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  • Page 1 USER GUIDE...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Connect To The Player And Other DLNA Compatible Devices • Allowing A Connected Device Access ※ The functions may vary depending on your player model. ※ The figures in this manual are drawn for illustration purposes, and may differ somewhat from the actual appearance of the product.
  • Page 3: Connecting To A Network Router

    ● DSL users, please use a router to make a network connection. ● To use the AllShare function, you must connect your PC to your network as shown in the illustrations on the left. The connection can be wired or wireless.
  • Page 4: Configuring Your Network Connection: First Steps

    If you have a wired network, connect one end of a LAN cable to the LAN port on the back of your player and the other end to a router or modem. On the Home screen, When the Network move to <Settings>,...
  • Page 5: For Wired Networks

    Wired - Manual Configuration Use the automatic procedure if your network does not require a Static IP If you have a static IP address or the Automatic procedure does not work, you'll need to set the Network Settings values manually.
  • Page 6: For Wireless Networks

    Make sure the access point you want to connect your player to is turned on. The access point can be a wireless router, modem, etc. ✎ You can get these values from your Internet provider. You can also view these values on most Windows computers.
  • Page 7 Step 6. ✔ When using a device that supports WPS 1. Perform steps 1 to 5 in “Configuring Your Network Connection: First Steps”. 2. Select “WPS(PBC)”. 3. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
  • Page 8: Installing And Using Allshare Software On Your Pc

    Your PC To Download the AllShare Software ❙ On the software tab, click the File icon on the right side of the AllShare line. To use AllShare with your PC or DLNA device, you must install AllShare software on your PC.
  • Page 9: Allshare Installation

    AllShare Installation ❙ To install the AllShare software follow these steps. The files required for After downloading the AllShare software, launch the installer. running the software are installed. Select the language of your choice, and then click "OK" Review the installation...
  • Page 10: Allshare Screen Layout

    Computer buttons To go to the File management screen, either select View > ● Play on another device : Brings up the selection screen for the device you want to play the selected content on. File management screen mode in the top menu or ●...
  • Page 11: Connect To The Player And Other Dlna Compatible Devices

    ISP/Router provider. on My Computer the first time they request access without - If you are having problems connecting to a DLNA device (For example : A mobile generating a pop-up notification. phone), please consult the user manual of that device.
  • Page 12: Adding Shared Folders

    ● On the File > Add File to My Computer's Shared Folder. In the file window that ● Add content to a playlist : To add content to a playlist, select the list that contains the content you want to add to the playlist In the Navigation area’s Device List/Content appears, select files you want to share, and then click Open.
  • Page 13: Selecting A Device On Your Player's Allshare Play Screen

    ✎ Notes Smart Phone - Even if AllShare is not installed, DLNA devices can be connected and can appear on your player's AllShare Play screen. (They must be connected to the network first.) Connect your computer, Smart Phone and the Blu-ray Disc Player to - Devices not compatible with Samsung devices can not be connected.
  • Page 14: Play Video Files From My Computer On Your Player

    ❙ computer. (Caution: You need the computer's name.) Do you want to watch a movie through the player with your family on your TV, instead of watching it alone on your PC? On your computer, confirm the connection to your phone.
  • Page 15 "My computer’s shared folder" to add the shared folder. ✎ If there are a large number of files, recreating the list may take a long time. Select the device you want to play the...
  • Page 16: Play Video Files From My Smart Phone On Player

    - <Allow> is highlighted automatically. - This function is not supported if AllShare is not installed on the Smart Phone. Select AllShare Play in the Blu-ray Disc Player's HOME menu. Start the AllShare app on your Smart Phone. In AllShare, select the menu Play file from my phone on another player.
  • Page 17: Q&A

    ● AllShare does not support all file formats for sharing. Files in formats AllShare does secure. not support will not be displayed on your computer screen even if they are shared on your computer. ● Make sure all the network cable connections (router to computer, router to modem, etc.) are plugged in and secure.

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