Olympus VN-701PC Detailed Instructions

Vn-701pc detailed instructions (english).
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Thank you for purchasing an Olympus
Digital Voice Recorder.
Please read these instructions for information
about using the product correctly and safely.
Keep the instructions handy for future reference.
To ensure successful recordings, we recommend that
you test the record function and volume before use.
Register your product on www.olympus-consumer.com/register
and get additional benefits from Olympus!

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   Summary of Contents for Olympus VN-701PC

  • Page 1

    Keep the instructions handy for future reference. To ensure successful recordings, we recommend that you test the record function and volume before use. Register your product on www.olympus-consumer.com/register and get additional benefits from Olympus!

  • Page 2

    Contact our Customer Support Center for the latest information relating to product names and model numbers. • The illustration of the screen and the recorder shown in this manual may differ from the actual product. The utmost care has been taken to ensure the integrity of this document but if you find a questionable item, error or omission, please contact our Customer Support Center.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    [Rec Scene] ..........17 Recording from external microphone or other devices ..........18 3 About playback Playback ..........19 Changing the playback speed .......21 Setting an index mark or a temp mark ..22 How to begin segment repeat playback ..23 Erasing ........... 25...

  • Page 4: Safety Precautions, Caution For Usage Environment

    Danger • In sandy or dusty environments. • Near flammable items or explosives. If the product is used without • In wet places, such as bathrooms or in observing the information given the rain. under this symbol, serious injury •...

  • Page 5: Handling The Recorder

    • When used for a long period, the recorder will get hot. If you hold on • Do not use or store the recorder in to the recorder in this state, a low- dusty or humid places.

  • Page 6: Battery Handling Precautions

    Warning: Battery handling precautions • Keep batteries dry at all times. Follow these important guidelines • Do not use a battery if it is cracked to prevent batteries from leaking, or broken. overheating, burning, exploding, or • Never subject batteries to strong causing electrical shocks or burns.

  • Page 7: Main Features

    Supports a wide range of s It features various repeat functions ( ☞ P.23, P.32). recording formats. Can handle s You can divide a file (MP3) that the MP3 format* (MPEG-1/ MPEG- 2 Audio Layer 3) and the Windows has been recorded with this recorder into two files* ( ☞...

  • Page 8: Identification Of Parts

    6 LED indicator light ( Stand 7 Built-in speaker ) POWER/HOLD switch 8 + button - USB connector 9 REC ( s ) (Record) button = Battery cover 0 9 button q Strap hole ! FOLDER/INDEX button @ – button *1 VN-702PC only.

  • Page 9: Display (lcd Panel)

    Identification of parts Display (LCD panel) The displayed character size on the screen can be changed. See “[ Font Size ]” ( ☞ P.33). When the [ Font Size ] is set to [ Large ] When the [ Font Size ] is set to [ Small ]...

  • Page 10: Power Supply, Inserting Batteries

    ] appears on the display, replace the batteries as soon as possible. When the batteries are too weak, [ and [ Battery low ] will appear on the display and the recorder will shut down. Notes • When changing the batteries, use only AAA alkaline batteries.

  • Page 11: Turning On/off The Power, Hold

    While the recorder is turned off, slide the POWER / HOLD switch to the direction of the arrow. • After [ Hold ] appears on the display, the recorder is set to HOLD mode. Turning off the power Slide the POWER / HOLD switch to the direction of the arrow, and hold it for 0.5 seconds or longer.

  • Page 12: Setting Time And Date Time & Date]

    [ Time & date ] and [ Remain ]. select the item to set. • Select the item from the “ Hour ”, “ Minute ”, “ Year ”, “ Month ” and “ Day ” Changing the time and date with a flashing point.

  • Page 13: Inserting And Ejecting A Microsd Card, Inserting A Microsd Card

    The “microSD” indicated in the instruction • If the microSD card is not inserted all manual refers to both microSD and the way until it clicks, data may not be microSDHC.

  • Page 14: Ejecting A Microsd Card

    • In the case when the microSD card cannot be recognized, remove the microSD card then put it in again to see if this recorder recognizes the microSD card. • Always read the instructions that come with your microSD card before using.

  • Page 15: Selecting The Folders And Files, Searching For A File

    The recorder provides five folders, [ & ], [ ' ], Press the + , - , 9 or 0 [ ( ], [ ) ] and [ * ]. Each folder can store up button to select the date.

  • Page 16: Recording

    Recording Press the STOP ( 4 ) button to Before starting recording, select a folder among [ & ] to [ * ]. These five folders can be stop recording. selectively used to distinguish the kind of d File length recording;...

  • Page 17: Changing The Recording Scene Rec Scene]

    You can easily change the recording settings by selecting the scene which best matches your usage ( ☞ P.31). • The recorder will stop if left on pause for more than 60 minutes. 4 Resume Recording: Press the REC ( s ) button again.

  • Page 18: Recording From External Microphone Or Other Devices

    Recording from external • When an external monaural microphone microphone or other devices is used while [ Rec Mode ] is set to a stereo recording mode, audio will be recorded The external microphone and other devices to the L channel only ( ☞ P.29).

  • Page 19: Playback

    About playback Playback Press the STOP ( 4 ) button at any point you want to stop playback. • This will stop the file being played back midway. When the resume function is activated the stopped location will be registered, even if the power is turned off.

  • Page 20

    • The recorder skips to the beginning of • If there is an index mark or temp mark in the previous file. If the recorder is in the middle of the file, the recorder will the middle of a file, it will return to the stop at that location ( ☞...

  • Page 21: Changing The Playback Speed

    ( ☞ P.22). • When [ Skip Space ] is set to other than [ File Skip ], the recorder will skip forward/ reverse the specified time, then will start playback ( ☞...

  • Page 22: Setting An Index Mark Or A Temp Mark

    About the limits of fast playback Normal operation may not be available depending on the sampling frequency and the bit rate of the file to be played back. In such a case, reduce the speed of the fast playback. While the recorder is in recording mode or playback mode, press the FOLDER/INDEX button.

  • Page 23: How To Begin Segment Repeat Playback

    • Up to 99 index and temp marks can be set in a file. If you try to place more than 99 index or temp marks, the [ No more can be set ] message will appear for index marks, and [ No more can be set ] for temp marks.

  • Page 24

    ( ☞ P.21). • When it reaches the end of the file while [ w ] is flashing, point [ x ] becomes the end of the file, and repeat playback will start.

  • Page 25: Erasing

    Press the ` OK button. • The display changes to [ Erasing! ] and erasing will start. • [ Erased ] is displayed when the file is erased. Select the file you want to erase Notes ( ☞ P.15).

  • Page 26: Menu Setting Method

    Menu setting method Press the ` OK button to move Items in menus are categorized so that you can quickly set a desired item. You can set the cursor to the item to set. each menu item as follows. Press the + or − button to move to the item you want to set.

  • Page 27

    [ Format ] Notes [ Memory Info. ]* [ System Info. ] • The recorder will stop if you leave it idle for 3 minutes during a menu setup * VN-702PC only. operation, when a selected item is not applied.

  • Page 28: File Menu

    File Lock • If a file has an extremely short recording Locking a file keeps important data from time, it may not be divided even if it is a being accidentally erased. Locked files are MP3 file. not erased when you select to erase all files •...

  • Page 29: Rec Menu

    Menu setting method Notes Rec Menu • If a recording is made in stereo modes ([ 192 kbps ] or [ 128 kbps ]), it will be a Rec Level monaural recording through the built-in Recording sensitivity is adjustable to meet microphone, and the same audio will be recording needs.

  • Page 30

    When the microphone senses that level. sounds have reached a preset threshold • The VCVA level can be set to any of 15 volume level, the built-in Variable Control different values. Voice Actuator (VCVA) starts recording •...

  • Page 31

    [ Memo ], [ Meeting ], be changed. If you wish to use these [ Conference ] or [ DNS ] templates to suit the functions, set [ Rec Scene ] to [ Off ]. recording scene or situation. You can also save a recording setting of your choice.

  • Page 32: Play Menu

    Menu setting method Notes Play Menu • In [ File ] mode, when the recorder comes to the end of the last file in the folder, Voice Filter [ End ] flashes for two seconds on the display and the recorder stops at the start of the last file.

  • Page 33: Lcd/sound Menu

    Note When [ Reverse Skip ] is selected: [ File Skip ] [ 1 sec. Skip ] – [ 5 sec. Skip ] • When the [ Font Size ] is set to [ Small ], the [ 10 sec. Skip ] [ 30 sec. Skip ] layout of the display will change so that more information is displayed ( ☞...

  • Page 34

    When a microSD card is inserted you can [ Off ]: select to record to either the internal memory or to the microSD card ( ☞ P.13). Disables this function. Select [ Memory Select ] from the menu on the [ Device Menu ].

  • Page 35

    Menu setting method Menu settings after resetting Format (initial settings): If you format the recorder, all files will be removed and all function settings will return 4 Rec Menu : to defaults except date and time settings. [ Rec Level ]...

  • Page 36

    (VN-702PC only). menu on the [ Device Menu ]. For VN-702PC: • [ Model ] (Model Name), [ Version ] (System • When a microSD card is inserted in the version) and [ Serial No. ] (Serial Number) recorder, be sure to confirm the recording appear on the display.

  • Page 37: Using The Recorder On Your, Operating Environment, Connecting To Your Pc

    Using the recorder on your PC Apart from using this unit as a recorder, you Connecting to your PC can use it as an external memory for your computer, as a storage device. Boot the PC. • The files recorded by this recorder can...

  • Page 38: Using The Recorder On Your Pc

    [ Untitled ] will be displayed. Recycle Bin icon. Notes • Refer to the user’s manual for your PC regarding the USB port on your PC. • Be sure to push the cable connector all the way in. Otherwise, the recorder may not operate properly.

  • Page 39: Other Information, Accessories (optional)

    Telephone pickup: TP8 Q-3 Recording is not possible. s Connecting cord: KA333 • By pressing the STOP ( 4 ) button s Carrying case: CS131 repeatedly while the recorder stops, check if the display shows: • The remaining recording time may have reached [ 00:00 ].

  • Page 40: Specifications

    4 Recording medium: microphone): Internal memory: 2 GB 70 Hz to 16 kHz (However, when microSD card * : 2 GB to 32 GB recording in the MP3 format or the WMA * VN-702PC only format, the upper limit value of the...

  • Page 41

    60 h. MP3 format WMA format 5 kbps 72 h. 21 h. 68 h. * VN-702PC only Note • Battery life is measured by Olympus. It varies greatly according to the type of batteries used and the conditions of use.

  • Page 42

    • Available recording time may be shorter if many short recordings are made (The displayed available recording time and recorded time are approximate indications). • Variations in the available recording time will arise as there may be differences in the available memory depending on the microSD card.

  • Page 43

    Specifications Maximum recording time per file • The maximum capacity for a single file is limited to approx. 4 GB for WMA and MP3. • Regardless of the memory remaining amount, the longest sound recording time per file is restricted to the following value.

  • Page 44: Technical Assistance And Support

    With FCC Standards FOR HOME OR OFFICE USE Canadian RFI: This digital apparatus does not exceed the Class B limits for radio noise emissions from digital apparatus as set out in the Radio Interference Regulations of the Canadian Department of Communications.

  • Page 45

    OLYMPUS IMAGING CORP. Shinjuku Monolith, 3-1 Nishi-Shinjuku 2-chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-0914, Japan. Tel. +81 (0)3-3340-2111 http://www.olympus.com OLYMPUS IMAGING AMERICA INC. 3500 Corporate Parkway, P.O. Box 610, Center Valley, PA 18034-0610, U.S.A. Tel. 1-888-553-4448 http://www.olympusamerica.com EN-BD3518-01 AP1112...

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