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Proper Usage - Haier HU335W Instructions Manual

Digital ultrasonic jewelry cleaner
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Proper Usage

• Never turn on the unit unless the tank is filled with water.
• Never fill the tank or clean the unit with harsh solvents, cleaners or abrasives.
• Never immerse the unit completely into water. T T h h e e u u n n i i t t i i s s n n o o t t w w a a t t e e r r p p r r o o o o f f ! !
• Unplug the unit before filling with water. Do not exceed the "Max" mark on the
stainless steel tank. Never let water overflow.
• If the unit is not working properly, shut it off. Call an authorized service
representative for repair.
• Loosely inlaid stones or unfastened parts may become dislodged during
N N o o t t e e : This cleaner is not appropriate for soft delicate stones (e.g., opals and
pearls), or materials such as shells, leather, cloth and wood.
• Do not use this jewelry cleaner for watches that are not waterproof.



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