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    /i470 (4.2) Motorola iDEN Digital Portable Getting Started i370 /i470 GETTING STARTED...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Alpha Method...............10 Automatic Redial ..............10 Last Number Redial ..............10 Receiving a Phone Call ............10 Call Forwarding ................11 Selecting a Call Forward Number ........11 Unconditional Call Forwarding ..........11 Conditional Call Forwarding..........12 Call Waiting ................12 Call Hold ...................13 Recall Your Own Phone # ............13 Phone List Programming ............14...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    SAFETY AND GENERAL INFORMATION Safety and General Information ..........31 Cautions ..................33 Warnings ...................34 Cleaning Instructions..............35 For Further Information............35 , Motorola, iDEN, and Call Alert are all trademarks of Motorola, Inc. Message Mail is a service mark of Motorola, Inc. i370 /i470 GETTING STARTED...

  • Page 4: Your Portable

    Introduction Your i370 /i470 Portable Your i370 /i470 portable has features to keep you in contact with anyone at anytime. Its features make it the most versatile communication device on the market today. The main features are: Phone Group Call...

  • Page 5: Feature Locator

    FEATURE LOCATOR 1. Antenna 2. Earpiece 16. Volume Control Keys 3. Alphanumeric 15. Push-To-Talk Display (PTT) Button 4. Option Keys 14. MENU Key 5. Scroll Keys 13. LED MENU 6. SEND Key Mode SEND Pwr/END 12. Power/END 7. Mode Key 11.

  • Page 6

    5. Scroll Keys - Lets you scroll through options and lists that appear in the top three lines of the display, such as Phone, Group, or Private Call lists. 6. SEND Key - Initiates outgoing phone calls.

  • Page 7: Battery, Charging Your Battery, Attaching Your Battery, Detaching Your Battery

    Introduction BATTERY Charging Your Battery You should charge your portable battery for at least 16 hours before initial use. This allows your battery to achieve its maximum capacity and life. Place the unit in the charger as illustrated. You can also place the porta- ble in the charger with the battery attached.

  • Page 8: Display Icons

    Introduction DISPLAY ICONS Display icons appear along the top of your display and show the following: Signal Strength Indicator Shows the signal strength. Calls and messages may not be sent or received in weak signal areas. Six bars indicates the strongest signal.

  • Page 9: Powering On, Powering Off

    P P P P l l l l e e e e a a a a s s s s e e e e W W W W a a a a i i i i t t t t...

  • Page 10: Mode

    P P P P h h h h o o o o n n n n e e e e R R R R e e e e a a a a d d d d y y y y...

  • Page 11: Menu, Menu Options, Selecting, Scrolling

    P P P P h h h h o o o o n n n n e e e e R R R R e e e e a a a a d d d d y y y y...

  • Page 12: Direct Dial Method, Scroll Method

    P P P P h h h h o o o o n n n n e e e e R R R R e e e e a a a a d d d d y y y y...

  • Page 13: Speed Dial Method, Alpha Method, Automatic Redial, Last Number Redial, Receiving A Phone Call

    If you encounter a “System Busy, Please Try Later” message, press and your portable will automatically attempt to redial SEND the number. You will hear a ring tone when the call is successful. LAST NUMBER REDIAL If you want to redial the last number, simply press SEND RECEIVING A PHONE CALL 1.

  • Page 14: Call Forwarding, Selecting A Call Forward Number, Unconditional Call Forwarding

    P P P P h h h h o o o o n n n n e e e e R R R R e e e e a a a a d d d d y y y y...

  • Page 15: Conditional Call Forwarding, Call Waiting

    P P P P h h h h o o o o n n n n e e e e I I I I n n n n U U U U s s s s e e e e...

  • Page 16: Call Hold

    C C C C a a a a l l l l l l l l 1 1 1 1 - - - - H H H H o o o o l l l l d d d d...

  • Page 17: Phone List Programming

    Phone PHONE LIST PROGRAMMING You can add up to 99 numbers to your phone list, store them with names or aliases, and assign them to speed dial numbers. 1. Press 2. Press under “Ok”. 3. Select the type of edit you want to perform: •...

  • Page 18: Changing Talkgroups

    G G G G r r r r o o o o u u u u p p p p R R R R e e e e a a a a d d d d y y y y...

  • Page 19: Receiving A Group Call, Group/private Speaker, Area Selection, Service Area Restriction

    Group Call RECEIVING A GROUP CALL No action is necessary to receive a Group Call as long as your unit is idle (not engaged in an active Phone or Private Call). Any communication activity within the talkgroup you’ve selected will cause your unit to automatically switch into Group Mode and receive the transmission as long as your portable is powered on.

  • Page 20: Making A Private Call, Direct Entry Method, Scroll Method, Alpha Method

    P P P P r r r r v v v v t t t t R R R R e e e e a a a a d d d d y y y y 2. Enter the Private Call ID of the person...

  • Page 21: Receiving A Private Call, Call Alert, Sending A Call Alert, Receiving A Call Alert

    4. Press the PTT to send the Call Alert. Receiving a Call Alert When you receive a Call Alert, you will hear a tone, and see a message on your display. 1. Press the PTT to return the Call Alert.

  • Page 22: Call Alert Stacking, Receiving A Call Alert With Stacking

    D D D D O O O O U U U U G G G G N N N N O O O O R R R R D D D D E E E E M M M M...

  • Page 23

    Private Call PRIVATE CALL (RADIO ID) PROGRAMMING You can add radio IDs to your Private Call list and store them with names or aliases. 1. Press 2. Select the type of edit you want to perform: • To add a new entry press under “Ok”.

  • Page 24: Receiving New Message Mail, Retrieving Stored/unread Mail

    “Now” to read your new mail immediately. N N N N e e e e w w w w M M M M a a a a i i i i l l l l Press under “Later” to postpone R R R R e e e e a a a a d d d d ? ? ? ? reading your mail and to clear the display.

  • Page 25: Saving/erasing Mail, Auto Call Back, Message Full

    Message Mail, press the key. SEND MESSAGE FULL If all 16 message registers are full, your portable will display the message “Mail Waiting, Memory Full”. No new Message Mail can be received until saved or unread messages are erased. i370...

  • Page 26: Viewing Voice Mail Status

    Messaging Services VOICE MAIL Your portable can be set to alert you when new voice mail messages are received in your network-based voice mailbox. When new voice mail is received, the icon will appear on your display and the Mail alert tone will be heard.

  • Page 27

    /i470 GETTING STARTED...

  • Page 28

    3. Press under “Ok”. 4. Press to scroll to the desired Programming Menu Option or enter the number of the Option if it is known. You may use a shortcut method of entering the Programming Menu by pressing then the number of the Programming Menu Option (See Table 1).

  • Page 29

    Displays duration of the most recent phone call. Automatic Display Set ON to automatically Timer display the Last Call Timer at the end of each phone call. Resettable Timer Displays cumulative airtime of all phone calls since last reset. Total Call Timer Displays cumulative airtime of all phone calls.

  • Page 30

    Programming identifiers for up to 50 targeted areas. Ringer Volume Set default ringer volume using the volume control keys, or lower the volume to silence the ringer. Earpiece Volume Set default earpiece volume using the volume control keys. Keypad Volume...

  • Page 31

    Programming Note: Contact your service provider before performing the shaded programming menu features below: Feature Reset Return all feature settings to their original defaults. Master Clear Perform Feature Reset and erase all stored lists. Master Reset Resets the portable’s identification number.

  • Page 32

    Troubleshooting TROUBLESHOOTING You may encounter error messages under certain conditions. For descriptions of the error messages refer toTable 2. Before contacting your service provider, note the message and the conditions under which it appeared. Table 2: Error Messages Message Description...

  • Page 33: Troubleshooting Error Messages

    Self Check Error A fault has been detected with your portable. Should this error recur, note the error code and contact your service provider. Self Check Fail An operational fault has been detected with your portable.

  • Page 34

    For the safe and efficient operation of your radio, observe these guidelines. Your radio contains a transmitter and a receiver. When it is ON, it receives, and also transmits, radio frequency (RF) energy. The radio operates in the frequency range of 806MHz to 866MHz, and employs digital modulation techniques.

  • Page 35

    Your physician may be able to assist you in obtaining this information. Turn your radio off in health care facilities when any regulations posted in the area instruct you to do so. Hospitals and health care facilities may be using equipment that is sensitive to external RF energy.

  • Page 36: Cautions

    • Use While Driving Check the laws and regulations on the use of telephones in the areas where you drive. Always obey them. When using the phone while driving, please: • give full attention to driving and to the road;...

  • Page 37: Warnings

    Blasting Areas and Explosives DO NOT operate your radio near electric blast- ing caps, or in a blasting area, to avoid the possi- bility of triggering an explosion. T urn your radio OFF when in a “blasting area” or in areas where such requirements are posted.

  • Page 38: Cleaning Instructions, For Further Information

    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION For more detailed information, see the iDEN Digital Portable A - Z Reference Guide (publication number 68P81084C80). Be sure to carry the Pocket Card with you so you can look up reminders about how selected features work. i370...

  • Page 39

    OWNER’S INFORMATION Mobile Equipment Identifier (IMEI) _____________________________ Personal Radio ID _____________________________ Phone Number _____________________________ Date Purchased ______________ Dealer Telephone Number _______________________ Customer Service Number _______________________ i370 /i470 GETTING STARTED...

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