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Yamaha PDX-11 Owner's Manual

Yamaha PDX-11 Owner's Manual

Portable player dock


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Printed in China ZA31240
Portable Player Dock
Owner's manual
Supplied Accessories
Please confi rm that the following accessories are included before using
the unit.
• Remote control • AC adaptor
Multi-Source Mix
When an iPhone/iPod and another external device are connected
to PDX-11, audio can be enjoyed in many ways—for example, by
playing music while listening to the news.
Integrated Volume Control
You can control the PDX-11's volume level by operating the volume
control function on the iPhone/iPod.
Charge Your iPhone/iPod Battery
Battery Operation
You can enjoy listening to music anytime, anywhere.
Before Use
Connect the included AC adaptor.
Connect the AC adaptor to
PDX-11, before connecting
the power cable to the wall
When using PDX-11 with
batteries, disconnect the AC
adaptor from the rear panel.
12V ---
When Operating PDX-11 Using Batteries
Use 6 commercially available AA batteries.
To remove the battery cover, push the tab
while lifting the cover upward.
Follow the + and – markings on PDX-11
when inserting the batteries.
Replace the battery cover.
During battery-powered operation, if PDX-11 is left in the powered-off state
without being operated for 30 minutes, power-saving mode will be activated and
remote control will not work.
Push the
on the control panel of PDX-11 to cancel the power-saving mode.
©2011 Yamaha Corporation
Turning on the Power
Push the
When the power is on, the green status indicator will light up.
When PDX-11 is left in the powered-on state without connecting to the
iPhone/iPod and external device's connector cable, it will turn off in 30
Control Panel
Status indicator
Status indicator
Volume −
Power on/off
Connecting Music Devices
Connect the iPhone/iPod to the iPod dock.
The battery of the connected iPhone/iPod will be
• The iPhone/iPod battery cannot be charged when PDX-
11 is being operated by batteries.
Dock adaptor
• Be sure to use a dock adaptor included your iPhone/
iPod or applicable commercially available dock
iPod dock
adaptor. If you do not use an adaptor or the adaptor is
not compatible, the connection may be loose or poor,
causing damage to the connector. For more information
about the dock adaptor, refer to Apple's website.
• If the iPhone/iPod is forcibly connected while still in a protective case,
the connector may be damaged. Make sure to remove any protective
iPhone/iPod case before connecting.
• When the unit is used with the iPhone/iPod's shake shuffl e function on,
the iPhone/iPod might shuffl e due to the vibration of speaker depending
Volume +
on the music played back. If this happens, turn the shake shuffl e function
off. (Refer to the instruction manual of the iPhone/iPod to turn the
function off.)
• Always disconnect iPhone/iPod from PDX-11, before carrying it by its
• If the iPhone/iPod is connected while playing videos or music on the
iPhone/iPod, PDX-11 will turn on automatically and continue the play
(except when PDX-11 is in power-saving mode).
• You can always connect and disconnect the iPhone/iPod.
• The PDX-11's volume level can be adjusted using the iPhone/iPod. The
volume level will also be displayed on the iPhone/ iPod.
• PDX-11 turns off automatically, when the iPhone/iPod and external
device's connector cable are disconnected.
Connecting an External Device
Connect to the AUX on the rear panel.
To connect an external device
to PDX-11, use a commercially
available 3.5 mm (1/8 in.)
stereo mini plug cable.
Playing Audio
If you start playback on the connected device, sound will come
from the PDX-11's speakers.
iPhone/iPod's playback can be controlled using either the included
remote control or the iPhone/iPod itself.
Power on/off
Select menu
Volume control
Operate by the
Replacing the Battery
Remote Control
Pull out the battery case as
shown in the diagram below
and change a battery.
Within 6 m
(20 feet)
While pushing the release tab in
, slide out the battery
holder in direction
Status Indicators (LED)
Indicate the status of PDX-11 and the connected iPhone/iPod.
Green status indicator:
PDX-11 is turned on and operating normally.
Red status indicator:
An error has occurred or the volume has reached its maximum or minimum level.
The status of external device (connected through AUX) is not indicated.
The PDX-11's power is ON. The iPhone/iPod is connected correctly.
* If PDX-11 is not operated for 30 seconds, the green status
indicator is dimmed.
Connection with iPhone/iPod is in progress, please wait.
An operation has been performed using the PDX-11's controls, the
remote control, or the iPhone/iPod itself.
Blinks once
The volume is at the maximum or minimum level.
Blinks once
...Green indicator lit
...Green indicator blinking
...Red indicator blinking
...Indicator not lit
Show iPhone/iPod's
Select folder
Remove the insulation
sheet before using.
CR2025 button
cell battery.



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  • Page 2 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Refer to the table below if the unit does not operate properly. If the problem you are experiencing is not listed below, or if the instruction below does not help, turn off the unit, We Want You Listening For A Lifetime CAUTION Yamaha and the Electronic Industries Association’s Consumer Electronics Group want you to get...

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