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Motorola DROID BY Tips And Tricks Manual

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Slide to the three different panels of
your Home screen
Yes, basically you have three Home screens. Slide your
finger left across the screen and then right to see the dif-
ferent panels. Bonus Tip: To move items/icons between
panels, touch and hold the item, then drag it to the panel
where you want it.
Switch between your six most recent
apps from anywhere
If you're surfing the Web and want to quickly bring up
your music player to switch songs, press and hold the
Home button. This quickly brings up the six most recent
apps you've been using so you can switch to another.
Pressing and holding
to return to where you were. If you want to go
directly to the Home screen, press
Flick to scroll quickly
To scroll through a list or move quickly, flick across the
touchscreen (drag quickly and release). When you flick
a long list, tap the screen to stop it from scrolling.
Bonus Tips:
To move to the top of a list, press
To move to the bottom of a list,
Tips and Tricks
works on any screen!
Check out notifications to stay informed
Whenever you get a message, email, or alert, you see it
in the Notifications bar. That's that small white bar at
the top of your screen where your battery life is located.
It opens. Touch and slide your finger down over it to
view your notifications.
When you receive text messages and emails, those
icons appear on the left side of the bar to alert you of
their arrival. Open the bar and tap an item to open it.
Bonus Tip: Once you've viewed your notifications, just
tap Clear.
Use the touchscreen keyboard
If you don't want to open your phone to use the physical
keyboard, you can use the touchscreen keyboard. To
open it, tap inside a text field. To make the keyboard dis-
appear, press and hold the Back key.



Summary of Contents for Motorola DROID BY

  • Page 1 When you receive text messages and emails, those If you’re surfing the Web and want to quickly bring up icons appear on the left side of the bar to alert you of your music player to switch songs, press and hold the their arrival.
  • Page 2: Cut, Copy, And Paste

    Cut, copy, and paste It's easy to access options and settings for any screen or To cut, copy, and paste over the entire contents of a text item on that screen. For screen options and settings, box, just touch and hold the text box, then select your press the Menu key.
  • Page 3 No need to open any other screens when you want to send a quick message or make a call. It's easy to search To redial a number, tap Phone > Call logand tap the for a contact from your Home screen. Simply open your entry you want to call.
  • Page 4: Typing Tips

    To forward a picture, select it from the Media Gallery and tap Share; then select the way you want to share it. To for- To insert special character, press , then the Symbols ward a message, touch and hold it, and tap Forward.
  • Page 5 To start the download, tap Install. When it’s your finger and drag it around, and the page moves with done, a notification appears in the Notifications you. To zoom in or out, touch and hold the + or – sign. bar. Recover your Market™ apps...
  • Page 6 To rename a folder on the Home screen, tap the folder turns into a trash can. Drag the item over the trash can to open it, then touch and hold the title bar at the top. and let go. While it's no longer cluttering your home Enter the new name.
  • Page 7: Set Date And Time

    Notifications to select your options. Set a picture for a contact Turn off screen animation You can choose a picture to see in your contact list for If screen animation makes you dizzy, you can easily turn your friends.
  • Page 8 Software updates may be available for your phone. Here's how to check right from your phone. Press the Menu key > Settings > About phone > System up- datesto see if your phone is up to date. If it isn’t, tap Up- date.
  • Page 9 Market. Here are ity regularly before adding anything to it, and ALWAYS some other tips. leave some space on it. If you don't, your phone may freeze. Check it now. • Before downloading an app, read reviews from...
  • Page 10 Phones don't automatically have Wi-Fi capabilities To connect to a Wi-Fi network, you need to find some in turned on, so turn it on when you need it, and turn it off your range. Here's how. when you don't (this saves battery power). Here's how.

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