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High scanning/HD monitor/HD upgradeable television. These televisions accept
the full 1080 interlaced scanning lines (1080i) from an external High Definition
receiver or High Definition DIRECTV receiver. They also accept the 480
progressive scanning lines (480p) from progressive output DVD players. In both
cases, the picture is vastly more detailed than conventional television, which uses 480
interlaced scanning lines (480i). The difference is dramatic, especially in the larger
screen sizes. In big 480i screens, the scanning lines are so large that they can become
visible, undermining the sense of reality. In high scanning televisions, the scanning
lines blend seamlessly together into a more realistic, more emotionally compelling
Digital Reality Creation™ circuitry. High scanning televisions generally boost
conventional 480i sources to higher line rates, such as 960i or 480p. Even though the
picture resolution does not change, you get a more seamless, more satisfying image
on the big screen. A big step up from a line doubler, Sony's family of Digital Reality
Creation™ circuits does an even better job. By replacing analog picture patterns with
their High Definition digital equivalents, DRC doubles the number of scanning lines
and doubles the number of pixels on each line. You get pictures with four times the
original picture density—approaching the quality of High Definition!
Sony's Digital Reality Creation circuit not only doubles the
scanning lines of conventional 480i sources, it also increases the
picture density to nearly that of High Definition sources.
CineMotion™ 3-2 reverse conversion is a technology employed in Sony high
scanning televisions. It overcomes the problems that can sometimes occur when
movie film, which is shot at 24 frames per second, is displayed on progressive
scanning televisions, which operate at 60 frames per second. In order to display 60
frames, some televisions take scanning lines from two adjacent movie frames and
force-fit them into one television frame. This makes a hash out of any object that's
moving on the screen. Vertical edges that should be smooth take on a disturbing,
The Sony Guide to Home Theater

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