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No Soak Setting at Off Position
1. Prewash
6. Spin
A, Normal
I. Normal
2. Normal
B. Quick
II. Rinse
3. Quick
C. Express
III. Spin
4. Express
D. Rinse
5. Rinse
E. Spin
User Manual-
Guide de l'Utilisateur-
Manual del Usuario-
11:34 AM
Page 1
Door Button
Le Chargement Avant
Arropa La Arandela Y
Model #
Para Modelo de
Front Load
Clothes Washer
Vêtx La Rondelle
La Carga Delantera


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   Summary of Contents for HAIER XQG65-8SU - 07-01

  • Page 1

    XQG65-8SU -MANUAL 10/22/01 11:34 AM Page 1 Front Load Clothes Washer Half No Soak Setting at Off Position Full XQG65-11SU Cotton Synthetics Delicate 1. Prewash 6. Spin A, Normal I. Normal 2. Normal B. Quick II. Rinse 3. Quick C. Express III.

  • Page 2: Safety Instructions

    12. Do not add or mix any flammable or explosive substances to the wash. 13. Do not try to remove clothes while the tub is moving. Let it come to a complete stop before use. 14. The appliance loading door must be closed when tub is spinning.

  • Page 3

    The wall receptacle MUST be properly grounded. 22. Hydrogen gas may be produced if the water heater has not been used in more then 2 weeks. This could be explosive and can explode under certain circumstances.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    PAGE SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ..............1 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS ............4-5 Parts and Features..................4 Operations ....................6 Normal Operating Sounds..............12 Care and Cleaning Guide ............13 Cleaning and Maintenance ..............13 Moving and Vacationing ..............14 Storage of Your Washer ..............14 Troubleshooting................15 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ............17 Tools and Materials Required..............17 Unpacking Your Washer ..............18...

  • Page 5: Operating Instructions

    XQG65-8SU -MANUAL 10/22/01 11:34 AM Page 5 English OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Parts and Features Half No Soak Setting at Off Position Full XQG65-11SU Cotton Synthetics Delicate 1. Prewash 6. Spin A, Normal I. Normal 2. Normal B. Quick II. Rinse 3. Quick C.

  • Page 6: Xqg65-8su -manual 10/22/01 11:34 Am

    XQG65-8SU -MANUAL 10/22/01 11:34 AM Page 6 English 1. Water Inlets (Hot/Cold) 2. Power Cord (115 V / 60 Hz) 3. Drain Hose 4. Rear Adjustable Leveling Legs 5. Hose Retainer Clips...

  • Page 7: Operations

    Load" Washer This style of washer is gentler on your laundry because it has a tumble wash action and there is no agitator to damage your clothes. Since there is no agitator in this style of washer, the washer runs quietly. This style of washer is designed to save you money.

  • Page 8

    Door Button Note: If you want to open the door in the middle of the cycle to add or remove clothes, push the button to OFF position. To resume the cycle at that point, simply close the door and push the power button to ON position.

  • Page 9

    D-Rinse 5-Rinse E-Spin • Select the appropriate cycle from 1 to 4 for cottons, from A to C for synthetics or I for delicates on your cycle selector knob. Follow the steps below to select the proper cycle: 1. Select proper cycle number, letter or Roman numeral on the cycle reference chart.

  • Page 10

    Note: Hot water needs to be at a temperature of at least 120 degree F 140 Degree F (49 Degree C - 60 Degree C) for the soap to dissolve and to avoid soap residue remaining on clothes. If your water temperature is not at above described level when washing your clothes, you need to regulate your water heater to maintain that temperature.

  • Page 11

    • Load each item loosely. • Separate the white and colored clothes. Separate heavy clothes from light clothes. • Carefully check all pockets and cuffs for small items. They can easily slide in to the tub and may damage the tub.

  • Page 12

    This will unlock the lint trap. To put it back, turn the knob to clockwise position. This will lock the lint trap. • Please clean the lint trap before and after each use, but do not remove for any reason while the machine is in operation.

  • Page 13: Normal Operating Sounds

    For your convenience, your machine comes with casters so you can move it wherever you want to. Casters are located on the bottom front right and left side of the machine. Put both hands in the small gap where caster levers are located.

  • Page 14: Care And Cleaning Guide

    • Remove pins or other sharp objects from clothes to prevent scratching interior parts. • Lint trap needs to be cleaned before and after each use for your appliance to operate at optimum efficiency. DO NOT USE YOUR WASHER WITHOUT THE LINT TRAP IN PLACE.

  • Page 15: Moving And Vacationing

    • If you just got delivery of this appliance when outside temperature is below freezing, do not operate until this appliance has warmed to room temperature. • Do not install or operate this appliance in the area where room temperature is below freezing.

  • Page 16: Troubleshooting

    • Check if unit is plugged in. The plug may have come loose. • Check if the electrical wall receptacle is of proper voltage. • Check if the circuit breaker needs to be reset or if the fuse needs to be replaced. • Check if the unit is in “Off” mode.

  • Page 17

    • Spots or stains on your clothes: this is due to incorrect use of fabric softener. You may need to read proper instructions on the container and follow proper directions for using the softener.

  • Page 18: Installation Instructions

    10/22/01 11:34 AM Page 18 English INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Tools and Materials Required You will need to have following tools to help you in the installation of your Washer: • Scissors • Phillips Screwdriver • Standard Screwdriver • Pliers • Wrench •...

  • Page 19: Unpacking Your Washer

    • Inspect and remove any remains of packing, tape or printed materials before using the washer. • Remove 2 bolts, 4 screws and 1 center bolt holding metal bracket from the back of the unit that are installed to protect drum and internal components from dam- age during shipping.

  • Page 20: Leveling Your Washer

    1. Insert a new flat washer into each end of the inlet hoses. Firmly put the washers in the coupling. Note: You may have to use pliers to tighten the coupling. Do not over tighten because you may cause damage to the valve.

  • Page 21

    Note: “Y Adaptor” shown in above figure is only for illustration. It is not provided in the box as an accessory. If you need to utilize this type of hookup, you can pur- chase a “Y Adaptor” from your nearest hardware store.

  • Page 22

    Note: Inspect carefully for any leaks around and back of the machine. If leak occurs, double check to see if any connections are loose. You may need to tighten any loose connections. 5. Plug in the Washer to a regular 115 volt / 60 Hz, 15 amp outlet. Unit Dimensions...

  • Page 23: Electrical Connections

    This appliance is equipped with a cord having a grounding wire with a grounded plug. The plug must be inserted into an outlet that is properly installed and grounded.

  • Page 24: Warranty

    Haier will provide a part at Damage to clothing. no cost, as indicated below, to replace said Damage incurred in shipping. part as a result of a defect in materials or Damage caused by improper installation workmanship. Haier is solely responsible for or maintenance.

  • Page 25

    IMPORTANTE No regrese este producto a la tienda Si tiene algún problema con este producto, por favor contacte el "Centro de Servicio al Consumidor de Haier" al 1-877-337-3639 (Válido solo en E.U.A). NECESITA UNA PRUEBA DE COMPRA FECHADA PARA EL SERVICIO DE LA GARANTIA...

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