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Basic Operating - Haier HU335W Instructions Manual

Digital ultrasonic jewelry cleaner
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1. Open the cover and fill the stainless steel tank with water to the
"Max" mark.
2. Place small items to be cleaned into the basket provided. Place the
basket into the water. Large items should be placed directly into the
tank to maximize ultrasonic energy.
3. Close the cover and plug in the unit. The blue indicator light on the
interior of the unit will turn on.
4. Press the "ON" button to begin cleaning. The red indicator light on the
cover will turn on.
N N o o t t e e : During cleaning, you may hear hissing noises from the unit.
5. After 3 minutes, the unit will shut off automatically and the red light will
turn off. To interrupt a cleaning cycle, press the "OFF" button. Press
the "ON" button to continue.
6. When the cleaning cycle is completed, unplug the unit, open the lid,
remove the basket and pour the water from the stainless steel tank.
Wipe the unit dry.
7. Repeat the above steps if necessary.
N N o o t t e e : For enhanced cleaning, add 2 drops of
This normal occurrence indicates that cleaning is in progress.



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