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Telephone Recording - Sanyo TRC-8800 - Cassette Transcriber Instruction Manual

Memo-scriber dictating/transcribing system
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9. To make corrections or to edit, backspace the tape by setting the hand
controlswitch to BACK. Hold the switch untllyou reach the portion of the
recording just before the correction polnt.
Release the switch and the switch returns to the PI-AY position automati-
cally. Listen to your recording.
At the exact point where the correctlon ls to begin, set the hand control
switch to DICT and proceed with your dlctatlon.
10. To end recording, set the hand control switch to STOP.
11. To turn the unit off, press the POWER button again to release.
1. Set the hand control switch to BACK. Hold the switch until the desired
amount of backspace is accomplished.
2. Release the switch; the unit begins to play back your recording.
- For fast forwarding the tape, press the FFWD button on the hand control.
3. Adjust the VOLUME and TONE controls as desired.
4. You can listen to the playback signalthrough either the speaker in the unit
or the hand control. To activate the hand control speaker, press the MIC/
SPKR button to MlC. Leave the button up to listen through the speaker in the
5. To stop reviewing, set the hand controlswitch to STOP.
1. Press the POWER button.
2. Load a cassette.
3. Press the TEL REC button.
4. To stop recording, press the TEL REC button again to release.
Anytime you press the TEL REC button while the cord is connected to the TEL
REC jack, the unit automatically enters the record mode.
- To record a telephone conversation, an optional SRD-50 adaptor must'be
1. Press the POWER bLitton.
2. Load a cassette to be played
3. PressthePI-AYswitchonthefootcontroltobegintranscribing.Playba
continue while the switch is being pressed.
- Playback can also be started by pressing the PI-AY button on the unit. ln
this case, the STOP button can be pressed to stop playback.
4. Adjust the VOLUME and TONE controls as desired.
5. Use the SPEED CONTROL to adjust the playback speed to your liking.
- The "0" position on the scale is for normaltape speed.
- The SPEED CONTROL has no effect during recording.
6. lf you wish to review your dictation, release the PLAY switch. The tape
automatically backspaces according to the BACKSPACE control setting.
- Use the BACKSPACE controlto adjust the automatic backspace feature
for your convenience.



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