10 Bluetooth Mode  seconds. BT OFF Disables Bluetooth support. ACNT ON Allows the BTM60 to automatically (re)connect to the most recently connected mobile device.

  • Page 25

    A slight adjustment of any custom Dual Electronics Corp. warrants this product to controls may save you a service call. the original purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one .

  • Page 26

    XHD6425 OPERATION Troubleshooting - General Problem Cause Action Yellow wire not connected or incorrect voltage Check connections for proper Unit will not turn on  Red wire not connected or incorrect voltage voltage (11~16VDC) (no power) Black wire not connected Check connection to ground Fuse blown Replace fuse Speaker wires not connected Check connections at speakers Unit has power ...

  • Page 27: Specifications

    XHD6425 OPERATION Specifications CD Player Frequency response: 10Hz-0kHz Channel separation @ 1kHz: >65dB D/A converter: 1 Bit FM Tuner Tuning range: 87.5MHz-108.1MHz Usable sensitivity: 8.5dBf 50dB quieting sensitivity: 10dBf Stereo separation @ 1kHz: 40dB HD radio stereo separation @ 1kHz: 85dB Frequency response:...

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    Dual Electronics Corp. Toll Free: 1-866-8-5476 ©007 Dual Electronics Corp. All rights reserved. Windows Media and the Windows logo are trademarks, or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and or other countries. ® The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

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