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Pioneer CDJ-400 - Cd/Media Player Software Update

Ver. 1.30
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Applicable Models: CDJ-400
 System version later than Ver. 1.30 do not require this update.
Use the following procedure to confirm the system version.
1) Turn power ON.
2) Press and hold the RELOOP/EXIT button for ten (10) seconds.
The system version appears in the display
3) Cycle the power OFF than ON to return the CDJ-400 to normal operation.
 Improved detection time of the USB Memory device
 Decreased time between USB Memory device insertion and track selection
 Significantly increased reliability when using a USB hub (USB 2.0-compatible) to a computer
 Recommended update when using a PC application (Pioneer DJS, Serato Scratch LIVE, etc.)
1) Remove any discs, connected USB memory device or computer cables.
2) Turn the power OFF.
3) Press and hold the TIME MODE/AUTO CUE and RELOOP/EXIT buttons while turning the
power ON.
4) Insert the USB memory device or disc containing the update into the CDJ-400.
The update takes approximately one (1) minute. The status appears on the playing-
address display. Do NOT turn the power OFF while the update status is in progress.
5) When the display changes to "COMPLETE", take the appropriate action for your method.
Disc: Remove the disc when it is automatically ejected then turn the player OFF.
USB Memory: Turn the player OFF then remove the device.
 Follow the above procedure closely to perform an update.
 Never turn OFF, disconnect the power cord, or remove the update disc during the process.
 Contact Pioneer Service if you have any questions about updating the player.
 If "ERROR" appears on the display, stop the operation and turn the power OFF. Consult with
Pioneer Service at
Published by Pioneer Corporation
Copyright ® 2008 Pioneer Corporation
All rights reserved.
CDJ-400 Software Update Ver. 1.30
To Confirm the CDJ-400 System Version
Update Contents
Program Update Procedure
Notes Regarding Firmware Updates
(800) 421-1404
for further instructions.
Ver 1.30
CDJ-400 Ver. 1.30 En



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