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Connect To The Player And Other DLNA
Compatible Devices
Before you are able to connect to any device, you must have your
computer connected to your home network.
✎ Notes
- If you are having trouble connecting to your home network, please contact your
network administrator or ISP/Router provider.
- If you are having problems connecting to a DLNA device (For example : A mobile
phone), please consult the user manual of that device.

Allowing A Connected Device Access

Go to Tools >
Settings > Privilege
settings tab.
In Privilege settings for My Computer, set up the sharing privileges
that each connected device has with the My Computer shared
● If you select Always allow, devices can use the shared content
on My Computer the first time they request access without
generating a pop-up notification.
● Allow all/Forbid all : Allows/forbids access privileges for all
currently connected devices.
● You can set access privileges for each device by selecting allow/
block, located next to each connected device in the list.
● To remove a device from the list, click the
In Allow remote playback on My Computer, set the remote playback
rules for devices accessing My Computer.
● "Always show pop-up when playback is requested": When
selected, AllShare will display playback requests from other
devices to My Computer in a pop-up.
● Always allow : When another device sends a playback request to
My Computer, playback is granted without a pop-up notification.
● Never allow : Devices cannot playback on My Computer.
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Table of Contents

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